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Northern Reflections: The Circular Course Of Things

Yesterday, Pauline Marois announced that Quebecers will be going to the polls on April 7th. She is prepared to defend her Charter of Values. But she has said nothing about holding a third referendum.

In 1980, my wife and I voted in the first referendum. But by 1995, like many of our generation, we . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: The Circular Course Of Things

Northern Reflections: Now What?

Jeffrey Simpson writes this morning that Jean Charest only has himself to blame for his party and his personal defeat last night. That’s true — but only partially true. For Stephen Harper also helped Pauline Marois ascend to power. Harper’s neglect of Quebec gave Marois the ammunition she needed to paint Ottawa as Quebec’s . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: Now What?

Northern Reflections: Harper and Quebec

Tim Harper warns in today’s Toronto Star that — if the betting is right, and Jean Charest calls an election today — Ottawa could be radically transformed. If the Parti Quebecois wins that election, Stephen Harper’s government could be shaken to its foundations.

The Conservative majority was quite consciously built on the assumption that . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: Harper and Quebec