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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Dead Boy In The Sea

Wednesday’s Twitter feeds were jammed with the body of a young corpse of a boy facing down in the sand as an authority stood over the body and soon picked him up to carry his body away. I realized the boy was from a refugee family that didn’t make a boat crossing. He was a Syrian attempting to leave Turkey. His family had sought refuge in Canada. Regrettably, the Canadian Government did not make it possible, and the family fled Turkey by boat and most of them died.

Growing concerned that this woman is going to be savaged by this (Read more…)

Left Over: No Hope With This Pope…

Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have abortions

The Guardian

Tuesday 1 September 2015 16.46 BST

How condescending can this ‘religious’ leader get? Who cares about forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive? Will the Pope also issue orders to ‘forgive’ the man who didn’t wear a condom, or get it snipped, or whatever? Once again, the onus is on the woman, who, while only 50% of the equation must continue to suffer 100% of the consequences and the blame…. And, once again, the Catholic Church, along with every other form of organized religion, proves my point…organized religion (Read more…)

Parchment in the Fire: Greek Elections: SYRIZA Keeps Bleeding as Party Youth Withdraw Support |

SYRIZA numbers keep dropping in opinion polls. The blows Alexis Tsipras is receiving keep coming from all directions, and they are really strong!

Source: Greek Elections: SYRIZA Keeps Bleeding as Party Youth Withdraw Support |

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Parchment in the Fire: After Syriza | by Stathis Kouvelakis

Source: After Syriza | Jacobin

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In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 33: Markets return to normal … whatever that is

The world’s stock markets did what they do this week — go up and down. And as always, investors and the media reacted as if this was something they had never seen before.

Following last week’s plunge/freefall/spiral (chose your adjective) in prices, there was more panic on Monday as prices cratered. The Dow fell by 1,000 points in early trading (which, I am lead to believe, is bad, even though I don’t understand the point system), resulting in the usual ‘Black Monday’ headlines. But the markets rallied on Tuesday — ‘Turnaround Tuesday’, by the way — as bargain hunters swooped (Read more…)

Excited Delirium: A Balanced Budget Isn’t A ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ Thing, Part II

Yesterday, I posted this article showing how NDP governments have been the most effective with respect to balancing budgets over the last 40 years, relying heavily on this article from the Progressive Economic Forum (PEF). Unfortunately, another article on the PEF, inflates the fears of neocons and voters everywhere that all people on the left […]

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: HarperMan

Not surprisingly, the musician is being investigated by the paranoid and vindictive Harper Government.

The Streisand Effect is working though, and is a hit today.

When I tweeted #Harperman last June & you RTed it @saskboy, I did wonder if #cpc thugs would come after Tony. They sure did. @althiaraj

— deBeauxOs (@deBeauxOs1) August 28, 2015

Tony Turner sang #Harperman protest song with his church group. Where's the office of Religious Freedom? #cdnpoli

— PatRiotchick (@PatOndabak) August 28, 2015

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Solar All Over California

On our Amtrak trip through southern and central California, I watched the dry and irrigated fields fly by me at 133km/h. We stopped for the night in Bakersfield (the most conservative city in America, some figures show), and it was 41 degrees even with the sun down. The cement around the pool at night warmed my feet as if the hot sun was beating down on it only a moment earlier.

This large solar farm appears to be the one mentioned in this story about a Hanford Dairy.

Los Angeles oil production. You can see how dry it is there.

(Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Saskboy’s Abandoned Stuff: Solar All Over California

In This Corner: The Pain Campaign, week 4: Nothing happens, so I make some stuff up

The interminable Canadian election campaign is now one-month old. In the pre-Harper days, the election would have been over by now, and we would all be celebrating the end of the Harper horror show (let us pray). But thanks to Harper’s shameless manipulation of the system, the campaign has barely begun, and I am deeply regretting my decision to write a weekly recap. Oh, stuff is happening, alright. But we are into the melancholy last days of summer, as the nights get cooler and last longer. Back to school shopping kicks into high gear and Canadians begin to worry about (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Addictions and Mental Illness

Watched a TED talk about addiction, and then heard the same concepts being discussed in this Regina news story about a man who committed suicide last week.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Learn About Conservatives

Here’s a fun way to learn about the Conservative Party of Canada.

Reminds me of how I speak of Prime Minister Harper while on Twitter, I reference this guy instead:

I have been Prime Minister for 10 years. #elxn42 #cdnpoli

— Not Steve Harper (@pmoharper) August 4, 2015

Excited Delirium: Stephen Harper Breaches Economic & Political Etiquette

What kind of relationship should a candidate have with the Bank of Canada Governor during unsettling market moments during a campaign? Shouldn’t a process be followed instead of private one-to-one conversations?

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Pay To Access Harper

A lot has been said recently about people paying to have access to the Prime Minister.

@Justin_Ling @saskboy you are being told what to write?if i an issue with that

— shawn d hill (@nbf54321) July 8, 2015

Ling has said:

So @KoryCPC asked me to write a story about how I can't ask Harper questions without paying $78,000. I obliged.

— Justin Ling (@Justin_Ling) August 24, 2015

Perhaps it’s too obliging to ask the Harpercons about their exploitation of ISIS propaganda in this campaign?

While it's just a media access issue, I think @Justin_Ling is (Read more…)

Left Over: Powerful Boys Caught With Illicit Toys….

Today (August 24, 2015) no referring back to any specific media stuff…only some thoughts on something in the news that makes me crazy…and no, this time, it isn’t Stephen Harper…

I am listening to the news while on the computer, and the story about the Ashley Madison hack is being trumpeted as the possible cause of two alleged suicides, with police chiefs trumpeting their horror and anger about the hackers, and threatening to track them down and prosecute them…really?

Where was/is all this righteous indignation in the face of the growing numbers of missing and murdered aboriginal women? You know, (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: What Are Market Predictions?

“Mon, Aug 17, 2015 – 8:15 AM Bill Baruch, chief market strategist, iiTrader joins BNN to discuss why he’s watching crude oil to move sharply higher today.” “oil will rally today” is the BNN video title, but I didn’t hear the trader say that, but he did say a rally by midweek. In the video he notes $35 oil is realistic in the near term (which was actually a better prediction), and it will be unlikely to rebound to $60 if production levels stay similar to now.

How far are we from $30 oil? @iiTRADERbill @BNN #crudeoil

(Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Wiz Arrested At Airport for Hoverboard Use

Meanwhile, on Thursday night, a guy showed me his “hoverboard” as we waited for the hotel shuttle at San Francisco airport.

Susan on the Soapbox: What Nigel Wright (PMO) Could Learn From Andrew Fastow (Enron)

“It’s like inviting Kim Kardashian to talk to your daughters about chastity.”—Andrew Fastow, former CFO of Enron in a speech on ethics

You know it’s bad when Nigel Wright could take pointers on ethical conduct from Andrew Fastow, the man who cratered Enron.

Fastow describes himself as Enron’s “chief loophole officer.” He spent five years in jail for securities fraud and is now on the lecture circuit talking about corporate ethics.

His Enron experience illustrates just how far afield Wright and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) strayed in the Duffy affair.

Is it legal, moral and ethical?

Fastow (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)

This is great improv acting and a great concept for a video.

In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 32: Markets dive; Calgary has arena envy

OK, now I don’t want to panic anyone, but if you’re in the stock market, I have a few words of advice.


Just a suggestion.

On Friday, markets around the world went in the crapper. the reason being, apparently, China. Seem the world’s no. 2 economy is loosing steamed rice. Last week, China devalued the yuan, and this week a report suggest the economy could be worse than the Chinese are admitting. Thanks to the perculiar logic of the markets, bad economic news in China results in people selling off Apple stock. (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Political Advice From Conservatives

“If media insist on covering #DuffyTrial, then cover other political party scams as well. Stop protecting #NDP & #LPC” – Gail Dyer

@GailDyer10 someone who voted for Canada's most recently jailed MP is dispensing political advice on Twitter? Oh goody! #DelMastro

— John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) August 23, 2015

“Basically Premier Brad Well has rightfully told Cdn. Media less talk about #DuffyTrial & more focus on our Cdn. Economy. #WellSaid.” – Bill Brasky

With oil prices collapsing, lowest interest since 1986 in bidding at federal auction: Gulf of Mexico drilling leases

— Keith Bradsher (@KeithBradsher) August 20, 2015

(Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: ConCalls: Badge

Here’s a joke about the Boy Scouts standing behind Harper for a photo-op he arranged.

#HarperScoutBadges: The "Wipe the Logs of the Robocall Database" badge #cdnpoli

— Stephen Lautens (@stephenlautens) August 21, 2015

Scouts aren’t allowed to appear in uniform at political events.

In This Corner: The Pain Campaign: Election 2015, week 3: Harper rejects your premise.

After months of being labelled “just not ready” by the Conservative attack machine, the Liberals have launched a counteroffensive. Let’s call it the Just Not Ready for Being Just Not Ready campaign.

The Liberals aired a campaign ad this week that featured Justin Trudeau — no tie, no jacket — addressing the Just Not Ready ads head on. In the ad, Trudeau agrees he’s just not ready — but he’s “just not ready to watch hard-working Canadians lose jobs and fall further behind.” According to a story in the Globe and Mail, a polling firm that tracks reactions to (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Coming Home

Spent  couple weeks in America. Flying home today.

Babel-on-the-Bay: Harper needs to take lessons from the Royals.

It is a good bet that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not thought of this. His friends the Brit Royals also have trouble with the paparazzi. They do hound one so! No matter how much editors might pay for a picture of Harper without his hairpiece, the Royals have it worse.

It is getting so bad over in Old Blighty that Kensington Palace sent a polite note to the news media about it. In typical Brit terms, this letter was supposed to be strongly worded. It took umbrage with the bad habits of photographers in using many different ruses to (Read more…)

Kersplebedeb | Kersplebedeb: San Quentin Six on the assassination of Hugo Pinell

San Quentin 6 defendants Fleeta Drumgo, Hugo Pinell, and David Johnson stage an impromptu sit-in at San Quentin in 1975 when trial jurors toured the prison

Hugo Pinell was assassinated at new Folsom State Prison. this is another example of the racism people of color inside those prisons are confronted with on a daily basis. like Comrade George, Hugo has been in the cross hairs of the system for years. His assassination exemplify how racist working in conjunction with prison authorities commit murderous acts like this. We saw it on the yard at Soledad in 1970 and we see it (Read more…)