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The Canadian Progressive: Harper to blame for Elections Canada’s awful voter registration mess

Elections Canada has made an awful mess of voter registration for the 2015 federal election. It’s a mess that recalls bad memories of the 2011 robocall scandal. Stephen Harper is partly to blame.

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Monstrous and Most Miserable Thanksgiving

Well it must have been a very special Thanksgiving celebration at Stephen Harper's house, with a bloody niqab replacing a squawking turkey.A chance to give thanks for all those shiny new seats that bigot issue has earned him in Quebec.But after he had finished gobbling his ghastly meal down, and allowed Jason Kenney to gnaw on the carcass, it must also have been his most miserable Thanksgiving ever.For this must have given him a really bad case of indigestion.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Is Elections Canada Suppressing the Vote?

It should be a good news story. But instead it's a democratic nightmare.Large numbers of Canadians are flocking to advance polling stations across the country.Only to leave without casting their ballots because of the long lineups.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Are the Harper Cons Trying to Steal the Election Already?

Well we know how the Cons tried to steal the last election, and that most of the robocall gang got away.And we know Boss Harper and his mob.We know that if they are prepared to use naked bigotry to try to win an election, they are capable of ANYTHING.So call me paranoid, but I find this rather alarming. Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Voter justice denied as Fair Elections Act legal challenge is delayed

Canadians’ legal challenge to the Harper government’s “anti-democratic” Fair Elections Act won’t be heard until after the 2015 federal elections. Voter justice denied.

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the By-election Message Progressives Cannot Ignore

You'd think Stephen Harper would have been cheered by his two by-election victories in Ontario and Alberta.But he wasn't. In the Commons yesterday he was tense and irritable.And with good reason. For when you examine the results closely you can see that hidden in them are the seeds of his own destruction.Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s “anti-democratic” Fair Elections Act challenged in court

Activists led by the Council of Canadians have filed a Charter challenge to the Conservatives’ Fair Elections Act or Bill C-23 in the Ontario Superior Court.

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Montreal Simon: Are the Hudak Cons Trying to Steal the Ontario Election?

I guess it makes sense. Tim Hudak is incapable of coming up with an original idea, for obvious reasons.So he is always borrowing them from others.He borrowed his economic platform from the Koch brothers. Mike Harris' old gang is running his campaign.And now he's clearly taken his voter suppression idea from the Harper Cons. Read more »

CuriosityCat: Robocon: Why Law Professors will rub their hands with glee over the Commissioner’s Report

Counsellor Shrybman: The Doubter

One thing is for sure: for the next two decades or more, constitutional law professors in every law university in Canada will be rubbing their hands in delight at being able to present to law students the report of a commissioner into electoral fraud, and a point-by-point analysis of the commissioner’s report by a lawyer with experience in electoral fraud cases. Once can just imagine the glee of the law professors when they ask their students to contrast the methodologies used by a Federal Court, by the Commissioner, and recommended by the practising lawyer, to determine (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Less Than Meets The Eye

Were average citizens given to much political reflection, they would realize that from start to finish, the ‘Fair’ Elections Act has been almost exclusively about both discouraging people from voting and suppressing the vote of those who do not fit the Conservative Party’s target ‘audience.’ Even in light of yesterday’s announced amendments, that remains the case.

While the Act has provoked a flurry of steady, relentless, critical coverage, both in mainstream and social media, to view yesterday’s ostensible retreat as a real victory is to misread the situation badly. Two aspects of the bill will, I think, (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Unfair Elections Act and the Republican Connection

He has always been more of an American style politician than a Canadian one.The closest thing to Richard Nixon and his dirty trick Republicans this country has ever seen.He brought their disgusting attack ads to Canada.And his foul Unfair Elections Act is right out of the Republican playbook.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Are We Losing the Battle to Kill the Unfair Elections Act?

I thought we were making good progress in our struggle to try to force the Cons to change or kill their foul so-called Fair Elections Act.But it turns out I may have been a bit too optimistic. For while we have made progress, it seems far too many Canadians are still too ignorant or too complacent. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: I Nominate Him For A Nobel Prize

The category? That’s yet to be determined. Any suggestions?

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Montreal Simon: Why Pierre Poilievre’s Election Bill Could Help Kill the Cons

He's the most Republican looking MP I've ever seen.A ghastly little fanatic who could just have easily have been suckled by Karl Rove as he was suckled by Stephen Harper.And of course his foul voter suppression bill is straight out of the Republican play book, or the anus of Amerika.But what Pierre Poilievre doesn't seem to have considered is that the bill could blow up in his face. Or that the Cons could win the battle but lose the war. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Well Worth The Read

I’m going to spend much of the day trying to finish off the bulk of my flooring project, so I shall merely offer some reading recommendations for your consideration:

In his Star column today, Tim Harper discusses the taint that will reside over every federal election henceforth if the ‘Fair’ Elections Act becomes law without significant amendments. He also discusses why former auditor-general Sheila Fraser’s condemnation of the act is so significant.

Says Fraser:

“Elections are the base of our democracy and if we do not have truly a fair electoral process and one that can be managed well by (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Pierre Palooka and the Con Robocall Scandal

OMG. Somebody please throw in the towel. This fight has gotta end before I start feeling almost sorry for Pierre Poilievre.Because the way that palooka and his foul Unfair Elections Act are getting pounded in the ring of public opinion is almost too brutal.So many Chief Electoral Officers, law professors, election experts, and outraged Canadians want to take a shot at him and his bill, you gotta take a number eh? And today it was the Election Commissioner Yves Côté's turn to pound him some more. And make him look like a absolute idiot. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: About Those 39 Pieces of I.D. Pierre Poilivre Keeps Talking About

H/t Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper

To hear Pierre Poilievre speak, one might think that any Canadian who claims that the ‘Fair’ Elections Act could very well disenfranchise up to 500,000 Canadians in the next election is intellectually challenged. The ubiquitous Harper weasel, both in the House and on television, assures us that all the experts, both domestically and internationally, are dead wrong in all of their criticisms, since the bill will allow 39 pieces of I.D.* to be used at the ballot box, thus rendering vouching and voter information cards quite redundant.

But are his (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Stealing Democracy Part XII: More Revelations On Quebec, and Bill C-23

As more incidents of voter suppression in Quebec come to the surface, the picture starts to become a little more clear. Yesterday, we learned about a Green Party candidate who has been denied registration as a voter.

The issue comes down to the interpretation of "domiciled": The debate over who can and can’t vote in Quebec stems from different interpretations of the domicile rule, which requires all electors to have been domiciled in Quebec for six months.

Stéphane Beaulac, a professor in the faculty of law at the Université de Montréal, explains the domicile rule is based on intention.

“The difference (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Wonderful and Neverending Pounding of Pierre Poilievre

The one good thing about the foul Fair Elections Act is the way it has transformed Pierre Poilievre into a parliamentary punching bag.Because it seems that every day somebody is taking a shot at him and his bill.And today it was the election expert Harry Neufeld's turn to tell Poilievre to amend the bill or KILL IT. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Opposition To The ‘Fair’ Elections Act Grows

As a supplement to Montreal Simon’s post yesterday on Jean Pierre Kingsley’s appearance before the committee hearings on the ‘Fair’ Elections Act, you might want to spare two minutes to watch this report from The National on his concerns:

As well, here is a report that shows growing public awareness and discontent about the Tories’ voter suppression efforts:

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Montreal Simon: Jean-Pierre Kingsley and the Education of Pierre Poilievre

I've always had a lot of respect for Jean-Pierre Kingsley, the former Chief Electoral Officer. So when I saw that he had given the Fair Elections Act an A- I practically collapsed.Shocked by the thought that a man like him could give such a generous grade to such a foul bill. And disgusted by the sight of Pierre Poilievre, using Kingsley's remarks to put lipstick on his pig of a bill.And celebrating like only he could…Read more »

CuriosityCat: Robocalls and our Democracy: Michael Harris’ Compelling Ten Questions

Michael Harris: The Big 10

A must read for all who fear for our democracy, Michael Harris has done all Canadians a favour by spelling out ten questions he wants answered, along with some supporting facts that are background to each question he has posed. The inaction or lack of response by those whose job it is guard our democracy from voter suppression beggars belief. I trust that the three opposition parties will raise his article in iPolitics and his 10 questions during Question Period. And that they will demand that someone from Elections Canada appear to explain what is (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Pierre Poilievre and the Bill That Must Be Killed

Golly. When Parliament returns today I bet Pierre Poilievre is going to wish he was on the run somewhere in Europe like his ghastly leader, the feathered warrior Chicken Harper.For it must be said that if his so-called Fair Elections Act was a chicken, they'd be getting to serve it, on a plate, with mashed potatoes and gravy.Because it's so bad, and Poilievre's attempts to defend it have been so pathetic, that now even the Globe and Mail is calling for it to be KILLED.Read more »

Montreal Simon: How To Move Young Canadians To Help Defeat Stephen Harper

It should be obvious by now that the key to winning the next election is getting out the vote.For why else would Stephen Harper and his Con regime be going to such desperate lengths to suppress it?And there isn't a group that needs to be encouraged more to vote than young Canadians.Not just because, as a new study by the pollster Nik Nanos suggests, they can make a huge difference. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Pierre Poilievre’s Incredibly Horrible and Embarrassing Week

Oh dear. I can't help feeling that Pierre Poilievre is starting to regret that Big Daddy made him the Minister of Democratic Reform.And is probably wishing he could have another job PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE !!!!!!Because first the Chief Electoral Officer shredded his arguments in an appearance before a House committee.Then the author of a report on the last election made a complete fool out of him for misrepresenting his report. Read more »