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Dead Wild Roses: Let’s Chalk Up Another Child’s Death to Alternative Medicine

Ah yes, purveyors of Woo this is your fault. This isn’t Big Pharma, this isn’t biased studies, or any of the mendacity that you preach – the death of this child is squarely and completely on you. The CBC reports:

“Criminal charges are pending against a Calgary mother who police allege relied on holistic treatments instead of getting medical help for her seven-year-old son’s strep infection.”

Holistic treatments to treat a bacterial infection? Are you frakking kidding me – how much nonsense did the woo pedlars have to feed this parent to make her eschew (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Edmonton Alternative Medicine – Quackery Descends in my Hometown

Why oh why do people still want to normalize the use of magic and illusion into the practice of medicine?

We’ve spent decades codifying and rooting out the bullshit practices and have steeled ourselves against ‘good common sense’ notions and looked where the evidence points us. There is no mystery to evidence based medicine it has been shown empirically to work. Contrast that with ‘alternative or integrative‘ or ‘whatever term the quacks are using now to sound legitimate and authoritative‘ which is not evidence based, not rigorously tested and not frakking effective. (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Another Blog Milestone?

You betcha ladies and gentlemen. 500,000 hits to the blog as of a couple of days ago. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share with us here at DWR.

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