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Impolitical: Late night

UK Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg with his very own version of a Checkers speech. He offers an apology for supporting massive tuition fee increases when he and his party had promised not to during the election campaign. It was probably timed to go in advance of a Lib Dem convention coming up next . . . → Read More: Impolitical: Late night

Impolitical: Sorry for all the incompetent government

A Tory MP backbencher is rebelling in a refreshingly candid fashion. Not here, of course. It’s across the pond where the backbenchers appear to be doing more than baaing like sheep: “Tory MP David Davies sorry for ‘incompetent government’.” A Conservative MP has written to a newspaper to apologise for the “incompetence” of the UK . . . → Read More: Impolitical: Sorry for all the incompetent government

Impolitical: The #TellVicEverything sequel: #TellDaveEverything

I was half joking in my post yesterday about the need for a #TellDaveEverything hashtag in the U.K. on the occasion of the U.K. Tories introducing their own intrusive internet surveillance legislation. Turns out, the fine citizens of the U.K. have got one up and going. Good for them! Hope Dave Cameron and the gang . . . → Read More: Impolitical: The #TellVicEverything sequel: #TellDaveEverything

Impolitical: UK Tories to introduce internet surveillance law

Conservatives worldwide seem to be uniting under a new banner of privacy invasion: Under legislation expected in next month’s Queen’s Speech, internet companies will be instructed to install hardware enabling GCHQ – the Government’s electronic “listening” agency – to examine “on demand” any phone call made, text message and email sent, and website accessed in . . . → Read More: Impolitical: UK Tories to introduce internet surveillance law