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Bill Longstaff: Of course Netanyahu "rules in Washington"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to address the U.S. Congress next month has created quite a stir. President Obama, apparently not informed of the visit beforehand, is fuming. At least a dozen Democrats, including the outspokenly pro-Israel Vice-President Biden, have announced they will not attend. Even many American Jews who are normally staunch supporters . . . → Read More: Bill Longstaff: Of course Netanyahu "rules in Washington"

Bill Longstaff: Lynching Obama

Allow me to offer a theory about the recent bizarre behaviour of the Republican Party in the U.S. Congress.

All countries have a substantial ultraconservative component of their political spectrum. But not often in a democracy does that component take over the agenda of a major political party and threaten to bring the government down . . . → Read More: Bill Longstaff: Lynching Obama

LeDaro: U.S Government Shutdown

The writing is on the wall that the U.S is hurting because of this shutdown. After tomorrow the U.S government may not be able to pay its debt installments. Warren Buffett calls it ‘pure act of idiocy’. What is wrong with the Congress?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the . . . → Read More: LeDaro: U.S Government Shutdown

350 or bust: Can You Hear It?

The climate alarm is sounding more loudly than ever in these early days of 2013. Climate change, we are finding out, isn’t something for our children and grandchildren and the global poor to wrestle with, we are staring it in the face right now where ever you live on this planet. Here in North America, . . . → Read More: 350 or bust: Can You Hear It?

Impolitical: Late night

If you missed it, this was one of the top political videos from the U.S. today, U.S. Representative Bobby Rush protesting on behalf of Trayvon Martin on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. He was eventually removed. It is a surprisingly emotional video as Rush’s voice . . . → Read More: Impolitical: Late night