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Trashy's World: Vote. It’s easy.

Just do it. As I was explaining to my two youngest kids yesterday on the drive home after school, literally millions of people have died and are dying to do what we in Canada take for granted: The right to choose our leaders. So vote. Exercise this right for which so much has been sacrificed. […]

The Canadian Progressive: Shareholders vote for McDonald’s to assess its health impacts

Alarmed by the growing epidemic of diet-related diseases caused by junk food, moms, health professionals and shareholders urge McDonald’s to leave hospitals and stop marketing to kids.

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The Scott Ross: Liberals Should Blame Trudeau For Few Supporters

If Justin Trudeau was more concerned about winning the Liberal leadership than winning the next election, not only would his party have more registered supporters, but 2015 would almost certainly look more rouge.

It may seem counter-intuitive to blame the ever-popular Justin Trudeau for the Liberal Party’s lower than expected supporter registration numbers, after all his campaign was so successful in signing them up, but in resting on his laurels and saving funds for the next election, Trudeau is exactly the person to blame.

The current problem for the Liberals is that of the almost 300,000 Canadians who signed up

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The Scott Ross: Why Justin Trudeau Shouldn’t Lead The Liberals

For the very same reason why so many Liberals want him to win, Justin Trudeau shouldn’t become Liberal Leader.

If 150,000 people only supported Justin Trudeau because of substance then there would be no argument against the 41 year-old MP for Papineau. A Trudeau only made popular by policy would present little risk in selecting him for leader. After all, the Liberal Party could survive, even if just barely, another loss from a leader who only represented the party’s policies. However policies aren’t why Justin Trudeau has so many supporters, and policies aren’t why he is a risk to the

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The Scott Ross: A More Democratic Senate Is Less So

Canadians certainly are no Nero, but they do have at least one thing in common with the late Roman emperor.

In 64 AD it is said that while Rome burned its emperor Nero fiddled. That while his city suffered calamity he amused himself with music. Today Canadians are doing something similar.

Rome may not be burning, but with decreasing turnout, less party members, and more partisanship, Canada’s democracy is clearly in danger and instead of stopping to help, Canadians are too busy fiddling, with the Senate.

It can’t be anything but odd, that while Canada’s democracy is weakening on every

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So the other day I found this article popping up on my feed. In this article Liberal leadership candidates Ms. Murray and Ms. Coyne allege that the party is “undermining” the leadership election process by keeping the supporter lists of each candidate separate until March 3rd — some six weeks before the actual vote for the Liberal leadership. [...]

The Scott Ross: Trust In Trudeau

Because Stephen Harper was a self-described “radical right-wing ideologue”, he was the only one who could make the conservatives more Liberal.

Because Barack Obama was so anti-war, he was the only one who could make the Democrats more pro-war than Republicans.

In both cases it was each man’s close association to a particular cause that gave him the credibility and therefore the power to fundamentally change it.

And it is because Justin Trudeau is perhaps the most identifiable Liberal that he, and he alone can make the party more conservative, and, as they aren’t mutually exclusive, more progressive. Trudeau has

The Scott Ross: Stephen Harper Flip-Flopped On Gun Registry Too

Conservatives are calling Justin Trudeau a flip-flopper for first voting for the long gun registry and then recently admitting it was a failed policy. That’s fine, but lest Conservatives forget, Stephen Harper did the exact same thing. This Conservativ… . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: Stephen Harper Flip-Flopped On Gun Registry Too 2%.

With a week to go Harvey Locke is 2% short of taking on the Tories and winning in Calgary-Centre. It’s that close. That’s some 100 votes. This is a once in 40 years chance to upset the Tories, send them a message, and show that Calgarians w… . . . → Read More: 2%.

The Scott Ross: Why Your Vote Means Something

If your vote is meaningless because it’s only one out of 140 million cast, what does that say about you, the importance of your one life on a planet with 7 billion others? Not to mention the short span of your years compared to the billions that came before it and the billions of years that will follow it.

The fact is your vote matters just as much as you do. That even though you, yourself are smaller than a grain of sand in the infinite landscape of time and space, the things you do, the things you say, the

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Alright. Look, guys, I’ve been good this year. I’ve blogged regularly, I’ve been keen on the recent debates, I’ve gotten on Don Martin’s Power Play, landed myself on CBC, and pulled in tonnes of people into provincial and federal politics. I’m a talented blogger and an increasingly capable political type. I need your help. I’ve made [...]

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice Placeholder – Noam Chomsky

Sometimes you get the that feeling that your vote won’t really matter in an election. It would help if the US was actually a democracy.

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The Scott Ross: Trudeau, Harper And Canadians Lack Substance

Critics claim Justin Trudeau has no substance when it comes to policy, they fail to realize that neither does Stephen Harper, nor any other leader or party; not to mention the fact that Canadians increasingly don’t care.

This is not a defense of Justin Trudeau but an offence committed by Canadians.

Politics has increasingly become less about substance and more about public image. Though it is hard to believe, Stephen Harper did not win the 2006 election because of his marvelously complex and substantive five point plan, he won simply because he was not Liberal. He has retained government on

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With membership tripling in the month and a half of campaigning, four strong candidates, and a positive campaign to win the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada in Calgary-Centre, the race for the nomination has come to a close with Harvey Locke as the Liberal nominee.   Pulling it in a landslide of 58% [...] Liberal Nomination ’12: the Race for Calgary Centre

  On the 22nd of September Liberals from across downtown Calgary will vote from 9:00 am and 5:00 pm at the Kahanoff Conference Centre, and vote for one of three (or a rumored four, with the final one being a possible star candidate) candidates vying for the chance to contest the upcoming byelection under the Liberal banner. Three candidates are raring [...]

Canadian Progressive World: Mexicans Protest Enrique Pena Nieto’s Stolen Presidency

An estimated 30 000 demonstrators marched through Mexico City on Sunday accusing President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto and his Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), of massive electoral fraud. The protesters carried placards with messages such as: “Fraud, Fraud”, “Winning by cheating is not winning at all and is illegal”, “You launder money, we are cleaning our consciences”, and “Pena Out.” The #YoSoy132 student movement organized the protest.

Pena Nieto beat leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez with 38.2 per cent of the vote against 31.6 per cent. Lopez Obrador accuses Pena Nieto of winning through “paid favourable media coverage and

CalgaryLiberal: The Problem with #DenounceHarper: It’s about getting even

There are some major problems with the #DenounceHarper hashtag on twitter. It has been trending on twitter for the last day or so and, for all intents and purposes, it has been quite a silly affair. First of all, there have been complaints surrounding Mr. Harper’s Conservatives only winning 39% of the vote and landing [...]

DeSmogBlog: What To Expect When You’re Electing: Part 1 – What’s At Stake


Environmental and energy issues became one of the central issues of the 2008 U.S. presidential election. While the economy itself took center stage, energy issues were right behind it, being pushed by the insufferable chant of “Drill baby drill.” In the four years that have followed, the U.S. has seen a boom in hydraulic fracturing (fracking), the worst oil spill in our history, skyrocketing (and then plummeting) gas prices, a disastrous oil pipeline plan that threatens the safety of our aquifers, and a Republican-led assault on environmental safety standards.

With all of these issues weighing

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The Scott Ross: Ideology Involves Action

Efficiency has no allegiances and your beliefs are meaningless if you do nothing about them. These are two messages for the federal Liberals in Canada and they come from Tea Party supporter and Arizona Congressman David Schweikert (video below)

“How do you teach people that a movement isn’t sitting around a room and discussing your latest philosophy; it’s being on the telephones, it’s knocking on doors, it’s actually taking the message to the streets.

We often see the activist Left being very good at this. They understand power comes through the voting box. They will, instead of holding a meeting,

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The Scott Ross: Majority Rule by the Few

The wasteful, unelected monarchy is bad and democracy is good. Since most Canadians don’t require a more indepth argument than that, let’s use the democratic system to finally severe Canada’s ties with the monarchy.

Let’s get a majority of us together, in our democracy that will require about 38% of the 61% who actually vote, which is really then just 23% of all people who are eligible. And lucky for us, as only 74% of the population can vote and 23% of that 74% is only around 17% of all Canadians, there won’t be many people we need to persuade.

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CalgaryLiberal: Renewing Raj’s Contract

I’ve been thinking. I want to renew Raj’s contract–for leader of the Alberta Liberals. He has a nose for politics, knows exactly what the party needs to build in terms of organization and skill sets, and he was key to the reason why the party did so well. Rather than an implosion, like what many [...]

CalgaryLiberal: Raj Rescues Folks in Rollover

Earlier today Raj Sherman help rescue three people who had rolled off the road on Highway 2 (Calgary Herald). This is one of the reasons why I really like Raj Sherman as a human being: this selfless, service above self attitude he has, where he was on a schedule to be at an event (that had a [...]

The Scott Ross: Outshining Trudeau

Just as Liberals look at Justin Trudeau and ask if he is like his father, many are asking if he will run for leader, the answer to one is the answer to the other.

Though Justin Trudeau has stated he will not be running for Liberal Leader, citing his duty as a father to his young children, there are still two years till the leadership race. Besides the fact children grow fast in two years, one just needs to look at Bob Rae, who signed an agreement not to run, to see things change.

Justin Trudeau’s reason for not running

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The Scott Ross: Liberal Members Vote To Allow Supporters To Lose Too

Without buying a party membership you can become a Liberal supporter and not vote too.

Liberals this weekend passed numerous amendments, one of them allows for non-members to vote for Leader, and though this issue was passed by a majority, both sides of the debate lost, because so few delegates actually voted.

Whether the Liberal Convention was a success or not does not depend on what was passed or what wasn’t, that’s a matter of opinion, but what measures its success is how many Liberals were involved. And though the National Convention can be satisfied with 3200 delegates being registered,

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CalgaryLiberal: Liberal Convention 2012: The Need For Open Primaries

In 2011 I was on the convention floor in Calgary, Alberta, advocating for the same change that is in front of the federal Liberals today (see constitution document here [PDF]). I spoke of openness, inclusion, the need for a new force in politics, and the empowerment that an open primary can deliver to the Alberta [...]