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ParliamANT Hill: Humpbacks losing ‘threatened’ status amid pipeline concerns

This is Earth Day? Inspired by this headline.

PostArctica: How Climate Change Will Kill Us in the Dumbest Possible Way

Couldn’t agree more, stupid is our our story to the end…


When we’re not actively engaged in killing each other, watching TV, or occupied in other such entertaining diversions, one of humanity’s favorite hobbies is imagining that we live in the end times, with extinction lurking around every corner. I’ve never been a huge fan of this sort of thing. I tend to hold that, as Copernicus explained, we don’t occupy a privileged position at the center of the universe, nor do we occupy a privileged position in time, either at the beginning or (Read more…)

PostArctica: Keep Your Coins, I Want Change

by meek in Melbourne, Australia

PostArctica: Salt of The Earth

Lets drink to the hard working people Lets think of the lowly of birth Spare a thought for the rag taggy people Lets drink to the salt of the earth

Lets drink to the hard working people Lets drink to the salt of the earth Lets drink to the two thousand million Lets think of the humble of birth

PostArctica: Slogans For The Interim

PostArctica: Courage, Neil Young, And The Future

Neil Young doesn’t have to do what he is doing, there are many, many reasons why he shouldn’t, but he is, and he is showing us courage that most of us can only dream of, can barely imagine. He is taking on the whole corporate structure that is oppressing and beating down people everywhere on the planet. He has taken a stand. And he is making things happen. We, as a nation, as a species, need to stand up too and begin to acknowledge the injustice that surrounds us if we believe at all that we are better than what (Read more…)

PostArctica: Poets, Jim!

Poets! Jim They got it Spoken words They do’em Love still on board But it sort of got worse *just kidding* Stonehenge Not solved Only a few tribes gone Light My Fire Muthafucka Seriously It Got Better Love ya!


PostArctica: Person Of The Year

And now it’s time to make the long awaited announcement!

Neath Turcot’s Person Of The Year

*gnaws open envelope*

And the winner is…for making something artful, for bringing sublime elegance to activism, for courage beyond the call of duty, for a willingness to be silly while being serious and not seeing a paradox in that, and for having the foresight to do something unique in order to make his wife laugh while she began chemotherapy, but most of all, for making complete strangers smile from straight out in left field in a multitude of locations…

Bob Carey of The Tutu Project!

(Read more…)

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PostArctica: The Great Arctic Flush

The Great Arctic Flush

By Paul Beckwith

A massive cyclone is forecast to develop in the Arctic, as shown on the image below, from the Naval Research Laboratory.

Within 2 weeks the Arctic Ocean will be completely transformed. The cyclone that appears 6 days out on both the US and European ten day forecasts will massacre the sea ice in what I call “The Great Arctic flush”.

The image below is a forecast for speed and drift on July 27, 2013. More images, including animations, on Arctic sea ice can be viewed at Last August, (Read more…)

Walking Turcot Yards: Launching Today

Today is WORLD WATER DAY and I’m honouring it by launching my next media campaign

There’s very little time left before the Harper government plans to approve the Enbridge Corporation’s Northern Gateway Pipeline Project in early 2014. This plan includes hundreds of supertankers navigating through the inside passage along the central coast of British Columbia, loaded with millions of barrels of Alberta Tarsands Bitumen for export to China.

This is one of the most pressing environmental issue of our time. These coastal waters are intense, the shorelines extremely rugged, and the environment extremely diverse. Before deciding its future

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Walking Turcot Yards: Don’t Fence Me In

Been thinking about the people in Fort Chipewan today, and everyone who lives in Northern Alberta near the Tar Sands. Stumbled on this song and thought it seemed like a pretty good way of positively saying no to all the powers that are destroying everything in the name of greed. It sounds good now matter how it’s done. And there is a version for almost everyone here.

Guess that’s it for now.



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Walking Turcot Yards: Idle No More This Sunday In Montreal

Idle No More Quebec is launching this call for solidarity to invite you to publicly demonstrate and to join us!

WHEN: Idle No More Demonstration in Montreal – Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 1:00 pm WHERE: Phillips Square, 585 Ste-Catherine Street West, Montreal (in front of the store The Bay) (nearest metro station: McGill) HOW: Come with friends and family and bring drums, rattles, jingle dresses, red feathers! —————————–

Idle No More Québec (Fini l’inertie) lance cet appel à la solidarité pour vous inviter à manifester publiquement et à vous joindre à nous!

QUAND : Manifestation Idle No More à

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Politics and its Discontents: The World We Are Willfully Destroying

Last year, I wrote a post on the power of the documentary. In it, I discussed how a good nature documentary can very powerfully help us to see both the wonders of the world and how we are destroying that world.

Last night I watched the show Nature on PBS. The particular episode, called Ocean Giants: Deep Thinkers, focused on the extraordinary inner lives of dolphins and whales, positing that both not only display both curiosity and high intelligence, but also the kind of self-awareness that we have traditionally assigned only to ourselves. In addition, it is clear that

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