Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream - Alberta Politics: Bill 45 deserved to die. Thanks for killing it, Jim Prentice.

One year ago, the PC Party was on verge of meltdown as Alison Redford resigned as leader and Premier. Since then, the political landscape has shifted so dramatically that the only significant thing that remains the same is the PC Party is still… Continue Reading → - Alberta politics: Look who’s running in 2016: Alberta Election nominations

TweetWith the four provincial by-elections over, the focus will soon turn back to nominating candidates to stand in Alberta’s next general election. The next election is scheduled to be held sometime between March 1 and May 31, 2016, but can be called earlier if premier requests the Lieutenant Governor to issue a writ of election. The Wildrose Party and the […] - Alberta politics: Who wants to be leader of the Alberta NDP?

TweetWhile most political chatter in Alberta is focused on how big Jim Prentice’s victory will be on the first ballot of the Progressive Conservative leadership vote on September 6, there is another race about to begin – the race to become the leader of the Alberta NDP. At his press conference announcing departure, outgoing NDP […]

Susan on the Soapbox: The Home Care Consolidation Debacle: Fred Horne’s Mission Impossible

Like Tom Cruise in Ghost Protocol, Health Minister Horne is tearing through the building trying to stay ahead of the explosives he’s set to detonate. The big question is will he make it out in time.

So far Fred has successfully blown up the AHS board, slashed the number of RNs by 200 and jeopardized contract negotiations with the United Nurses of Alberta—all the while amassing a $100 million surplus at AHS.

But his decision to “consolidate” Alberta’s home care agencies from 72 to 13 (with the majority of these being large Ontario based for-profit corporations) has infuriated (Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: Health Minister Fred Horne: The Puppet Master

The Google search engine connecting a reader to the Soapbox spat out this query: “Is Fred Horne as stupid as he looks?” Yikes! That’s bit harsh. But I must admit the question had crossed my mind (without the reference to Mr Horne’s looks—Ms Soapbox tries to maintain a modicum of decorum on the blog).

Short answer? No, Mr Horne is not stupid. Quite the opposite. He’s a master at manipulating the media to achieve his objectives. Consider what he’s accomplished over the past month.

The Puppet Master

It started when Mr Horne whipped (Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: And Now…A Message from your Premier-In-Waiting: Mr Lukaszuk

We interrupt our regular programming—the PC spin on the cause of the $4 billion budget shortfall—to bring you an important public service announcement from the Premier-In-Waiting, Mr Lukaszuk.

Mr Lukaszuk steps up to the microphone and says: Listen up you pesky union types, and this includes all you doctors who aren’t in a union but who cares, from now on all collective bargaining will go through me. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Thomas Lukaszuk, MLA Deputy Premier (Photo credit: dave.cournoyer)

OK he wasn’t quite that blunt, but that was the gist of it.

. . . → Read More: Susan on the Soapbox: And Now…A Message from your Premier-In-Waiting: Mr Lukaszuk

Alberta Diary: Happy New Year 2013 from UNA’s Devonshire Care Centre picket line in Edmonton, Alberta

Your blogger, at right, wishes everyone a happy, prosperous and fairly treated New year 2013, from the United Nurses of Alberta picket line at Edmonton’s Devonshire Care Centre, where Registered Nurses are fighting for respect and fair treatment by their employer – and by courageously doing so in the middle of a Prairie winter, are fighting for every one of us.