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Alberta Diary: Thanks to Tom Lukaszuk’s memo, Albertans know it wasn’t just Alison Redford with the entitlement problem

Members of the Alberta government’s Public Affairs Bureau spin a good yarn in response to freedom of information requests filed ages ago by Alberta journalists, opposition politicians and other busybodies. Actual government propaganda officials may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk, Information Commissioner Jill Clayton and Finance Minister Doug Horner.


Albertans owe Thomas Lukaszuk a small gesture of thanks for illustrating it’s not just Alison Redford who had the problem with entitlement.

Surely it’s a sense of entitlement that drives the attitude, all too typical among members of Alberta’s still-ruling Progressive Conservative elite, (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: PMO: RCMP is Deeply Offended You’re Not Buying Their Crap

“Come on!” – RCMP

The Canadian people know when they’re being fed smoke and mirrors, and things taste very smoky and shiny right now.

@PierAsselin It almost seems like he just doesn't like the questions being raised.— Stephen Maher (@stphnmaher) April 23, 2014

+1 RT @mdemeny: So the letter refuting the RCMP as an agent of the governing party by policy had to be vetted by an agent of party. Ironic.— Stephen Maher (@stphnmaher) April 23, 2014

“Thanks to the RCMP, we know that senior officials in our government were conspiring to cover up (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Brothers in Weyburn

Brothers restaurant owner in #Weyburn says he can't comment on TFW controversy due to employee privacy. #yqr #sask— Kim Smith (@KimSmithGlobal) April 22, 2014

Then this:

#Weyburn restaurant releases statement: 'entirely their choice to reject our offer of employment…' #sask #yqr #TFWP— Kim Smith (@KimSmithGlobal) April 23, 2014

The so called Temporary Foreign Workers program is little better than indentured servitude. That’s a form of slavery, where the employer holds an unreasonable level of power over their workers, so the workers will not stand up for their human rights.

Ask yourself it’s a coincidence (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Needs Work Or Death May Result

I wonder how many dummies were thrown with this ‘chute on first? If the answer was less than 1, then I’d suggest the answer could be no less than 1.

Check out this amazing series of old films, including the Hindenburg and a British war ship torpedoed by the Nazis.

OPSEU Diablogue: Ontario slow to address meager recommendations in healthy kids strategy

Last March the Health Kids Panel made a series of recommendations around tackling child obesity including investing $80 million per year in new funding. That’s only $5.87 per person to tackle a problem that is said to cost Ontarians $4.5 … Continue reading →

Parchment in the Fire: 3 reasons why the Socialists are right to revolt against PM Valls’ austerity plan

Originally posted on Revolting Europe:

France’s ruling socialist party is in revolt. A very vocal minority don’t like the austerity plan of new PM Manuel Valls. And they are threatening to vote it down. Here’s 3 reasons why they are right

France’s new prime minister – now three weeks into his job – last week unveiled a swinging austerity plan. Although the mix of measures is different than previous policy announcements, it is essentially the same thrust of economic policy aimed at limiting public deficits to win ‘business competitiveness’ and restore purchasing power to households that has been pursued (Read more…)

My journey with AIDS...and more!: Drop-kicking HIV/AIDS stigma to the curb

“This December I found a mass the size of a cantaloupe in my lung…I used social media to express my feelings without having to burden my family and friends. I’d like to write a feature…that explores the way the Internet has changed the way we view illnesses, both visible and invisible, and how it’s changed […]

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Earth Day, corporatism, fascism and the saving of our future and our home

The only thing worse than capitalism is corporatism: which we have now, and which is a kind of neo-feudal oligarchy in which business and the state are merged – which, as Mussolini himself defined it, is the proper term for fascism. And to make matters worse, not only is our present global regime of neo-feudal […]

Writings of J. Todd Ring: The Strangelove effect – or how we are hoodwinked into accepting a new world war

The Strangelove effect – or how we are hoodwinked into accepting a new world war. I almost never re-publish articles on my blog that have been written by other people, since the blog is intended for original content only, and my own essays and articles. I think I have twice posted an article written by […]

In This Corner: Does anybody want to be the PC leader? Seriously, anyone …

The Progressive Conservatives will select their latest leader in September, a mere five months away. You would think that the lineup to claim such a glittering political prize would be long, but so far it begins and ends with Ken ‘Who?’ Hughes.

Hughes, the Calgary West MLA and grown-up version of Charlie Brown, left cabinet and announced his candidacy April 11. First to declare isn’t a bad strategy (it worked for Ed Stelmach) and Hughes will need every available minute to pull this off; it appears he doesn’t even have a website yet, which is entirely clueless in 21 (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Flickering: Foretelling Crisis in an Ecosystem

Originally posted on Nourish Boston:

In a recent study, published in Nature, a group of scientists have pioneered a method to predict when an ecosystem is likely to collapse. By utilizing samples collected from a particular ecosystem and applying their mathematical model to recognize fluctuations in the health of an ecosystem, the tipping point and eventual collapse (or recovery) of an ecosystem can be predicted.

The study posits that ecosystems will ‘wobble’ or ‘flicker’ back and forth between alternative states of recovery and crisis in response to relatively large external impacts before a critical transition, or tipping (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Kevin Sharp, Country Star, Passes Away

I remember listening to Kevin Sharp on the radio in the 1990s. He was in part famous for having survived cancer.

Parchment in the Fire: French socialist revolt continues

Originally posted on Revolting Europe:

The revolt in France’s socialist party continued this week as details of a fresh austerity plan were unveiled by new Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

Valls has announced a 50 billion euro austerity plan to be funded largely by cuts to pensions, a freeze in public servants’ salaries and cuts to public services.

The announcement was “received as a slap in the face by some Socialist MPs who expected at least a gesture to the left”, L’Humanite reported. However, the majority are expected to back the plan when it goes before parliament next April 30, despite the pounding (Read more…)

Parchment in the Fire: Wage Development in the European Union

Wage Development in the European Union

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Melissa Fong: Planning the Metropolitan #Vancouver Region: A Critical Perspective

Here is a review of the Planning the Metropolitan Vancouver Region: A Critical Perspective- Thank you to AY for inviting me- great catching up with SCARP people and making new connections. […]

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Trends in the news – real analysis for a change, and honesty, if you can imagine that!

Trends in the news: Energy madness, tech stocks plummeting, gold prices rising, propaganda over Ukraine, and China refuses GMO food – real news, brought to you by the world’s leading trend analyst, Gerald Celente. Forget your media schmucks and presstitutes – tune into Gerald Celente for the real story that the mass media won’t tell […]

Sketchy Thoughts: Internet Explores You

… Read the reston the main Kersplebedeb website:

OPSEU Diablogue: Enough already – Stop public funding to Mike Harris’ pet institute

Kathleen Wynne should say enough is enough. Why is the Harris-era Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity still receiving nearly $1 million a year in public funding to manipulate the public towards some of the most ludicrous right wing ideas? Earlier … Continue reading →

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Dollars, rubles and global imperial strategy: The collapse of the Western empire and the rise of the BRICS

Russia began in March a decoupling from the US dollar and begins to end the reign of the petrodollar, and buy and sell oil and gas and other goods and services in Rubles. This is the body blow to the Washington-EU-corporate empire – along with greater Russian-Chinese-BRIC integration, and the forthcoming pipeline from Russia to […]

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Canada Coaching Countries to Waste Water

Canada, a decade ago, used to do more good than bad in the wider world. Now we’re an international wrecking crew, teaching countries how to waste their water supplies on international disasters like shale oil.

This sort of unproductive activity is also changing our climate. It’s also slowing investment in renewable energy technologies that don’t pollute and consume water or air.

In any case, I have the utmost confidence that solar will continue to collapse at its current rate of -600%.— Chris Turner (@theturner) April 15, 2014

OPSEU Diablogue: Tommy Douglas never said health care would be free — advisor to Premier

Is Roger Martin having us on? This morning the publicly funded Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity released a working paper on policy opportunities for Ontario’s health care system during Longwood’s Breakfast With The Chiefs speaker series. Roger Martin, the former … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Providence Care expresses regret over memorial but fails to make it right

At a point you’d think somebody would stop and ask a few questions. Last week we reported on how Kingston’s Providence Care cut down the trees and removed the plaques associated with a 25-year-old memorial garden to former staff who … Continue reading →

Writings of J. Todd Ring: My top 6 sources for reliable news and analysis

Here are my top six sources for reliable news and analysis at present. Any one of them puts the mainstream media completely and utterly to shame. If you want to know what is really going on – and with the war drums sounding, the war on democracy, civil liberties and freedom escalating, and with the […]

OPSEU Diablogue: Seeking Solutions: June mental health meeting to take 360 degree look at violence and workplace safety

OPSEU’s Mental Health Division is bringing together experts from across the province to take a 360 degree look at the issue of violence and workplace safety. Scheduled for June 17-18 in Toronto, this two-day event is intended to start a … Continue reading →

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Canadian Police and Suicide Hotlines Violating Privacy

It’s mind boggling that Canadian police would think it’s justified in sharing mental health information with Homeland Insecurity in order to help the USA discriminate against people with mental illness.

What in the heck made them think it’s okay? Are they crazy?

People need to trust that they can reach out to a Suicide Hotline without fear of future reprisals. Canadian police have seriously damaged this expectation, and therefore are likely to have harmed people who’d have otherwise sought help. It would be hard to learn definitively if this abuse of authority has killed people, because the people we’d learn (Read more…)