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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Little Killer

When most people think of climate change they probably think of images like this one.A scorched earth, starving people, and wars over water.But when I think of climate change I also think of this little killer.Read more » . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Little Killer

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Autism Society Canada Misrepresents Autism On Its Web Site Makeover By Hiding The Many with Autism AND Intellectual Disability

The Autism Society Canada web site was down briefly and I had hoped, notwithstanding past experience, that the ASC would have started presenting an accurate picture of autism disorders to the Canadian public and families with autism disorders. My hopes, faint as they might have been, were dashed again.  ASC, on its “new” web site face, once again misrepresents autism disorders by hiding some harsher facts, in particular the fact that  as much as  50% (World Health Organization) of persons with autism disorders also have an intellectual disability:

“Q: Do persons with autism always suffer from intellectual (Read more…)

drive-by planet: Cuban medics on the front lines of the Ebola fight: lack of decent public healthcare at root of the Ebola crisis

Top: Cuban medical team leaving for West AfricaBeneath: Arrival in Sierra Leone

The magnificent Cuban response to the Ebola crisis is in a class of its own. While Western nations pledge funds to fight the disease there is a reluctance to step up and send needed medical personnel. Cuba by contrast has gone into action on the front lines. It will send some 461 doctors and nurses to West Africa – the largest number of medical personnel from any nation. One hundred and sixty five Cuban medics are already in West Africa setting up operations.

The World Health Organization (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: International Youth Day: Youth and Mental Illness

by: Public Service Alliance of Canada | Posted Thu. Aug 13, 2014

August 12 is International Youth Day, a day endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 in a resolution upon the recommendation by the World Conference of Minsters Responsible for Youth. This year’s theme is “Youth and Mental Health.”

The Public Service Alliance of Canada as a union has been a relentless advocate for youth welfare and employment, workplace health and safety – including mental health — and work-life balance. We are, therefore, in complete support of this year’s theme for International Youth (Read more…)

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Canada Should Fulfill Its International Commitment to the WHO and Develop a Real National Autism Strategy

Canada is on record as being a member state of the World Health Organization an organization which has just recently passed a resolution on Autism Spectrum Disorders by its member states  which, among other things, requests the Director General to work with member states to  strengthen national capacities to address autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders, as part of a well-balanced approach, which strengthens systems.   All member states including Canada (and the United States) supported the resolution.  In doing so Canada has made an international commitment, to the World Health Organization,  to develop a real national (Read more…)

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: World Health Organization Autism Resolution: Comprehensive and Coordinated Efforts for the Management of Autism Spectrum Disorders

As stated on the Autism Speaks website on May 23, 2014: “Today the World Health Assembly adopted a formal resolution making autism a global health priority. The assembly is the governing body of the World Health Organization (WHO). As such, the resolution brings a formal commitment by member states of the United Nations.”

133rd session                                                                                     (Read more…)

Those Emergency Blues: Breastfeeding Makes Sane People Crazy

Why does any discussion of breastfeeding makes people a little insane? I don’t exclude myself: even I get a little agitated. Here are some examples of what I mean:

Exhibit A: a recent post on breastfeeding at sparked a small flame war in the comments. Barbara Bronson, an RN wrote there:

A mother breastfeeds as she tends her produce market stall. (Source: WHO)

And guess what? Our kids — now in their twentie [sic] – turned out just fine. They have no allergies. They are smart. They’re not fat. They’re healthy. They are kind, and funny and athletic, and you

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