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The Scott Ross: Public Education Before Health Care

When you replace the fan belt on your 1988 Toyota Corrolla, you can’t drive faster than when the car was brand new. Even with the new part, the car, with all of its wear and tear, is likely to be slower than when you first drove it off the lot.

No one expects that a trip to a mechanic for repairs is going to make their car better than new, we all know a mechanic only maintains a vehicle, he doesn’t engineer it to be better. When we want a faster, more efficient and more powerful car than the one (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Flaherty’s Curtain

Jim Flaherty was unethical, incompetent and he should have been fired. Those aren’t my words, they’re Thomas Mulcair’s, spoken just last year in Question Period. Yet after the former Finance Minister’s death, Mulcair has called him a good man and a great public servant.

There’s no doubt that the NDP Leader genuinely mourns the loss of  Jim Flaherty, but this recent death and the response to it by all politicians, not just Mulcair, shows the real tragedy of a political life.

Because it’s only now, after resorting to the lowest denominator in attacks against Mr.Flaherty for his whole political (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Quebec Election Shows Hypocrisy On Clarity Act

Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, and Andrew Coyne, among others, are wrong to suggest separatism was recently defeated by Quebec voters. Well they aren’t just wrong, they’re hypocritical.

Since the close defeat of separatism in the 1995 referendum, federalists have demanded a clear question for any public decision on Quebec sovereignty. Parliament even passed the Clarity Act, enshrining such a requirement into law.

Considering the need therefore of a clear question to decide whether Quebeckers want to stay in Canada or not, it is mind-blowing to see our country’s politicians and pundits claim that the Parti Quebecois’s (Read more…)

The Right-Wing Observer: Mashup of public opinion and political events

Angus Reid has begun a series of public opinion polls – I hope – leading all the way up to the 2015 general election. So I thought it would be interesting to plot these results on a time-series alongside a timeline of interesting events that might have an impact on those results.

Initially, there are only the first two Angus Reid polls (Feb 17 and March 24) and I have categorized major events into storylines, so you can track these separately. Just click on a storyline to highlight all the events in that storyline.

The timeline stretches from Feb 1, (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: Does Harper have to show you how Justin?

No Justin, you do not have to listen to some cranky left-wing liberal from the boonies of Ontario. When we first met four years ago, you were as easy to read as an open book. You had a direction and you were on your way. And we wish you well. Do not get us wrong on that. You are going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada. All you have to do is keep your word and be yourself.

There are two current problems with this. The first is keeping your word to the Liberal Party about open nominations (Read more…) Liberals triple support in Lethbridge: Liberals at 24%, NDP at 14%, Conservatives at 38%

Something is happening in Lethbridge. According to a group out of Lethbridge College the Liberals under Trudeau have jumped from 8.38% (2011) to 24% for the area of Lethbridge. Provincially, Raj Sherman’s Liberals have jumped from 14.7% (2012) to 18% in Lethbridge-East, a point ahead of the Wildrose and the clear alternative compared to the […]

Left Over: Whores, Bores, and Liberal Cores….

Canada’s opposition NDP open to coalition, Liberals less keen Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:49pm EST – Reuters In a a comment re :

Although in principle I agree that whatever progressives elected to Parliament should band together in the sense of controlling the votes, I fail to see why, or how, a coalition of ConLites and the NDP can be a good least as a formal coalition.. There is nothing very progressive about the Liberal agenda, aside from the usual vaporous nothings of Junior Trudeau re decriminalizing pot and some vague stuff that only (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Cognitive Dissonance is a Lousy Political Platform, Even for the Liberals.

Cognitive dissonance occurs when an entity embraces two or more contradictory beliefs or values at the same time.  As social psychologist Leon Festinger showed, cognitive dissonance in an individual leads to psychological distress.  To cope, that individual or entity may simply block out information that contributes to the stress of dissonance.

Case in point.  Justin Trudeau is an avowed supporter of bitumen trafficking.  It would seem he draws the line of environmental consciousness somewhere between bitumen and asbestos even though high-carbon fossil fuels, not asbestos, could well destroy our civilization and ruin Canada for future generations.

(Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Harper’s Problem, Living Up to Our Expectations of Him. He’s Succeeding. That’s His Problem.

The Canadian people have finally forged a clear mindset of Stephen Harper and, sadly for the prime minister, he’s living up to our expectations.

Harper’s former campaign manager and BFF, Tom Flanagan, says the public have finally clued in to Harper’s devious ways and it’s making it tough for Beelzebub to slime Justin Trudeau.

“It’s difficult to attack somebody who is held in higher esteem than you are. Often, the attacks just fall harmlessly.”Flanagan said Harper’s sagging reputation with voters is due, in part, to his own actions — including how he has handled “in a secretive way” (Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: CSEC Letter from Wayne Easter Liberal MP

Last week I sent a letter to Justin Trudeau and Liberal MP Wayne Easter expressing support the Liberal bill that would impose parliamentary oversight over CSEC. Here is Mr Easter’s reply. I copied my letter to the Prime Minister, his Defence Minister and my MP, Joan Crockatt. Not a peep from that corner.

Dear Ms. Wright,

Thank you for your letter regarding CSE surveillance activities and your support for my bill. This bill is a decade old and should not have been allowed to languish for so long. Had a parliamentary oversight committee been in place, what (Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: Forget “Angry Birds” Where are the Angry Canadians?

Saturday’s headline in Canada’s “newspaper of record”, The Globe and Mail, was not “Harper government caught spying on Canadians” but “Rob Ford admits jaywalking ticket in Vancouver”. Are you kidding me???

Let’s review the week, shall we?

Angry Birds

It started with Edward Snowden revealing that American and British spy agencies target smartphone applications like Angry Birds to capture the user’s personal information including his age, gender, location and sexual orientation. This information combined with the real time geo-tracking function made “leaky apps” irresistible to spy agencies.

Do terrorists play Angry Birds? Aren’t they mucking around (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Horribly mixed up fonts aside…

Is this Ten Percenter surely a sign of the ReformCons knowing how they are oh-so-much screwed. But yeah, how about those fonts? (2) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Trudeau Makes Senate Change in Liberal Party

This is a clear about-face from being willing to welcome Mac Harb back into the Liberal fold. I really wonder which idea is actually Trudeau’s.

Trudeau kicks Liberal senators out of caucus… via @canadadotcom #PN #SenCA #cdnpoli— Christina Spencer (@Spencerpress) January 29, 2014

This explains some things RT @OttawaCitizen How Justin Trudeau and his advisers devised their Senate plan— Stephen Maher (@stphnmaher) January 30, 2014

True RT @ThomasHall17: @stphnmaher So far it's just separate caucuses for separate houses of Parliament. Lib ldr only sits in MPs' caucus.— (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Perhaps brilliant in the short term…

… but this may bite Justin’s butt after he is elected PM. However, critics can no longer point to a lack of direction or policies… This is a doozy! Good on him, this is the type of leadership many Canadians have been waiting for. (1) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Trashy's World: The issues for the 2015 election…

1) The various CPC scandals…. 2) The issue that, if the Grits are smart, will win them a majority: stopping the phasing out of home mail delivery No wonder Harper wanted the House to rise early. Justin should send him a note of thanks for this ready-made election platform plank! (1) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

The Ranting Canadian: News roundup: November 30, 2013 Here are a few thoughts about…

News roundup: November 30, 2013

Here are a few thoughts about recent Canadian political stories (in no particular order).

Liberal spin on the Toronto Centre by-election

Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals have been falsely claiming they ran a wholly positive campaign in the Toronto Centre by-election, and that this is why they beat the “angry” and “negative” New Democratic Party (NDP).

First, the Liberals did go negative during that campaign, including distributing a flyer that was a personal attack against NDP leader Tom Mulcair. When called on it, the dishonest Liberals cynically claimed that the personal attack was not (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: Mr. Mulcair, you better not pout.

It looks like New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair got an early lump of coal from Santa last night. The orange surge in Quebec came up short and Tommy’s star candidate in Toronto did not make it. And it was the Liberals who benefitted from the anger with Prime Minister Harper in Manitoba.

But Tommy, why were you being such a rotten kid in Toronto? Why the nasty campaign against Freeland? Why not leave that kind of stuff to Harper and his Conservatives? They are much better at being mean and cruel. When they say something nasty about you, you know (Read more…)

Left Over: Morality-Lite: MacKay’s Glass House

Trudeau, Ford Set Bad Example For Country: Justice Minister | Posted: 11/17/2013 11:09 am EST



Hey, McKay, pot callin’ the kettle..guess it’s okay to waste taxpayers’ money, and be the kind of grifter that imperiously orders up a an Armed Forces helicopter when you need a ride from your fishing trip..and hey, wasn’t that you lyin’ your face off to Orchard about your Con philosophy/loyalty, then throwing him under the bus at the first opportunity? No fan of either RoFo or Junior Trudeau, but, c’mon, stones and glass houses and that sort of thing, Pete.

Can (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Coyne Skips The Trudeau #cdnpoli Taboo

One of the not-so-solemn duties of the blogosphere is to hold the Main Stream Media in check when they go a little astray. I’m not sure if I should hold Andrew Coyne’s hand as I walk him back to where he was a week ago, or if I should slap it for being caught in the Conservatives’ propagand acookie jar. Mmmm, raisins.

Here’s where Coyne was last week:

.@acoyne: We’ve grown used to seeing prime ministers sealed inside an impenetrable bubble, but a whole party? #CPC13— (@thecanadacom) November 04, 2013

Here he was (Read more…)

Left Over: Mulcair Seems Not to Care…

NDP vows to keep pressure on PM over Senate expenses NDP’s caucus chair speaks to media after meeting with MPs

CBC News Posted: Oct 30, 2013 11:07 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013 11:31 AM ET


Frankly, I’d much rather that Mulcair pressure the Cons about the EU Trade Pact and why the citizenry was not consulted, or the pipeline idiocy that could destroy the environment of the East or the West…the fact that Mulcair is focusing on Cons whingeing at Cons does nothing to further the interests of the country..Let Junior Trudeau have at this issue, after (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Where Canada Is Going

It’s very important to Canada’s economy that we send a resource (we can’t use without killing the planet) to Communist China so their economy can continue to pollute at record pace as they ship unneeded goods to the United States and Canada so we can bury them in our landfills when we aren’t burning them to create electricity to power our other throw-away devices.


Rogue PM

I’ve predicted for a year or so that the power brokers in Ottawa will soon sense that Harper isn’t their meal ticket any longer and jump bandwagons to Trudeau because they are not (Read more…)

Valerie Burns: Doldrums

My three faithful readers remind me that I don’t post here often enough for their liking. They are dear to me, and I love them all. Hi guys.

There are a few reasons I don’t post more. SInce I like lists, I’ll make one here to amuse and bemuse:

1. We are winning. We, the Liberal Party of Canada, its militants, its supporters, are winning. We’re polling ahead of everyone else. Old people, young people, tall people, short people, they’re all telling pollsters in a statistically significant and consistent way that our party is their likely choice. When winning, say (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: Remember Justin, pot is just small beer.

Ok, point made. Moving on, Canadians have far more important issues to consider than legalizing marijuana. Let us not keep gilding the cannabis. Sure the news media are always in a rut with their questions but there is certainly more exciting news. What about the way Prime Minister Harper is saying things in the high Arctic unchallenged by a responsible opposition. You cannot allow him free rein up there to destroy peoples’ lives and livelihoods.

But we are also concerned about the current process Canadian Liberals are using to develop their policy options. Where are the open discussions taking place? (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Leaders Using Drugs

There was a time in Canadian history when it was possible to elect a politician who wasn’t an alcohol drinker (Gardiner, for example). Now it may still be possible to elect someone who doesn’t drink coffee.

.@RealMattHopkins @margaretresin How DARE the Liberal leader NOT abuse a widely accepted drug! #Caffeine— John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) August 22, 2013

It’s time to end prohibition on marijuana. This isn’t said to support the Liberals, it’s to support what will create the best society for Canada. The Drug War is an American political invention, boosted by Reagan, and it’s a social (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: PMO Organized Anti-Trudeau Protest

The Prime Minister’s Office is a partisan waste of taxpayer money. $10M a year goes there to die.

Huffington Post uncovered the PMO coordination of the silly protest aimed at Justin Trudeau [link may autoplay annoying audio, sorry] announcing he wanted greater transparency from the government. Ha, why would the CPC want to protest against transparency when they campaigned on that in 2006 (and completely failed to deliver on their promise)?

HuffPost has learned the PMO assembled several Conservative party interns and staff to draw up signs mocking Trudeau after being tipped off by Twitter that the Liberal leader planned (Read more…)