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to whom it may concern: independence day

how it ought to be, if not how it is: how it feels is more important than how it looks is it real? There is nothing else for it to be I do not acknowledge your authority but neither do I challenge it the power imbalance between us makes that wise to whom it may concern, […] . . . → Read More: to whom it may concern: independence day

for every truth

For every truth, there is an equal and opposite truth; every truth is faced by a scurvy awful lie which from its own point of view is just a truth denied the happier you become the more push needs come to shove the more hatred in your heart, the more all you need is love […] . . . → Read More: for every truth

and now, a word from our sponsor

There can be said to be a beginning and end when one chooses a particular point of time and calls it ‘the beginning, and another point ‘the end’. After adding on an expanding labyrinth of reasons, meanings, rules, expectations, laws and judgments about the nature of time, the nature of humanity and the right place […] . . . → Read More: and now, a word from our sponsor

song lyric: Savior Now

Here’s a new song lyric… Savior Now It was a dark and stormy night when i met Jesus there was a Capricorn conjunction in the sky the moon was new, but I felt old, went out walking in the cold well the tide was low, and oh, so was I I spied him with my […] . . . → Read More: song lyric: Savior Now

canada day 2010: shame, shame, shame

Oh Canada Day, my heart is aching and I feel the exact opposite of proud to be Canadian. The horror stories about the behavior of the police toward the people at the G20 keep flooding in and every one gets worse. Video, eye witness accounts, photos. And then I hear the Toronto Police Chief on […] . . . → Read More: canada day 2010: shame, shame, shame

poem: free will

Been a while since we had a poem. I found this one in a written journal (yes, I still write on paper, it’s my favourite in some ways) from a year or so ago: Free Will Breathe your breath, reprieve your death and choose your pathway through the evidence of obstacle, it’s time to find […] . . . → Read More: poem: free will