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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Hilldog16 on SnapChat?

I have a Snapchat account. I’ve not used it in years because it was making my cell phone too full. Imagine if Hillary Clinton had a Snapchat account too, for government business? Her’s would be used for an illegal purpose, like her personal email was. You may recall Sarah Palin got into trouble (without apparent consequence) for this sort of thing too.

“Just message me on SnapChat, I’m hilldog16” –

— Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) March 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton exclusively used private email while secretary of state

— Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) March 3, 2015

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Tweeter’s Block

"#TweetersBlock" is a terrible thing. It doesn't mean you've nothing to write, rather you can't write it in under 140 characters.

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) February 16, 2015

I’ve a mild case of Tweeter’s block. I guess that means I need to write on my blog instead.

"#TweetersBlock" is a terrible thing. It doesn't mean you've nothing to write, rather you can't write it in under 140 characters.

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) February 16, 2015

What’s going on? A whole lot of nothing, and a lot of somethings simmering. My to-do list is impossibly long as (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Of course Netanyahu "rules in Washington"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to address the U.S. Congress next month has created quite a stir. President Obama, apparently not informed of the visit beforehand, is fuming. At least a dozen Democrats, including the outspokenly pro-Israel Vice-President Biden, have announced they will not attend. Even many American Jews who are normally staunch supporters of Israel have

Bill Longstaff: Why are Americans so frightened?

If you were asked what the American people’s top policy priority was, what would you answer? The economy perhaps? Immigration? Global warming? You would be wrong. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans’ top policy concern is terrorism, with 76 per cent ranking it as a top priority, just edging out the economy.

Why, one wonders, are they so afraid of terrorists when the threat is so

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: How’s That City On The Hill?

From Barrett Brown, a wrongfully jailed journalist… in the USA. He’s imagining speaking to the founding fathers about the country’s progress:

Benjamin Franklin: “It was among my fondest dreams that my beloved Philadelphia would someday grow into one of the world’s great centers of high culture, and become a by-word for the gentlemanly arts. Tell me, has this come to pass?”

Me: “Uh …”

America… the failed experiment in liberty?

The Disaffected Lib: How a Court Pushed Israel and the United States into Meltdown

What is it about the International Criminal Court that has so inflamed Israel and the United States?  It’s a court of law and a pretty good one at that.  It’s a venue to prosecute those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Who would be bothered by that – except perhaps war criminals and those who commit crimes against humanity?  Oh, I get it.

Israel is afraid that its war crimes in Gaza will come before the ICC where Israel won’t be able to control the narrative and manipulate the press and public opinion.  The United States fears for (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Assata Shakur: “I am a 20th century escaped slave”

Cuba-based black revolutionary Assata Shakur says she fled “from the political repression, racism and violence that dominate the US government’s policy towards people of color.”

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The Canadian Progressive: Alabama: A Public Hospital Serves the Poor — with Lawsuits

Southeast Alabama Medical Center, a public hospital in rural Alabama, forces poor patients to surrender their legal protections before they can receive treatment, clearing the way for the facility to seize funds from their pay or bank accounts to cover medical debts.

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A. Picazo: Of Torture And Tortured Logic

This op-ed appeared in The Ottawa Citizen on December 18, 2014 The executive summary of a nearly 7,000 page report into the C.I.A.’s Detention and Interrogation program under the Bush administration confirmed not only what has long been public knowledge – that America did, in fact, engage in torture – but also revealed that, despite an aggressive PR blitz extolling … Continue reading →

Bill Longstaff: Bravo to Baird and Harper on the Cuba file

The United States has finally come to its senses and is normalizing relations with Cuba. It’s taken over half a century but—to borrow the old cliché—better late than never. And to our credit, Canada played a key role. By hosting meetings of officials from the two countries, we obviated the need for meetings in either the U.S. or Cuba. Both U.S. President Obama and Cuban President Castro have

Bill Longstaff: Americans lovin’ their guns more than ever

Following the slaughter of twenty children in Newtown, Connecticut two years ago this month, many Americans hoped their countrymen and women would finally turn against the gun nuts and demand greater control. And they did … briefly. The support for gun rights that has been creeping up for decades dipped momentarily and then returned to its upward trend. A recent survey by the Pew Research

Bill Longstaff: America and the torture chronicles

So the U.S. has finally and formally confessed its sins. Good for the Americans. All nations sin, the better ones own up. That the CIA ran a torture regime isn’t really news but it’s important for the U.S. to officially get the nasty business out on the table, discussed and debated. This is the best way to lance a festering boil of endless rumour, pique the national conscience, and avoid

drive-by planet: Die Linke’s Sahra Wagenknecht slams Merkel in Bundestag for being US stooge [video]

In a powerful Bundestag speech, Deputy Chair of the German Die Linke (Left Party), Sahra Wagenknecht, accused Angela Merkel of being an enabler of US interests, to the detriment of Germany and the EU.

Wagenknecht called into question Merkel’s position on “spheres of influence” and international law, citing numerous instances in the course of which Merkel’s great ally the United States has trampled over international law… Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… to name a few.

The indented excerpts beneath are from Wagenknecht’s speech. They are taken from the English translation that accompanies the video. In your speech in Sydney Ms Merkel (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: CIA Tortured For Bad Info

Don't worry folks, no one will go to prison for the massive torture program we ran, but we'll still condemn other countries for injustice.

— Nima Shirazi (@WideAsleepNima) December 9, 2014

Canada is implicated.

Ahem. RT @Independent: These are the countries that will be worried by the CIA 'torture' report

— Doug Saunders (@DougSaunders) December 9, 2014

Don't forget, torture is one of the CIA's favorite things. This isn't new.

— Nima Shirazi (@WideAsleepNima) December 9, 2014

Oh good, the “other side” decided to launch a website. That seems like an appropriate response (Read more…)

drive-by planet: Che’s daughter Aleida Guevara talks about her father… the Cuban embargo… and more

Upper right: A much younger Aleida with Fidel and Che

Aleida Guevara, daughter of Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara, was in Moscow recently where she gave an interview to RT. She is a medical doctor based in Havana where she works out of the William Soler Children’s Hospital. In addition to her medical work, Aleida Guevara is an advocate for debt relief in developing nations and author of the book Chávez, Venezuela and the New Latin America.

A while back I posted about a proposed memorial to Che in Galway, Ireland, and mentioned a civic reception given to Aleida during (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Why Denmark fears militarization of Arctic islands means Canada could soon control almost all of Hudson’s Bay, and other tall tales

If we just listened to Stephen Harper and the BBC, what a wonderful world this would be! Below: Catherine the Great, USAF Gen. Philip Breedlove.

Last Wednesday, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported in shocked tones on its online news site that “NATO’s top military commander, Gen. Philip Breedlove, has warned that Russian ‘militarization’ of the annexed Crimea Peninsula could be used to exert control over the whole Black Sea.”

This story appeared almost word for word on dozens of other Internet news sites originating in Europe, North America, Australia and elsewhere in the word.

U.S. Air Force Gen. (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #BlackFriday Is So Very Offensive

A few years ago when the media started buying into the spindoctors’ PR BS about “Black Friday”, in the USA, I was severely disappointed. I’ve let that grow into a healthy disgust for what’s now an extra week of consumer manipulation perpetrated even on the supposedly “ad free” CBC Radio.

.@DaniMarioCBC @SheilaColesCBC I mean, what's the point of listening to ad-free radio, if the subject is the ads we're missing? @Adbusters

— John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) November 27, 2014

Our extreme consumerism, greed, materialism and gluttony disgust me during the Holiday season. The whinning, fighting, the pettiness WHY?!?!

— Emily (@MsEffieLou) (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Ferguson Protesters: “The Results Are In And We Still Don’t Have Justice”

Ferguson protesters respond to the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

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Paul S. Graham: Canada continues to occupy stage right

Canada’s position on the world stage continues to embarrass and disturb.

On Nov. 4, Canada, along with Ukraine and United States, voted against a draft resolution entitled “Combating glorification of Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.”

It’s a lengthy document, but worth the time it takes to read. As you read through the resolution, ask yourself why any decent human being would oppose it. Surely, only racists, bigots and nazis could find this resolution offensive.

In this instance, it seems likely that the US and Canada chose (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Speech: Obama executive plan protects 5 million undocumented immigrants

President Barack Obama announced his executive plan to overhaul the the U.S. immigration system and uphold the human rights of undocumented immigrants.

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drive-by planet: Risk of ‘accidental’ nuclear war: Chomsky on the ‘worst case scenario’

It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which any world power would deliberately start a nuclear war given the dire consequence for the planet. Rational thinking and the will to survive prevents us from believing that any nation… any leader… could be crazy enough to intentionally unleash what could well wind up being a terminal war of reciprocal destruction. But what is often overlooked is the increasing likelihood that a nuclear war might very well be started by accident.

During a recent RT interview Noam Chomsky addressed this possibility:

The worst-case scenario, of course, would be a nuclear war, which (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Will Republicans believe their military on climate change?

The American Republican Party is a major obstacle to the United States acting responsibly on climate change. In the manner of our federal government, they do not allow science to interfere with their dogma. But while they have little use for science, they are great admirers of the military, so is it possible they will start listening to the Pentagon when it comes to climate change?

If they

Bill Longstaff: Pity the Americans—running an empire ain’t easy

Running an empire is tough. There are always tribesmen out on the fringes who fail to appreciate that you are bringing them civilization. In their lack of gratitude, they act up, and you are forced to send in the legions to bring them to heel. Such has been the case throughout history, from the Roman Empire to the British Empire and now for the American Empire. The need for war is perpetual.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Wrong Side Of History

I found it ironic today that there are people viewing staying out of Iraq as being on the “wrong side of history”. I couldn’t think of a more perfect example of a battle fought in folly, than Canadian troops going to fight ISIS in Iraq with bombers.

Eleven years ago I was in an evening classroom learning about computer graphics when Bush and Cheney started the second Iraq War with “shock and awe” bombings. The ensuing destruction of that country left the Americans floundering for money at home, and Iraq awash in political instability and weapons. With the Americans weary (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: People’s Climate March: Economic resistance went mainstream

Kate Aronoff, a freelance journalist based in Philadelphia, argues that the recent People’s Climate March and Flood Wall Street protests made climate change “impossible for even the most mainstream of media to ignore.”

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