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the disgruntled democrat: The Reason I’m Not Voting In Today’s Election Is That Canada Does A Poor Job Of Protecting Voting Rights

OK Canada, you win.  Keep your outdated voting system.  Continue to outsource the nation’s governance function to one person and his inner circle.  Carry on with this democratic farce called the general election.  I’ll have none of it.

I used to believe that it is worth the effort to engage in politics in Canada, but no longer.  I know that in the desire to transfer the sovereignty of the nation’s citizens to the winner of an electoral contest, the political party that wins the most of 338 simultaneously held elections across the land, my Charter (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Jim Stanford writes that Tim Hudak’s combination of austerity and indiscriminate tax slashing represents a recipe for less jobs rather than more: Mr. Hudak’s initial policy agenda is mostly a recycled business wish list: cut taxes, cut regulations, pay for training, cut energy costs, free trade.  Its logic is 100% trickle-down economics: anything that’s good for business, must be good for jobs and for all of society.  There is no powerful stimulative or expansionary impetus coming from any of those 5 proposals (unlike some other policies being debated in this election, like (Read more…)

Impolitical: Reasons to vote

In this week before the U.S. election, noted film maker Errol Morris had a great short film that ran in the New York Times. It’s about voting and is meant to encourage people to get to the polls. He does it in a light and humorous way by coming at it from the other direction. One of the best things seen online this week. Enjoy!

Impolitical: The first robocalls victim – again

The Ottawa Citizen published an op-ed by former Saanich-Gulf Islands Liberal candidate Briony Penn on Tuesday: “I was the first robocalls victim.” It tells the story of the 2008 federal election in that riding and the strange robocalls urging people to vote for an NDP candidate who had withdrawn from the race, thereby splitting the vote to the Conservative Gary Lunn’s advantage.

The funny thing is, the Citizen – home of McMaher – published the same op-ed when this story first broke back in early March, as an astute reader points out to me. She thinks that Penn’s piece

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Impolitical: RCMP on the robocalls case

The lead story on the CTV national news last night was this: “RCMP investigates voter fraud allegations.” Interesting video report at the link where, among other things, a friend of former Conservative staffer Michael Sona is quoted.

Yesterday Postmedia had details on a search warrant issued in November requiring production of various records from RackNine, the Edmonton call centre used in respect of Guelph campaign calls: Here is some of the text from the court order executed on RackNine:

That a person or persons unknown, on May 2, 2011, at or near the City of Guelph and

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