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Art Threat: Return to Gummo

Harmony Korine has been making headlines for his new pop-culture romp, Spring Breakers, with the usual fanfare and some reviewers decidedly giddy with the possibility of maybe “getting it” or maybe not. The film is apparently non-stop debauch and at least one critic has pointed out the work’s contribution to rape culture in the US, . . . → Read More: Art Threat: Return to Gummo

Art Threat: Bowling for Columbine turns ten

Editor’s note: Art Threat has launched a cultural archaeological project that involves digging up previously published but now inaccessible film reviews and cultural musings from Montreal-based writer and teacher Matthew Hays. We’re calling it The Hays Files, and to get things rolling, we’re republishing a review Hays wrote of Bowling for Columbine when the documentary . . . → Read More: Art Threat: Bowling for Columbine turns ten

Art Threat: The Hays Files

Matthew Hays is a prolific cultural critic who, aside from publishing many academic journal articles and books, wrote for years in Montreal on everything in cinema, from porn to puppets to gun culture to corporate psychopaths. Always politically peppy and insightful, Hays oscillates between biting critique and irreverent humour, but always engages with accessible, provocative, . . . → Read More: Art Threat: The Hays Files