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Eh Types: Warm to An Idea

I’m going to tell you about something I did yesterday that gave me an idea. It’s a simple one, nothing to change the world, but because it’s simple I hope it’s one you’ll consider. Yesterday I found a pair of gloves in a coat I haven’t worn since last winter. Like I suspect most men, […]

Parchment in the Fire: Why has the EU’s political revolt been confined to Greece and Spain? 

Originally posted on Revolting Europe:

Paolo Gerbaudo

Amid a worsening economic crisis, a look at the protest movements that are struggling against austerity could be described as a two-speed.Europe An expression abused by economists and political scientists talking about the different levels of economic productivity and political integration of European countries, it also captures well the distance between countries where protest movements have won the approval of a majority of the population, and others where they continue to be in the minority.

On the one hand there are Spain and Greece, which since 2011 have seen an impressive (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Model S Tesla Car in Regina

Last month James took me for a spin in an electric Rav 4. This week it was the sporty and futuristic Model S by independent car company Tesla.

OPSEU Diablogue: 4,000-5,000 march on Queen’s Park to oppose privatization of hospital services

Thousands of Ontarians boarded buses in the pre-dawn hours to come to Queen’s Park to defend their public hospitals on Friday afternoon. Organized by the Ontario Health Coalition, the demonstration was likely the largest of its kind in recent years … Continue reading →

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Order Your Opportunities

My job, trying to change the world, is at least twice as hard as a conservative’s. I have to overcome others’ instinctual fear of change and new technology. Monday evening I proposed my condo board “investigate” using solar energy, if the association’s Winter expenses don’t exceed our budget. 2 Board members opposed the idea! The motion passed anyway, but why would someone oppose an investigation of saving money on electricity? They stated it was an opportunity cost. Let’s look how that claim stacks up:

They suggested raising property value by installing carpets as a competing example. If we spent $10K (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: The rich are different, Mr. Clark.

There is something irrepressible about TD Bank’s Ed Clark. He wants to give advice in areas beyond a banker’s experience. The other day, he handed in another seriously flawed report to the Ontario government and now he is giving advice to the rich. Being one of the rich himself, he is advising them to be more charitable. While nobody will disagree, the rich are not always the best people to decide where this largess should go.

One of the first things you learn in charitable fund-raising is how there is a broad range of potential donors with just as broad (Read more…)

OPSEU Diablogue: Frustrated nursing staff quit CarePartners as OPSEU charges unfair labour practices

Continuity of care is important to the delivery of home care. Each time a caregiver changes there is a necessary rebuilding of relationships. If caregivers are continually turning over, it is much more difficult to notice changes in the patient’s … Continue reading →

Excited Delirium: Should our police forces take a pledge to end bullying?

When school boards send messages about ‘taking the pledge’ to end bullying, what message does it send when we beat on other countries around the world without negotiating first?

OPSEU Diablogue: Revera’s shallow hypocrisy on PSW compensation

Home and residential care giant Revera say they are proud to support Ontario’s wage stabilization initiative for personal support workers (PSWs). Now that their home care workers have received the $1.50/hr wage increase, the corporation is telling the non-union portion … Continue reading →

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: ConCalls: “Clean and Ethical Campaign” #RoboCon #elxnfraud

Because the Guelph Liberal campaign was fined for not self-identifying in a robocall about their opponent’s position on abortion, the Conservatives ran a “clean and ethical campaign”. The crime of another party washes them clean. It’s very Jesus-like, somehow. Have them explain it to you, it’s beyond me.

“The Conservative Party ran a clean and ethical campaign. We spend our campaigns identifying supporters and getting them out to vote,” Cory Hann wrote in an email.

This, in response to knowing that the Conservatives’ communications worker on the Guelph campaign has been found guilty of criminal election fraud. It’s really a (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Boring conservatism trumps bold conservatism in Premier Jim Prentice’s dull but confident Throne Speech

Are you bored yet? Alberta’s PC’s aren’t going to be happy till you feel like this fellow. Below: Alberta Lieutenant-Governor Donald Ethell (Government of Alberta); Premier Jim Prentice (CBC).

Welcome to the new-old politics of Alberta, in which boring conservatism trumps bold conservatism.

Yesterday’s Alberta Throne Speech may have been one of the more boring documents you’ve encountered in a long time, possibly your life. The thing you’ve got to understand, though, is that from the perspective of Progressive Conservative Premier Jim Prentice, that’s a good thing!

The purpose of a Throne Speech, which is always read in a Canadian (Read more…)

Excited Delirium: CASL Sucks – My Solution to Spam & Mass Marketing Calls

I have an elegant solution to mass marketing calls from outside Canada: block them using known technology.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: You’re Richer Than Your Stink

If you like to know how banks screw everyone, you’ll want to read Alison’s latest.

Between September 2008 and August 2010, Scotiabank received a $25 billion bailout amounting to 100% of the bank’s value – or as Steve and Jim preferred to call it at the time: “liquidity support” ***.

Last year Scotiabank made a record $6.7 billion in net profit and CEO and president Brian Porter netted a total compensation package of $6,902,242 for the same year.

Nonetheless, Scotiabank has announced it will cut 1,500 jobs, including about 1,000 in Canada.

Check out Alison’s blog.  

Melissa Fong: Gregor Robertson & Vision Vancouver publicly rejects rezoning moratorium in Chinatown, twice; LaPointe and Meena Wong say they support moratorium until revitalization plan properly assessed

Mayor Robertson, at a Vision Press conference, said he would not support a moratorium on the rezoning of 105 Keefer street. NPA Mayoral Candidate Kirk LaPointe and COPE Mayoral Candidate […]

In This Corner: Dear New Zealand: A few thoughts on your future flag flap.

Dear New Zealand:

G’day, mates!

Oh, wait. That’s an Australian thing, isn’t it? I’ll bet you found that just a little insulting. So, as we say in Canada, sorry. What do you say down there? The Internet tells me that the Maori have three different ways of saying hello depending on how many people you are addressing — kia ora, tena koe, tena korua, and tena koutou — but that seems awfully complicated. So let’s just use the universal greeting, of ‘hey’.

Let’s get down to the subject of this letter. Our prime minister Stephen Harper has been visiting your (Read more…)

OPSEU Diablogue: OHA HealthAchieve: Wrestling with the role of patients in the system

There was an epiphany moment at this year’s Ontario Hospital Association HealthAchieve when a hospital administrator responsible for patient surveys admitted that she had been doing it all wrong. The surveys were all about the hospital’s performance, not about the … Continue reading →

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: We’ve Explored A Comet Now

Humankind grew a tiny bit today; while we were making large mammal lifeforms go extinct, we were also landing on a comet.

.@ESA_Rosetta See for yourself! ROLIS imaged #67P when we were just 3km away! Glad I can share. #CometLanding

— Philae Lander (@Philae2014) November 12, 2014

Things didn’t go smoothly, but they worked out.

.@Philae2014 #Stagefright. I hope it wasn't a case of premature ejection. #CometLanding

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) November 12, 2014

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #CBCTweetup Was Fun

Last Thursday I attended the first CBC Tweetup, which is a gathering of people who’ve connected via Twitter.

Check out our #CBCTweetup #Storify! Thanks to all who joined us for a spectacular evening!

— CBC Saskatchewan (@CBCSask) November 12, 2014

Excited Delirium: Elon Musk is My Hero

Elon Musk stands poised to offer free and unfettered Internet access to the world. After all he’s done, this action launches him to top spot as my hero.

Eh Types: Lest We Forget

Each November we pause on Remembrance Day to stand silently in tribute to those who have served, those who still do, and those lost. Without words we say thank you, because truly for such sacrifice words will never suffice. Being November, more years than not our tributes play out against a fittingly solemn backdrop of […]

Left Over: Keeping Remembrance Day in My Own Way….

Gap’s ‘Remembrance Day deal’ not appropriate, Toronto veteran says ‘The point is not to exploit and profit from this day,’ says Cpl. Chuck Krangle

CBC News Posted: Nov 10, 2014 11:10 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 11, 2014 10:57 AM ET

Have to agree with Cpl. Krangle, it is beyond inappropriate to exploit Memorial Day with yet another phony holiday ‘sale’ and shows no respect for our veterans, living and dead..

Then again, no ‘sale’ on any public holiday advertised as such is truly appropriate..but you hear little if any criticism of it..Still the media is happy (Read more…)

Excited Delirium: War: For Wankers, Bankers and Tankers

On Remembrance Day, I respect those that died by asking why they had to die.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Conservatives Learning Lessons of History

11. Government handing over the most vulnerable to religious groups has worked out well in Canadian history: look at the residential schools

— Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) November 10, 2014

1. Canada is now a country that will offer sex workers the "option" of being sent to religious reeducation camps:

— Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) November 10, 2014

I’ll give old clothes to Salvation Army, and shop in their thrift shops, but I wouldn’t attend a re-education camp of theirs.

@HeerJeet Also, how will people of First Nations descent caught up in this react to being offered 'ride out of (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: That’s So Meta #PRISM

This is why Edward Snowden risked life and liberty. via @RecentApp

— Declan McCullagh (@declanm) November 9, 2014

Critics of Snowden tried to claim that no one would ever be hurt by metadata collection willy-nilly. We can hopefully all put that canard to bed.

In This Corner: ‘The Magnificient New Coliseum’ turns 40, and I was there.

I don’t know about you, but I know exactly what I was doing on the evening of Nov. 10th, 1974, exactly 40 years ago Monday.

My ‘I was there’ certificate to the first Oiler game at Northlands Coliseum.

I was at a hockey game. Not just any hockey game, mind you, but the very first hockey game ever played in the Edmonton Coliseum, or — to use the exact description used on the Edmonton Oilers Award Certificate that I have saved to this day — the “Magnificent New Coliseum”. Those of you who remember ‘Wild’ Bill Hunter, the man who (Read more…)