cmkl: Algonquin Park trip journal: Érables, Biggar, Kioshkowkwi

Four days in the north west end of Algonquin Park. Almost 3 litres of wine. Read more

cmkl: Temagami tree trip

At a certain point, I thought Martin should really see the trees. This trip is probably the most popular route in all of Temagami. When I first got back into canoe tripping in my 30s it was the first trip I did. I went with a guide and spent a considerably longer time doing it. ...

cmkl: Jeff’s Ontario Parks maps – come for the data, stay for the chit chat

I’m a relatively recent convert to the use of Jeff’s maps of Algonquin and Killarney Provincial Parks. I used them to map my recent trip through Algonquin Park and was able to produce much more accurate routes and waypoints than my usual method of using the Friends map on paper, while looking at the topographic ...

cmkl: Shall, Dickson Booth Lake loop: trip report posted

I do this every year. Disappearing for four days in early fall. And yet, my partner, the lovely and talented Irene Jansen, puts up with me. I am a lucky man. Year five of the Martin and Chris trips.

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: In Wildness is the Preservation of the World

The title of this post is a quote from Henry David Thoreau’s essay, Walking, published posthumously in 1862, but which he wrote and rewrote during the 1850s. I was thinking of that line this week when Council officially opened the new Black Ash Creek Park, in the northeast of the Georgian Meadows subdivision.* I was ...

THE FIFTH COLUMN: Mayor Jimmy Really Doesn’t Get It

The following twitter exchange exemplifies Mayor Jimmy’s petty reaction to criticism. I suppose I should be thankful I have not been blocked yet, like so many of the mayor’s critics. Jim Watson ‏@JimWatsonOttawa Pleased to join @Eli_Ward5 and @AllanHubley_23 and Cyril Leeder at Tanger Outlet ground breaking in Kanata Richard W. Woodley ‏@the5thColumnist @

THE FIFTH COLUMN: Mayor Jimmy Really Doesn’t Get It

The following twitter exchange exemplifies Mayor Jimmy’s petty reaction to criticism. I suppose I should be thankful I have not been blocked yet, like so many of the mayor’s critics. Jim Watson ‏@JimWatsonOttawa Pleased to join @Eli_Ward5 and @AllanHubley_23 and Cyril Leeder at Tanger Outlet ground breaking in Kanata Richard W. Woodley ‏@the5thColumnist @

cmkl: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources contemplates extending cottage leases in Algonquin Park

This is what I told the MNR via their online consultation system about their pondering extending leases on cottages within the boundaries of Algonquin provincial park. In short: They’ve had a good run. And now they’re done.

cmkl: Temagami: Turner Lake Loop

Another year, another canoe trip. This year Martin and I went to Temagami, starting on Anima Nipissing Lake and looping down to Red Squirrel, across Ferguson Bay, up Whitefish Bay, through Aston and into Turner Lakes, returning via Eagle, Little Eagle and Whitewater. If you don’t know the area none of this will mean anything ...

350 or bust: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

If all goes well, and Hurricane Leslie hasn’t kept us inside all week, we (my husband and I, along with two good friends – at least they were friends before the hike started!) will have completed our hike in the Long Range Traverse back country of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. This will be ...

cmkl: Temagami, here we come

The canoe is on the car roof. The car is packed full of stuff. Tomorrow at 5am it’s up and out of here for four days. This year Martin and I are going to Temagami. More specifically, Anima Nipissing Lake. We’re doing Hap Wilson Number 9, the Turner Lake Loop, which Hap describes as “a ...

cmkl: Weekend in Frontenac Provincial Park

Irene, Mallory and I had booked a weekend in Frontenac Provincial Park but my father died and the only weekend we could schedule for the memorial happened to be the one we’d booked in Frontenac.

350 or bust: Skinny Dipping: Therapy For A World Careening Towards Climate Chaos

I’ve just returned from an invigorating five day wilderness canoe trip in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. The Park is part of an bi-provincial bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is right out our back door. My family, along with 2 other families who were dedicated enough to travel the 6 hours from ...

cmkl: Parks Canada: firing staff, shortening seasons privatizing hot springs. What’s next? Branded elk?

This week’s announcement of federal government layoffs featured a lot from Parks Canada. And then, a day later, the agency announces they’re going to sell off three of its most iconic attractions. Now I admit, I work for the union that acts on behalf of the people losing their jobs at Parks Canada. But the ...

cmkl: Can I use a sea kayak in the Algonquin Park interior?

Well, it’s not against the law. And you probably won’t die if you do. But my strong suggestion would be ‘no’. Why? Three reasons: the portages, the portages and the portages.

cmkl: How far can you go in a day

Another canoe tripping question. Trip planning is fun but there’s too many variables, I tell you. And if you’re travelling in one of Ontario’s managed parks, it matters how far you can go every day because you have to book into a particular lake for each night of the trip.

cmkl: Do you drink the water in Algonquin Park?

I got an email from someone planning a trip to Algonquin Park this spring and he posed me the question. It’s a good one. And while I hasten to add I’m no expert I’m making my response into a post because… uh… I need a post today and it’s an interesting question.

cmkl: Topographic Maps Canada – an app that puts all Canada’s topos on your iPhone or iPad

I’m someone who likes to hang out in bars and talk about where to paddle a canoe. It doesn’t happen that often but I’m forever bringing maps along which is fine – because Tyvek is also beer resistant – but inevitably the question is ‘how far is that’ or ‘do you have the map for ...

cmkl: Looking for kid-friendly Algonquin interior destinations

We’ve thought of Achray. We’re headed to the park (we hope) in August, and were hoping to keep crowds to a dull roar. We’re willing to do a couple of short portages (aka less than 500m each). We’ll be coming from Ottawa and driving four or five hours is about as much as the family ...

350 or bust: On The Line: Conversations Along The Pipeline Route

Talk about timely! On The Line is a eco-documentary that follows the two filmmakers, Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan, on a 2,400 kilometre self-propelled journey by foot, bike, raft, and kayak as they walk the route through Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, that the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline would follow, were it to become a ...

cmkl: Wolf Lake Wednesday

It’s late but here’s my week’s contribution to Wolf Lake Wednesday. Friends of Temagami, Earthroots and no doubt a bunch of other organizations and individuals are trying to pressure the Ontario government to take Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi waterway off the table for mining and logging.

cmkl: Where’s the peak of Silver Peak

Someone posted a comment on my recent trip report wondering where indeed is the highest point in Silver Peak. Apparently there used to be a fire tower on top of it? And the tower footings mark the highest point. At the end of the Silver Peak trail section there are some concrete footings. I’m not ...

cmkl: Killarney Park: to Silver Peak and back via Three Narrows

I have posted my usual report on the canoe trip my friend Martin and I took last weekend. This year we went to Killarney Park. Martin had never been so I had to take him ’round to show him the sites. The trip did not disappoint. Read: Killarney Park: Carlyle, David, Killarney via Three Narrows

cmkl: Back from Killarney

I’ll have a full report soon, but I wanted to say re-bonjour to the internet after my server also decided to take the weekend off. I’m looking into the causes and the solutions. Apologies to all whose websites I host and who missed my blog.

350 or bust: Take Time To Renew Your Spirit

We cannot win this battle to save species and environments without forging an emotional bond between ourselves and nature as well – for we will not fight to save what we do not love. ~Stephen Jay Gould