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Montreal Simon: The Day Jason Kenney Accused the Liberals of Having a Hidden Agenda

It's finally official. At the stroke of midnight tomorrow Stephen Harper's ghastly little theocratic project, the so-called Office of Religious Freedom, will come crashing down.And finally be buried in the garbage can of history.The govern… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Day Jason Kenney Accused the Liberals of Having a Hidden Agenda

Montreal Simon: Con MP Compares Stephen Harper to Jesus Christ

Well I must admit that even though I am an atheist I never would have compared Stephen Harper to Jesus.Not with that face, not with those horns.And not for bringing in Bill C-51 or imposing tougher prison sentences.But that is what a Con MP has just done. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Gaza, Israel, and the Dangerous Harper Doctrine

It's an enduring mystery, a strange thing. Why does Stephen Harper seem to like Israel more than he likes Canada?What is it about that country that moves him so much, and makes his cold dead eyes moisten with emotion?Why is he encouraging Israel's savage assault on Gaza, at a time when most of the world is calling for restraint?The Ottawa Citizen's Mark Kennedy thinks he knows the answer. It's because Harper is a very moral leader. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Income Splitting, and the Theocon Agenda

Well there's one thing you can always count on when dealing with Stephen Harper's ghastly Cons. If you look behind the curtain, sooner or later you will come face to face with their sinister theocratic agenda.For only that can explain why their flawed income splitting plan is causing such an unholy ruckus. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Wonderfully Amazing Victory of the Gay-Straight Alliance

They had to fight so hard for the right to set up Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in their schools. They had to battle ignorance and religious bigotry.They were called Nazis, forbidden by their school boards and their principals to use the word gay, or even draw the rainbow colours. But they never gave up, They just baked the colours into cupcakes. And kept on fighting.They forced governments to take action. They won battle after battle. There are more and more GSAs all over the country.And this is their greatest most magnificent victory. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Brian Pallister and the Theocon Conspiracy

Well I see that Brian Pallister, the leader of the Manitoba Conservatives, wants everybody to know that he didn't mean to offend any unbelievers by calling them "infidel atheists." Conservative Leader Brian Pallister says he didn’t mean to offend anyone last week when he wished everyone, including "infidel atheists," the best of the holiday season — and he believes the comment has been "torqued" by his political opponents.In this bizarre Christmas message…

But he says an infidel is an infidel. He blames his opponents for the controversy. And he's not really sorry.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rehtaeh Parsons and the Ghastly Bully Cons

It looks as if poor Rehtaeh Parsons is about to do what no dead bullied Canadian kid has ever managed to do before.Get Stephen Harper and his Con regime to do something about bullying.The federal government wants to expedite a review of “gaps” in the Criminal Code and introduce legislative reforms to address cyber-bullying, as the grieving parents of Rehtaeh Parsons told the prime minister Tuesday they felt “helpless” to save their daughter.And I wish I could celebrate, for I have waited so long for somebody to do something. And there have been so many dead kids. But (Read more…) can't. Because this Con plan is not just flawed it's MONSTROUS.Read more »

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Rehtaeh Parsons and the Ghastly Bully Cons

Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Reform Gang Rebellion

For seven years they held their tongues, so as not to scare Canadians.For seven years Stephen Harper was able to muzzle them, or force them to make sheep sounds.BAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!But now it's finally happened. The dam has broken. The old Reform gang is revolting !!!!.

Read more »

Montreal Simon: The House of Manning and the Con Conspiracy

They flew into Ottawa this weekend like a swarm of bats from some dark netherworld.Hundreds of Cons, religious fanatics, sinister would be Republican operatives, climate change deniers, right-wing kooks like Ron Paul.All there to try to figure out how to make Canada conservative FOREVER.All there at the invitation of the Con Godfather himself Preston “Parson” Manning, who did beseech his batty flock to mind their tongues.The Achilles heel of the modern-day conservative movement is people who end up discrediting it when they speak their mind, suggested Preston Manning, the founder of the Reform party, which gave

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The House of Manning and the Con Conspiracy

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Theocon Menace

It would be hard to imagine a more disturbing sight. Stephen Harper surrounded by a posse of religious leaders.Looking and sounding like a smarmy televangelist, while claiming it wasn't a partisan event. Despite all the Con signs like the one in the picture.And appointing as the ambassador for the sinister Office of Religious Freedom, the Dean of a Christian College whose curriculum would drag us back to the Dark Ages. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Apocalyptic Destruction of The Harper Cons

Damn. As much as I hate doing it, I'm going to have to give Boss Harper some credit eh?The final collapse of his Con regime is turning out to be a heavenly show. And far more wonderfully apocalyptic than even I had hoped.For if on Wednesday it was Wallin, flying through the air on the public dime. Late on a Friday afternoon it had to be Dumbo Duncan, crashing to earth like a meteorite.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the War on Gay People

He has always been an enemy of gay people. A man who would murder their rights tomorrow, if he thought he could get away with it.He has voted against every bill that would make them equal, or protect them from hate crimes.He discriminates openly against gay organizations. He won't spend a dollar to help save the lives of gay children who are being bullied to death.But he does have oodles of sticky blood money to fund an anti-gay group in one of the most anti-gay countries on earth.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why is Stephen Harper Promoting Christian Values?

It was a bizarre sight. Stephen Harper standing in front of a giant poster for Dragon's Den, appearing to be deep in prayer.Although he was only at a newser in Montreal, trying to figure out what to say, after being asked an embarrassing question:Why is your government promoting Christian values?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Christianist Threat

Uh oh. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Stephen Harper has admitted he is getting his guidance from above.Asked about how faith influences his decisions, Harper said that he prays regularly to “ask for strength and for wisdom.”Which explains the state our country is in, and why the Con regime is going up in flames faster than the burning bush. Or down in flames faster than the F-35.But doesn't explain why he is ignoring the ninth commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Pat Martin and the Rat Faced Cons

Golly. I have no idea why Pat Martin called the Cons rat faced whores.Martin launched into a Twitter tirade for the ages Wednesday night, calling the Conservative Party “rat faced whores” and attacking Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ personal life to express his displeasure over not being invited to an announcement for a local infrastructure project.I know they're always jumping into bed with foreign interests, for money. Or handing out cheese to their supporters. But can rats OINK? Read more »