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Alberta Politics: Do billionaires fleeing Canadian taxes deserve public subsidies for their Alberta franchises?

PHOTOS: CNRL Executive Chairperson N. Murray Edwards, a billionaire. (Wikipedia photo). Below: Twitter gadfly Dave Beninger (Facebook grab), Law Professor Catherine Brown (University of Calgary photo), former Alberta Premier Alison Redford and billiona… . . . → Read More: Alberta Politics: Do billionaires fleeing Canadian taxes deserve public subsidies for their Alberta franchises?

Alberta Politics: Alberta NDP defies voters by continuing to govern as if it won the election that put it in power: political scientist

PHOTOS: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, running the province as if she had a majority government! What next? Below: University of Calgary political scientist and Calgary Herald columnist Barry Cooper, Broadbent Institute Director Rick Smith and Wildrose… . . . → Read More: Alberta Politics: Alberta NDP defies voters by continuing to govern as if it won the election that put it in power: political scientist

Alberta Politics: If we’d been paying attention, perhaps we wouldn’t be so shocked by the U of C’s corporate-influence scandal

PHOTOS: The University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, conveniently located adjacent to the oil corporations’ towers in downtown Cowtown. Below: The writers of the notorious Alberta separatist Firewall Manifesto, which then-premier Ralph Klein wisely tossed into the garbage; Calgary School alumni and Firewall signa-Tories Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan and Ted Morton in appropriate garb. […]

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Cowichan Conversations: Canada’s Biggest Political Scandal You Never Heard Of–Big oil, taxpayers’ millions, call girls and a ‘mechanic’ named Bruce Carson.

Richard Hughes Independent Strategic Voter

As the election countdown continues you can dismiss any thoughts of a lacklustre non eventful race to the wire.

The TPP card has been played, the Niqab Harper camp

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Alberta Politics: ‘Alberta is not Greece yet’ … Why do we have to pay for Jack Mintz’s mythmaking?

PHOTOS: Calgary in the near future, as fancifully described by the usual suspects at the University of Calgary, if the NDP doesn’t start delivering Conservative polices with alacrity. Below: U of Calgary Professor Jack Mintz, grabbed from Imperial Oil’s annual report; former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge. VICTORIA, B.C. “Alberta is not yet Greece, […]

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Bill Longstaff: Can academics serve two masters?

The steady encroaching of the corporate sector into the decision-making processes of our societies is the greatest threat to twenty-first century democracy. This includes encroachment into academia.

This troubling development was brought to light in the recent Alberta election. The NDP proposed a two per cent increase in the corporate tax rate. Jack Mintz, an esteemed University of Calgary

Alberta Diary: Brian Gallant has a thin resume? Stephen Harper hasn’t held a real job since he quit the mailroom in ’79 or whenever!

New Brunswick Premier-designate Brian Gallant, grabbed from his campaign website. Below: Cranky old National Post opinion thingy Kelly McParland, age undetermined; Justin Trudeau, 42, getting off an airplane with some old guy, 62; Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, 59.

As the present now will later be past

The order is rapidly fadin’

And the first one now will later be last

For the times they are a-changin’ …

— Bob Dylan (age 73)

If anyone has the right to be bitter about bright young Liberal leaders with good looks, great hair and supposedly thin resumes like those of New Brunswick (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Alberta’s billion dollar failed Carbon Capture “science experiment”

TweetA report from Auditor General Merwan Saher released this week found no evidence that the Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development has properly monitored the performance of the PC Government’s climate change strategy which was first implemented in 2008. The report also uncovered serious problems with the province’s expensive Carbon Capture and Storage strategy. Since it […] - Alberta politics: Alberta PC leadership race is policy-lite in early days

TweetThe race is still in its early stages, but Albertans hoping the Progressive Conservatives leadership contest would spark a great policy debate about the future of our province are so far disappointed. The most notable news so far from this race has been the growing number of endorsements collected by front-runner Jim Prentice. While 45 of […]

Alberta Diary: Don’t let any ‘celebrities’ tell you different, we’ve got friends of science here in Alberta

Don’t worry: you have absolutely nothing to do with the apocalypse. You might as well mine more bitumen while you wait for it. Below: Barry Cooper; another version of the Friends of Science billboard; yet another great billboard supporting democracy and the people. Billboard photos found on the Internet.

Alberta’s “Friends of Science” are friends of science like North Korea is a democratic people’s republic.

But to give credit where credit is due, both the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Friends of Science do great billboards.

One such is causing a buzz in Calgary right now, demonstrating the (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: High-speed rail in Alberta: a terrible idea that just won’t go away

“Modern high-speed passenger trains are not pushed forward on billowing sails…” Although, when we’re done paying for a multi-billion-dollar high-speed rail link between Edmonton and Calgary, this may be how many of us have to get around if we fancy using public transit. Below: William Cornelius Van Horne and the typical high-speed rail advocate – apparently they’re both baaaaaaack!

The Van Horne Institute? The Van Horne Institute? As in William Cornelius Van Horne, late of the Michigan Central Railway, the Chicago and Alton Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Cuba Railway Company?

Well, whooo, whooo, whoooooo-oooo better to advocate (Read more…) The brutal lessons of 2013.

2013 has been a rather tough year for this blogger. I ran for the Vice Presidency of the Alberta Liberal Party and was unsuccessful. Quite quickly I found I had little support in Edmonton and that I had to work harder to earn the trust of people. It was truly a humbling experience. When the Alberta […]

Bill Longstaff: Era of sense of entitlement reaches U of C

CEOs loading up on compensation and perks, even if their companies are floundering, has become a commonplace of our era. This sense of entitlement has similarly been observed among various politicians, including recently the Senate. Now it seems to have crept into the University of Calgary.

In a year when the university’s operating and capital budgets were cut by $47-million, it is spending $

Susan on the Soapbox: Campus Alberta: Converting Universities into Trade Schools

I like engineers but this is ridiculous (and I’m not talking about Supercow, the U of C engineering mascot).

Supercow U of C Engineering Mascot

The PC government just invested $142.5 million to expand the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary while at the same time hacking $147 million out of the province’s post-secondary budget.

Yes, I know, the $142 million is a capital (one-time) payment while the $147 million decrease in the post-secondary budget is an operating budget (on-going) cut, so it’s impossible to have an apples-to-apples conversation about this.

Instead of focusing on the (Read more…) University of Calgary Liberals mentioned in Wikileaks

Turns out the Young Liberals at the University of Calgary is seen as an organization of real influence by the US State Department. Below is a quote from Wikileaks that talks about how the UofC Liberals were able to influence the policy of the party and shake up a whole other party. 6. (SBU) The […]

The Canadian Progressive: In Canada, doctors cashing in despite cash-strapped health care system: Report

A new report by the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy says today’s Canadian physician earns nearly four-and-half-times more than the average Canadian, even as the price of health care continues to rise.

The post In Canada, doctors cashing in despite cash-strapped health care system: Report appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Vincent Endorses Graeme Maitland’s Run for AYL President

Vincent St. Pierre, Canada’s #1 Political Blogger and Alberta Young Liberal, has endorsed Graeme Maitland in his run for President of the Alberta Young Liberals. See Vincent’s endorsement below. “My name is Vincent St. Pierre. And I am proud to endorse Graeme Maitland for AYL president. His work as a young liberal in Calgary-Klein, efforts [...] How to End a Career in 24 Seconds: Dr. Flanagan

A Canadian Conservative has to do a lot to be punted by the Wildrose party and the Manning Centre. Thomas Flanagan did that on Wednesday by condoning child pornography. See the recorded video below of his response to a question on his views on child pornography. His argumentation basically noted that the individual act of [...]

The Canadian Progressive: DISGUSTING! Ex-Harper Adviser Tom Flanagan Okays Viewing Child Porn

“I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures” – Flanagan By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive | Feb. 28, 2013: Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s former senior adviser, Tom Flanagan, has questioned the jailing of people who view child pornography. And paid a huge price for it. “I certainly have no READ MORE Todd’s Letter: The NDP Merger

  I’m not interested in merging with the NDP. Todd Van Vliet, party president of the Alberta Liberals, isn’t a fan either. There was one point, almost a year ago, that I was. And I was quite frustrated then. I’m still frustrated, but more on that later. But I’m tired of hitting a brick wall. [...] UofC Liberals sign up 150 young liberals

Liberalism is alive and well in Calgary. As of September 21st the University of Calgary Liberal Association signed up 148 young Liberals from the annual week long clubs week held by the Students’ Union. The membership now counts more than 170 with renewed members, in addition to several new federal Liberal memberships sold and renewed [...]

Bill Longstaff: Carleton makes amends … sort of

Carleton University has finally attempted to atone for accepting what was little better than a bribe and then trying to cover it up. In 2010, the university made a secret deal with Calgary businessman Clayton Riddell which, in return for a $15-million donation for a graduate program in political management, would allow the Riddell Foundation to appoint three of five people on a steering

CalgaryLiberal: Calgary-Centre By-Election: Lee Richardson Resigns

Two days ago Lee Richardson resigned to work with the Progressive Conservatives and Ms. Redford in Edmonton. The first thing that is apparent is that a federal Tory joined the Progressive Conservatives, and not the Wildrose. That should but a substantial damper on those who equate Ms. Smith’s Wildrose and the Conservative Party of Canada as [...]

CalgaryLiberal: My Three Things for Calgary

Nenshi and the City of Calgary, over the last year, have pushed a very central theme on how we can make Calgary a better place. It’s simple. If we do just three things to better Calgary, and if a lot of us do it, we’ll make Calgary a better place. You can read more about [...]