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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Most Horrible Day

Golly. For a moment today it looked like an old Christopher Lee movie.When somebody opens the window, daylight streams in, and all the Con vampires turn to stone.But alas, it was only Stephen Harper having a REALLY bad day.A day when you really had to wonder whether he's losing control of his party, and/or losing control of his faculties.Read more ยป

Progressive Proselytizing: Transphobia is alive and well in Ontario

As a follower of both US and Canadian politics, but a Canadian resident, it is a source of national pride that much of the most abhorrent aspects of the culture wars in the US are, thankfully, absent in Canada. For all our faults, our elections don’t seem to have an over abundance of old conservative white men who can’t quite restrain themselves from talking about “legitimate rape” and the “gift from god” that a rape baby presents. Even our socially conservative Prime Minister has, as a credit to his political savvy if not his ideological tendencies, clamped down on debates over abortion (Read more…)