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Five of Five: ABVOTE: Play the Obama Card.

Donna Kennedy-Glans, election flyer 2012

This was in my mailbox on Friday. Donna Kennedy-Glans is running as the PC candidate in my riding of Calgary Varsity. It’s quite impressive, the production values are great. It looks like it cost a lot. Not surprising from a governing party that spares no penny on self-promotion. Interesting, no mention of the PC Party until the very bottom of the

CalgaryLiberal: Why do the Progressive Conservatives exist?

If you wanted a honest conservative choice it’s obviously the Wildrose you should vote for. They’re forthright in their view on conscience rights, creating competition in the health care industry (read: privatization) and their own brand of fiscal conservatism. That’s conservative. If you wanted a honest liberal choice it’s obviously the Liberals you should vote [...]