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Art Threat: Can I Touch It?

North Carolina based artist Endia Deal explores the relationships of minority women within the corporate space.

Her most recent project, “Can I touch it?”, is a photo series depicting white women in their 40s or older with traditionally black hairstyles. The final results show women with cornrows, flat twists, fingerwaves and somewhat apprehensive faces.

. . . → Read More: Art Threat: Can I Touch It?

LeDaro: Fundamentals of procreation

What is in a man’s brain structure and wiring that when he see a beautiful woman he goes gaga. Same goes for a woman seeing a handsome man.

One thing is for sure, it makes procreation possible.

Obama and Sarkozy (former president of France) going gaga on a lady’s butts. . . . → Read More: LeDaro: Fundamentals of procreation

The Scott Ross: How Abortion Is Making You Dumb

When people don’t talk about an issue because of fear, society becomes ignorant. Abortion is one such topic where ignorance abounds, and not just on one side of the debate either. The polarization of the issue has all but eliminated reasonable discussion, leaving most Canadians less than informed, and facing the sensationalistic extremes on either . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: How Abortion Is Making You Dumb

The Scott Ross: All Breasts Are Fake To What A Woman Is

Some say the world is too fake, where in reality it isn’t fake enough.

Because silicone breasts, money and lies aren’t real, we know more about what actually is real. The fact is the more we embrace materialism, the more we recognize how artificial and temporary it is, we recognize how real and permanent . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: All Breasts Are Fake To What A Woman Is