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RedBedHead: Bye Bye Rob Ford, Hello Karen Stintz

There is the sound of champagne corks being popped and cheers in the streets. Everyone smiles at each other and winks, knowing that soon it will all be over. The hated burgermeister is falling and no one, except perhaps his family, will be sad to see him go. And he has been felled by none other than that champion of democracy, Toronto Police Chief William Blair.

Oh, wait a second. Bill Blair?

RedBedHead: Canadians Don’t Trust Canada

Sao Paolo, Brazil – 140 people have died in the last two weeks in battles between police and inner-city gangs. Be hard to be held in lower esteem.

This was an interesting poll in The Globe and Mail this morning. It seems that out of 26 countries in both hemispheres of the Americas, our very own Stephen Harper ranked as the national leader who was least trusted by the population. On top of

CalgaryLiberal: Alberta Votes: It’s going to turn ugly.

Today we saw another Progressive Conservative choose to throw Ms. Redford and the PC campaign under the bus: this time, for the opposite reason Ms. Kennedy-Glans did yesterday. A MLA of four terms wanted Ms. Redford to defend him and the MLAs of the PC caucus rather than flip flop on her earlier position, of [...]