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The Canadian Progressive: VICTORY: Canadians Killed Harper’s Internet Surveillance Bill C-30

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 12, 2013: Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s Internet surveillance Bill C-30 is dead. The demise of the deceptively christened Protecting Children From Internet Predators Act is a victory for the Internet. For Canadian democracy. For Canadians. Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson confirmed it yesterday when he announced that the Conservatives won’t be pursuing the READ MORE

Montreal Simon: The Never Ending Madness of Vic Toews

Uh oh. Call the zombie police. VicToews has stumbled out of his crypt and is going after Justin Trudeau. Again.

Vic Toews launched yet another Twitter attack against Liberal MP Justin Trudeau today, accusing him of orchestrating the embarrassing Vikileaks Twitter account after it was revealed the account’s creator was once again working for the Liberal Party.

And not only him, but the whole Liberal Party !!!!

“Justin Trudeau and all Liberal leadership candidates must come clean immediately…“Who knew about the sleazy Internet smear? What deal was struck with Adam Carroll to take the fall? Will they continue engaging

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The Conservatives today dragged the former Liberal party staffer behind the famous VikiLeaks30 Twitter scandal before the parliamentary Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. And they hoped to crucify Adam Carroll. Make him an example for all … Continue reading →

Politics and its Discontents: This Is Most Gratifying

I suspect that Adam Carroll, the Liberal staffer who established the Vikileaks Twitter account revealing embarrassing yet publicly-available information about Public Safety Minister Vic Toews was speaking for many of us today during his voluntary appearance before the Commons ethics committee today.

Despite the predictable bullying from member Dean Del Mastro, who insisted that Carroll must have been part of a Liberal conspiracy, Carroll said,

“I disagree with everything Mr. Del Mastro has said. To use his words ‘baseless smears’ or, in the acronym, B.S.”

You can read the entire satisfying account here. Recommend this Post

Montreal Simon: Christian Paradis and the Kafka Cons

OK. So let me get this straight. The Con stooge Christian Paradis is stumbling though an ethical mine field.

The opposition is calling for a fresh ethics probe following new allegations about the conduct of federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis.

The call comes less than a week after Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson found Paradis had broken government rules by granting privileged access to former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer’s business interests.

Stepping on one mine after the other.

In addition to the new allegations, Dawson confirmed she’s already opened an additional inquiry into the matter of federal

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Toews wankfest takes place today in Parliament

My brain hurts.

Rarely has something been so indicative of the impotence and irrelevance of the modern Tory than Vic Toews’ retribution against those who mock him. In a primo example of Conservative wastefulness and vengeful preoccupation with payback, Parliament is set today to go after that ‘amorphous’ organization known as Anonymous.

Why is this valuable time and political real estate

Montreal Simon: Dean del Mastro’s PG-Rated Committee Hearing

Mama Mia. I see Dean Del Mastro wants to grill the creator of Vikileaks before a Commons committee.

“This is just the latest in a long history of shady Liberal practices that harm our democracy,” Del Maestro said. “These nasty, dirty Internet tricks were deeply personal and fall short of the standard of behaviour that Canadians have come to expect,” he said.

Gawd. I guess all that talk about Pierre Poutine must have made him hungry eh?

But is this a wise move for the shady Cons? Or just another attempt to harm our democracy, by conducting this kangaroo piggy

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L. Ian MacDonald quacks: “Even if there were robocalls, Stephen Harper won fair and square”

Old MacDonald had a wank

I, L. Jymn Parrett, almost spit a mouth full of Cazadores over my PC reading that headline from Postmedia. The lede is just as good: “Dirty tricks are nothing new in politics. Sometimes they’re even part of the fun.”

I realize that modern journalism is like reading a . . . → Read More: L. Ian MacDonald quacks: “Even if there were robocalls, Stephen Harper won fair and square”

L. Ian MacDonald wanks: "Even if there were robocalls, Stephen Harper won fair and square"

MacDonald relaxes at home

I, L. Jymn Parrett, almost spit a mouth full of Cazadores over my PC reading that headline from Postmedia. The lede is just as good: “Dirty tricks are nothing new in politics. Sometimes they’re even part of the fun.”

I realize that modern journalism is like reading a cereal box; it is mostly advertising for a political party (= Conservatives) with some pow and wow

Vic Toews has a whole lot more to worry about than Vikileaks

Anonymous data dump is just around the corner, Friday to be exact. So while Toews embarrasses himself, the Conservatives and Canadians with this obsessive Vikileaks retribution, after a humble apology has already been offered up by Bob Rae, he better prepare himself for a whole hell of a lot of shit about to the fan.

And, also:

Oh yeah — using social media to draw attention to information already in the Public Domain as a response to proposed fascist legislation is EXACTLY like rendering meaningless the votes of swaths of the Canadian electorate and making a mockery of our very democracy. Sometimes our media needs to be slapped upside its collective head [...]

Power & Politics question of the day: "Does ‘Vikileaks’ undermine Liberal credibility on robocalls?" When will this false equivalence end?

CK of Sister Sage’s Musings has a wonderful post asking why Bob Rae apologized for Vikileaks. Good question but what hit me hardest about the post was this gem regarding a poll question from Evan Solomon’s Power & Politics. The question asks: “Does ‘Vikileaks’ undermine Liberal credibility on robocalls?” What?

That P&P quote is staggering in its Globe & Mail-style framing. What has Vikileaks

Why Did Bob Rae Apologize?


Indeed! Why the hell did you, Mr. Rae? So it was a Liberal staffer behind the Twitter moniker of vikileaks. So? Glad someone was fighting back. Also, once again, with feeling, boys ‘n’ girls, @vikileaks didn’t use documents that weren’t already public record. In fact, anyone who would bother to look, . . . → Read More: Why Did Bob Rae Apologize?

Montreal Simon: Vikileaks and the Great Distraction

I was disappointed to see Bob Rae apologize to Vic Toews today for the Vikileaks campaign.

Not because of the apology itself, which was the decent act of a decent progressive. But because he didn’t ask Toews to also apologize unequivocally for calling opponents of the fascist bill C-30 supporters of child pornographers.

Which was far worse than anything that Liberal staffer did. Especially since Toews still hasn’t apologized for that filthy slur, continues to defend the bill and rewrite history. 

But what really annoyed me was that so many in our idiot media spent so much time today

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Compare And Contrast

The LPoC owns up; the CPoC stonewalls. 

Worst part is Kinsella was right and we’ll never hear the end of it.

Politics and its Discontents: Is The Channel About To Be Changed?

Always adept at averting attention from their criminal acts, look for a Harper push to change the channel with this information.

In my humble opinion, neither Towes nor any other member of his ‘rat-pack’ deserves any gesture of contrition, only contempt. Recommend this Post

Latest Anonymous video: "New Scandal Revealed in 7 Days"

Anonymous threatens once again a big scoop on Toews, this time to be unveiled a week from yesterday. Is Anonymous bluffing? I doubt it.

gay persons of color: Rick Mercer takes on Vic Toews

Gay Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist, and blogger, Rick Mercer, addresses Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’s proposed Internet-surveillance legislation, Bill C-30, in a brilliant, two-minute video rant. A must watch for a quick summary of what the fuss is all about surrounding the controversial bill.

The Internet v. Vic Toews: Score one for The Tweeps

That the HarperCon’s might in any way be surprised by the public response to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ introduction of the “Snoop and Spy” Bill C-30 made the regina mom laugh! . The public responses to the HarperCons over the past while have been strong:

The lack of action on Attawapiskat and the near-futility of the Crown First Nations Gathering; Stephen Harper’s announcement of changes to Old Age Pension during a speech in Davos, Switzerland; the closed doors on Committee meetings in the House of Commons; Joe Oliver’s attack on opponents of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline; and the Omnibus . . . → Read More: The Internet v. Vic Toews: Score one for The Tweeps

Stupid headline of the day: "Anonymous wants transparency, but hides behind name"

Don’t you love the Globe & Mail? Is the Globe serious with this stupid headline? It reads like a statement from the PMO. This is why Anonymous exists. When the government and the media collude to cover up and promote one party’s agenda, we need groups like Anonymous. You want to know why the group is actually anonymous? Look at what happened to Occupy. Look at what is happening to Wikileaks.

gay persons of color: John Baird feeling the heat over privacy concerns?

During question period in the Canadian House of Commons on Friday (February 17), Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird accused the opposition National Democratic Party (NDP) of having been caught in a “dirty, sleazy Internet game,” an allegation the NDP has denied. What Baird was referring to was an anonymous Twitter campaign launched on Valentine’s Day against his Conservative Party colleague and Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews. The “Vikileaks” campaign, which has since been shut down, was used to post personal information about Toews, including details of his divorce, and came as a response to Toews’s proposed Internet-surveillance legislation, Bill

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RPS Podcast: Privacy and Surveillance, The Vikileaks Edition

My new podcast is up. You can listen to it here. Enjoy Filed under: Harper Government, Harper Majority, Progressives Tagged: Ethics,, Privacy, Surveillance, Vic Toews, Vikileaks

Canadian Progressive World: ANONYMOUS: Canada Should Scrap Bill C-30, Fire Minister Vic Toews

In this YouTube video, activist hacker group Anonymous is demanding the resignation of Canada’s beleaguered Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews. The group also calls for the dictatorship-style online surveillance bill C-30 to be scrapped. …Read More

Did the Ottawa Citizen screw up with its ‘expose’ of @vikileaks30?

@vikileaks30 is no more. Perhaps the heat generated by the Conservative organ Postmedia shut it down. Whatever. It appears that the Ottawa Citizen’s detective work was highly suspect. Proved nothing but got our lazy, incompetent media on the run for a news cycle or two.

@vikileaks30 fans, don’t despair. A mirror has been created, @VikiLeaksMirror. Judging from Anonymous’ threat of Operation Video on (Un)Lawful Access

An excellent video (special thanks to The Tyee where I found this video) with experts in the field of privacy, ethics, surveillance and technology. Enjoy Filed under: Harper Government, Progressives Tagged: Bill C-30, Privacy, privacy ethics, Vic Toews, Vikileaks