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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Con Pension Scam

You might think that Stephen Harper has done enough to hurt poor seniors. By making them wait until they are sixty-seven to receive Old Age Security payments. And treating our veterans like dirt.You might think that his Great Con Debate scam would have satiated his corrupt instincts.But no, now he has ordered his dilapidated stooge Joe Oliver to flog a phony pension scam. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper Planning to Call an Election in Early August?

As you know the Con Death Machine, in a desperate attempt to soften Stephen Harper's image, has just released an ad portraying him as a kinder gentler Big Daddy.A man who works late into the night on the nation's business, so we can sleep soundly knowing the economy is in good hands. And that we won't be beheaded in our beds.Which of course couldn't be more fraudulent…

When in fact he's a dangerous maniac who spends all his time on party business trying to buy and steal the next election, is leading the economy to disaster, and would (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The New Campaign to Mind Bomb the Harper Government

It's been almost two months since a ship spewed oil all over Vancouver's English Bay.And who can forget how slow the federal reaction was, or how the hapless Con beluga James Moore reacted?So now that we know how much an oil spill in nearby Burrard Inlet could cost that city. A major oil spill in Burrard Inlet would devastate Vancouver's marine and shore-based economy resulting in losses amounting to $1.2 billion, according to a University of B.C. study commissioned by the city.I'm really glad that Adbusters has just launched this new ad.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper’s Attack Ads Made Him look Like an Idiot

As I've been telling you for a while, Stephen Harper's PMO is not the mighty Death Machine it once was.These days it's looking desperate and disorganized. Its election campaign is veering wildly in all directions. It's making a lot of dumb mistakes.And there couldn't be a better example of that than what happened yesterday. When the fanatics in the PMO launched two new attack ads.Only to have them go horribly wrong.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Con Debate Fiasco

Whatever Stephen Harper and his grotesque Con regime say about the way they have blown up the political leader debates. Or the stinking fish they are trying to sell us.Nothing can change the fact that a fish is a fish.The process is now a fiasco. It is yet another assault on our electoral process.And yet another attempt by Harper and his thuggish gang to bend or manipulate the rules. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Laureen Harper and the Batty Leader of Parliament Hill

When I saw all those bats flapping around over Parliament Hill the other night, I wondered where they were coming from.And because of the ghastly things they were squeaking, and the foul smell of their droppings, I naturally assumed they must be coming from the Harper PMO.But now the horrifying truth has been revealed.They're coming from 24 Sussex Drive !!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper Gets Three Slaps in the Face From his Own Supporters

As you know I've started portraying Stephen Harper not only as a cowardly puppet, and the most monstrous leader this country has ever known.As well as a hopeless incompetent, and the turkey king of Canada.But also as a leader so long past due, the flesh is falling off him and his rotting government.And as more evidence of that, I have three examples that demonstrate that even some of his own natural born supporters think he's so far gone.That they are giving him one slap in the face after the other.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Stephen Harper’s Great Con Debate Scam Could Backfire Badly

Well now we've heard it from the horse's mouth, or the horse's ass, or the scary puppet Stephen Harper himself. He will NOT take part in the biggest of the political leader debates.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated Friday he will not take part in a national English debate that would be broadcast by the major TV networks.He will not say why he would boycott a debate that is watched by more Canadians than any other. But he will try to suggest that this democratic demolition derby isn't really his idea. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Orange Wave Rising: A New Poll Shows the NDP On Top

Last week I said that the way Tom Mulcair's NDP was surging in the polls it wouldn't be long before it passed both the Liberals and the Cons.And sure enough that seems to be what's happened. A new EKOS poll has the NDP on top. And another orange wave is now a real possibility.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Chicken Harper and the Great Con Debate Scam

Well now it’s official. The Con fluffer Kory Teneycke and his chicken leader Stephen Harper really don’t want any serious political leader’s debates.They want to hold their own mini-debates, and prevent as many Canadians as possible from watching them.

So they won’t take part in any organized by the country’s major broadcasters. The Conservatives have rebuffed the latest offer from Canada’s major broadcasters to host two nationally televised leaders’ debates at the height of the federal election campaign. Even though only they can deliver a massive audience, and provide French Canadians with the country-wide coverage they deserve.And (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Chicken Harper and the Great Con Debate Scam

Montreal Simon: Will Stephen Harper Really Get Away With Rewriting History?

It couldn't be a more Orwellian move, or a greater threat to our democracy.Stephen Harper's outrageous decision to protect the RCMP by rewriting history. But this is Harperland, he is drunk with power, he really does believe the truth is what he says it is, and he is out of control.So it seems there is nothing we can do to stop our Big Brother from bending the law to suit his sinister purposes. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Will the Con’s Porky Behaviour Cost Them the Next Election?

As you probably know Stephen Harper's Cons have been in a feverish, grunting frenzy recently.Running wildly all over the country, spewing our tax dollars out of every orifice, in a blatant attempt to bribe voters, and try to buy the next election.But although Canadians have seen this disgusting spectacle before, in the lead-up to an election it looks even worse.And as John Ivison points out, this porky act just might cost Stephen Harper the next election. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney, Stephen Harper, and the Absurd Chicken Hawk Cons

In retrospect it could only be called a triumph of bad timing. For there was Jason Kenney at the Canadian Club in Toronto, puffing out his chest like a chicken hawk, and claiming that the Great War in Iraq was going according to plan.Despite the setback in Ramadi. The seizure of Ramadi by ISIS is a regrettable setback, Defence Minister Jason Kenney says, but no indication that coalition forces are losing the battle in Iraq against the militant organization."Just imagine if we weren't there, how much more territory they would have claimed," Kenney told reporters following a (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Madness of Stephen Harper and the Insane War on Science

In my last post I looked at Stephen Harper's Great War on Canada. And because it's such a vast subject and such a long nightmare, it raised a lot of disturbing questions.Like is he the Axis or the Essence of Evil? Or is he just CRAZY?So I'm really grateful that when it comes to his Great War on Science, it's a lot simpler.It is totally insane. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper the Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History?

It's not a question most people who know me would dare ask me.Lest they be forced to listen to a five-minute diatribe, or watch my face turn red, and smoke pour out of my ears.But now somebody has asked the question: Is Stephen Harper the worst prime minister EVER?

And since I'm really too tired to erupt right now, all I can say is thank goodness Bruce Livesey answers his own question. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Failing Con War on Terror

I don't know if you've noticed, but Stephen Harper has suddenly stopped talking about the Great War on Terror, and the Great Terrorist Menace.These days he wants to project a kinder gentler image as a Great Friend of Children Leader.So now almost every photo-op features a group of bored kids in the background…

But of course, there's a good reason for that. He is desperate.And The Great War on Terror is going badly disastrously. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Cowardly Dodger Stephen Harper and the Great Con Debate Scam

It's frustrating to see that even some of my readers think that Stephen Harper's crass attempt to fix the party leader's debates might be good for progressives.And are sending me comments like this one, with lots of periods in it:Anonymous 2:29 AM…Good.for.Canadians!!!!!So that I might read it slowly, and understand that hopeful belief better.Even though I thought I had made it clear that Harper's plan, as might be expected, is just another grubby Con scam.So. I. guess. I'm. going. to. have. to. be. even. clearer.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Revolt of the Scientists

In his almost ten years in power Stephen Harper has done so much to diminish our once proud country and shame it in the eyes of the world.And few things are more deeply disturbing and more disgusting than his Great War on Science.For without truth there can be no democracy. Just a broken country stumbling blindly into the future.But now at last I'm glad to report, the scientists are revolting.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Robert Fisk: Why Harper’s Blind Support of Israel is Dangerous

Last week I wrote that Stephen Harper's threat to use hate laws against Canadians who peacefully protest the actions of Israel's brutish Netanyahu regime, was the first shadow of a police state. Now Robert Fisk, the distinguished Middle East correspondent, has taken that criticism a step further.By calling Harper's blind support of Israel both crazy AND dangerous.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Real Reason Stephen Harper Wants To Sabotage the Election Debates

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about Stephen Harper's plan to torpedo the party leader debates, or shrink them until he can drown them in a bath tub.And I said how shocked I was to see many in the MSM, and even some progressives, swallow the Con line hook, line and sinker.And proclaim that this move was good for democracy, diversity blah blah blah.When in fact it's a monstrous assault on our democracy, it's not good for diversity, and it's just another grubby Con scam.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Strange and Desperate Spring

He is still campaigning furiously all over the country, sprinkling dollars all over the place, trying to buy the next election.But the spring has gone out Harper's step, he seems listless at times, his cold dead eyes seem deader than usual. He's packing on the pounds.The events of the last two weeks have clearly taken a terrible toll. Every day seems to bring more bad news.And yesterday was no exception.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Bill C-51 Is Starting to Terrorize Stephen Harper

It couldn't be more ironic. Stephen Harper creates a monster called Bill C-51, to go after his enemies, and scare Canadians into submission.So he can turn this country into a police state.But before he can unleash the monster on the population, the monster slowly turns around, grunts loudly.And starts scaring the living daylights out of Great Leader.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Con Debate Scam

For almost ten years Stephen Harper has tried to brutalize this country beyond recognition, bludgeon our democracy, and rape our values.But still his bestial lust for destruction isn't satisfied. Because now as you probably know, he's trying to blow up the party leader debates.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Breaking: A New Poll Suggests the NDP is Surging

For months Tom Mulcair and the NDP have been creeping up in the polls. But this latest EKOS poll is still stunning.For now it's starting to look like an orange surge. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Omar Khadr: The Supreme Court Gives Stephen Harper Another Slap in the Face

It's the third time the Supreme Court of Canada has been asked to rule on the case of Omar Khadr.Twice before it has ruled in his favour, and today it did so again.And the way it did couldn't have been more of a slap in the face, or a kick in the head, to the Con regime and its depraved leader. Read more »