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Eh Types: Nothing to Lose is Why Liberals Can Win 

If reports are correct, we are days away from Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling what will be the longest and most expensive federal election in Canadian history. The NDP and Conservatives are virtually tied for the lead in most polls, while Liberals trail in third place causing some to write them off. It might appear […]

Montreal Simon: When Progressives Fire Back At the Con Attack Machine

As you know, I wasn't too impressed by the latest Con attack ad aimed at the NDP. And I'm sure Tom Mulcair wasn't either.Because when Stephen Harper accuses you of being as corrupt as he is, that could be dangerous. You could die LAUGHING.But then I also hate the never ending Con attack ads aimed at Justin Trudeau.Because every time I see this ghastly geezer on TV I feel like screaming.Read more »

Left Over: ..Stay Away from Runaround Soudas…

Dimitri Soudas buys Liberal membership ahead of Eve Adams’s nomination vote

Adams, rival Marco Mendicino vie Sunday for party’s nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence riding By Laura Payton, CBC News Posted: Jul 23, 2015 5:42 PM ET Last Updated: Jul 23, 2015 6:28 PM ET

OMG… Wish I could sand-blast my eyes to get rid of the image…but it’s too late…

The double-trouble sleazebag brigade has well and truly landed at the feet of Junior Trudeau, whose troubles of late are enormous, mostly self-inflicted…

Junior, your daddy would have been the first one to tell you to never try and trip up (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau and the Ghastly and Dangerous Separatist Card

As anyone who has ever read this blog must know, I have tried to be as non-partisan as possible, and stay out of the battles between the Liberals and the NDP.In the firm belief that all progressives should focus on defeating Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime, who are threatening to destroy the country we love.So although I believe the NDP is our best hope of defeating the Cons, I have never attacked Justin Trudeau despite the many mistakes he has made. On the contrary, I have defended him over and over again, when the Cons have attacked him.I (Read more…)

Driving The Porcelain Bus: NDP Clearest Alternative Globe & Mail Is Loathe To Admit

The G&M must be loathe to report stories like this. But the NDP are so much in the lead and seen as the party of clear change, that they have no choice. But, that doesn’t stop them from trying to tilt the story in the Conservatives favour. Let’s take a look at where the G&M has problems writing a news story:

Canadians will be asked to choose between political stability and renewal – G&M states here that we currently have political stability. Funny, since when do these mean political stability?:- subverting democracy (Bill C-51, Bill C-377, Bill C-23 (Read more…) - Alberta Politics: Calgary Stampede an important marker of political change in Alberta

Billed as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede is a must-stop destination for political leaders of all stripes and all levels of government. The event also provides a good historical marker of how quickly the political winds of change can… Continue Reading →

Montreal Simon: Could Progressives Snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Victory?

Well I've got to hand it to Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau. Our two cowboys at the Calgary Stampede.They're timing couldn't be more perfect, or depending on your point of view, more unfortunate.For on the very same day they vowed they wouldn't attack Stephen Harper like he attacks them.He attacked BOTH of them like a rabid animal. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Totally Unsurprising Vindication of Tom Mulcair

A few days ago I wrote a post defending Tom Mulcair from a Maclean's story that claimed that he once asked Stephen Harper for a chance to serve him.And only turned down the job because he wasn't offered enough money.Having watched Mulcair in the Quebec National Assembly long before he entered federal politics, something about that story didn't seem right.And sure enough it seems it was just a grotesque smear. Read more »

Montreal Simon: In Frank and Passionate Defence of Thomas Mulcair

Well I've defended Justin Trudeau a lot recently, in three of my last six posts.When she was attacked, I defended Elizabeth May. And now it seems I must defend Tom Mulcair.From a story that suggests that he is really a closeted Harper Con. Read more »

BigCityLib Strikes Back: You Are Not Above The Law, Tom Mulcair

The NDP should pay its bills just like anyone else.  Until they form government, and then we all ride free until the banks kill the party.  But seriously.  Complying with Law would show folks that the New Democrats knows how to pay off debts like responsible people, rather than just racking them up like a union negotiator handed the company credit card for a night by a half cracked manager as a gesture of good will. Right now the impression you get is that the NDP has done as official opposition what it took the LPC and CPC years in (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Orange Surge: New Poll Shows the NDP Leading the Other Parties

As I've been saying for quite a while the winds of change are sweeping across this country, and the latest EKOS poll only confirms that.The NDP is still rising like a rocket.It's lead over the other parties continues to grow.And if an election was held tomorrow it would likely be in a position to form a minority government. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Breaking: New Poll Suggests The NDP is Now Leading the Other Parties.

For weeks Tom Mulcair and the NDP have been climbing steadily in the polls, and it was clear that if that trend continued it was only a matter of time before they passed the other parties.Well now they finally appear to have done it.According to the latest EKOS poll they are now in first place.Read more »

Driving The Porcelain Bus: NDP Support Pre-election 2011 Compared to 2015

Here is an interesting comparison between the NDP support 8-5 months before the election in 2011 compared to the same period now in 2015. Back in 2011, support was in the mid teens at this time and didn’t start to rise until closer to the election. But in 2015, support was in the upper teens and has gradually risen (with a jump at the end of the period) to close to 30 in the same period. So, the NDP support this time around is much stronger, double what it was at the same time before the previous election. They are (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Breaking: A New Poll Suggests the NDP is Surging

For months Tom Mulcair and the NDP have been creeping up in the polls. But this latest EKOS poll is still stunning.For now it's starting to look like an orange surge. Read more »

Cowichan Conversations: Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Former PC Prime Minister Joe Clark Speak On Bill 51

And now let’s hear from Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark

Montreal Simon: The Rise of Tom Mulcair and the Missing Progressive Vision

I've always thought it was unfair that Tom Mulcair should work so hard and reap such little benefit.Because the way he grills Stephen Harper in Question Period, like a prosecutor does a criminal, is one of the highlights of my day.Especially since it drives Harper crazy, and makes him say crazy things like what he said yesterday. Even though Mulcair's son is a police officer.So I'm glad to see that all that effort may finally be paying some dividends. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Tom Mulcair, Bill C-51, and the Monstrous Xenophobia of Stephen Harper

It was good to see Tom Mulcair finally take a stand against the Con regime's totalitarian anti-terrorism bill. Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair says the NDP will fight the Conservative government's new anti-terrorism bill when it goes before the House on Wednesday and pushed for the Liberals to do the same. After his party's weekly caucus meeting, Mulcair said the real threat of terrorism requires responsible measures, not the "dangerous, vague, ineffective" Bill C-51.Because it needed to be said: Bill C-51 is a rotten bill and should be scrapped.But what was depressing, and deeply alarming, was to see (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: How to Stop Stephen Harper From Using the War to Win the Election

I hate to ask this question, because I hate to criticize the opposition parties at a time like this one.But when will they understand that our war in Iraq is just a sideshow?Understand that the real war is the battle to defeat Stephen Harper and his Cons and take this country back. And stop falling into Harper's obvious traps.Like they did yesterday.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Coalition Idea, Tom Mulcair, and the Great Joe Cocker

In my last post I wrote about how I would welcome the idea of a coalition to bring down the Harper regime. Which as usual, was greeted with the usual scepticism from some of my readers and friends. As if it came from Mars not Canada.Then I saw that Tom Mulcair has said that he is at least open to the idea. The “C word” many tire of or avoid altogether during election campaigns doesn’t scare the federal NDP leader.While keeping the option on the table for 2015, the leader won’t yet commit to it, keeping (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Coalition Idea, Tom Mulcair, and the Great Joe Cocker

Montreal Simon: How Stephen Harper Screwed the NDP AND Himself

He likes to think of himself as a Great Warrior Leader. And the greatest political genius this country has ever known.And of course his faithful fanatics in the PMO groom him like a queen bee, and feed his delusions.But these days I wouldn't be surprised if they are all sitting there in shock, watching Stephen Harper weeping like a baby, or biting the carpet in his closet.After finally realizing he has made a horrible, possibly fatal, and definitely elementary mistake.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Scandal on the Hill and the Old Boy’s Club

As if Stephen Harper hadn't degraded the image of our Parliament enough. Reduced it to a fascist circus where the Big Lie rules, and shame goes to die.Mocked it, muzzled it, or just crapped on it like a monstrous alien monkey from outer space. Now we find out it's also a place where power corrupts even basic human decency. A boozy place stuck in the past, where young women are routinely harassed. And considering all of the above, I have to say I found what Tom Mulcair had to say today extremely disappointing. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair, and the Terrorist Menace

Well I'm happy to see that Great Warrior Chicken Leader has apologized for his somewhat less than Churchillian behaviour during the recent one-man assault on Parliament Hill. Prime Minister Stephen Harper told his hushed caucus Wednesday morning he felt remorse for surreptitiously ducking into a closet during last week's assault on Parliament Hill, CBC News has learned.But I see he's STILL insisting on calling it a terrorist attack, to try to make it sound bigger than it was, justify his decision to hide in a closet AND bomb Iraq. Use it as an excuse to ram through cyber-snooping (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime’s Republican Assault on Canadian Children

It was one of the first things Stephen Harper did when he came to power. Declare war children.By destroying plans for a national childcare program. Parents have been paying for that decision ever since, with a lack of daycare spaces, and exorbitant fees. And children have been paying for it with their lives.But still the Harperite cult is unrepentant.Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Bizarre Conservative MP Paul Calandra’s Wikipedia Page Vandalized

Someone really pissed off has edited Paul Calandra’s Wikipedia page to reflect the Conservative MP’s bizarre obsession with Israel.

The post Bizarre Conservative MP Paul Calandra’s Wikipedia Page Vandalized appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: The Con Speaker and the Death of Parliament

For years Stephen Harper and his Cons have been slowly killing our Parliament.They have have debased it, they have rendered it impotent. They have reduced it to a scripted horror show, where every question is answered with an attack on the opposition.But yesterday with their ghastly leader out of the country they practically finished it off.Read more »