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Montreal Simon: Michael Harris on the Case Against Duffy and the Case Against Harper

If you've been following the trial of Mike Duffy, you know that the prosecution is having trouble making its case that he broke the rules, because it seems the Senate didn't have any.And that the judge is getting impatient. But as Michael Harris points out while the case against Duffy is in shambles. Three weeks into the trial, Judge Charles Vaillancourt spoke for a lot of Canadians when he stung the Crown with a comment about the administrative swampland of Senate expenses and the unfocussed case against Duffy. So far, the Crown’s evidence, (and there is a long (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: What the Case of Omar Khadr Tells Us About Stephen Harper

Years ago I predicted that Canadians who didn't care about the way Stephen Harper was raping the human rights of the child soldier Omar Khadr would live to regret it.For if he was able to get away with it once, and enjoy the taste of blood in his mouth, it was only a matter of time before the monster would try to rape THEIR rightsAnd sure enough he we are living in his ghastly Harperland, where the bully is trying to use fear to win an election, while stealthily turning us into a police state.And the way (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Insanity of the Con Regime

As Stephen Harper continues his desperate struggle to snatch another bloody majority there can be no doubt that the stress is getting to him.And one can't help get the feeling that the voices in his head are now screaming at each other.For one moment he is a Great Warrior Leader, and the next moment he's Great Gentle Leader. The Mother of the Nation and the Great Protector of Children.And now it seems the leading voice in his head is telling him: why not be BOTH?At the same time. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Liberals Strike Back at the Con’s Porky Action Ads

Stephen Harper and his Cons have spent almost a billion dollars of our tax dollars on their Porky Action Ads. It's the most outrageous mass brainwashing project this country and any other modern democracy has ever seen.One you can't escape because those ads are EVERYWHERE. And although they are riddled with lies and nothing but partisan propaganda, they are helping the Cons stay competitive, despite their appalling economic record.So I'm glad to see that one of the progressive parties has finally struck back…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Omar Khadr and the Grubby Con Hogs

Over the last eight years I have written almost a hundred posts about the case of Omar Khadr, Canada's child soldier.For I consider it one of the greatest cases of injustice in the history of this country, a shameful episode that should haunt us forever.So you can imagine how I felt today when I read that he may finally be free. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the New Happy Harperland

It's been a cold miserable spring that feels more like fall. After the winter from hell.

And it is Harperland. Where a depraved would be dictator is trying to buy the next election, turn us into a police state, and lead us into one war after the other.After running the economy into the ground, and doing his best to torch the planet.So I must say I was surprised to see that so many Canadians are so happy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is the Canada Revenue Agency Now Spreading Con Propaganda?

We know the Canada Revenue Agency was given extra money by Stephen Harper to go after the political activities of registered charities.We know that the agency seems to be targeting groups that have dared to criticize government policies.But not right-wing organizations that support the Harper regime.But is the CRA now helping to spread Con propaganda? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Totally Disastrous Budget Launch

It was a frightening sight, and for a moment I thought Stephen Harper had finally gone off the deep end.For there he was, on the day when he was supposed to be celebrating the launch of his new budget, screaming at the opposition, waving his arms around wildly, trying to explain why he's trying to bribe the rich.While simultaneously trying to shrug off what Oily Joe Oliver had to say about his granddaughter. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver’s Monstrous Assault on the Future

It is without a doubt one of the most irresponsible statements I have ever heard, and it comes courtesy of the old Con zombie Joe Oliver.Who not content with delivering a smoke and mirrors budget worthy of a Con artist as I pointed out yesterday.A so called balanced budget which is intended only to give them an excuse to try to buy the next election, by bribing some of the wealthiest Canadians.Now says take the money, suck it up, and let future generations pay for it. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harper Regime and the Con Artist Budget

It won't happen of course, not in this corrupted Harperland, where decency goes to die.But if there was any justice, Boss Harper, Oily Joe Oliver, and the rest of the Con mob would be in a police lineup. Preparing to be charged with crimes against democracy and electoral fraud.For conspiring to bribe voters, and trying to con Canadians into believing that what they presented us with yesterday was a budget.When in fact it was nothing more, as John Geddes points out, than a 518-page campaign pamphlet. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Ghastly Cinderella Budget Show

Well let's put it this way, his PMO handlers did their best to turn it into a glamorous photo-op, but it wasn't exactly Cinderella slipping on her dainty glass slipper.And it wasn't pretty.It was just Ol' Joe Oliver, pulling on his new pair of Made in America, New Balance running shoes with Con blue laces. But as bizarre as that spectacle was, it did mark the beginning of Stephen Harper's final push for another bloody majority. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Betrayal of the Canadian Rangers

They are one of Stephen Harper's favourite photo-op props. The thin red line of Canadian Rangers who guard Canada's sovereignty in the Arctic.He even likes to dress up as one of them…

But now that there is news that the Rangers may be in trouble. A "significant number" of Canadian Rangers in the Arctic have died in recent years, a trend that is causing concern about the strains on those tasked with being Canada's "eyes and ears" in the North, according to documents obtained by CBC News.There is no comment from him or the Canadian military.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great War on Russia

As we all know Stephen Harper is no Great Warrior Leader, no matter what his faithful flunkies, and the voices in his head tell him.And we'd be crazy to trust him with our safety, when he's the greatest threat we face.But it seems tomorrow's long delayed budget, won't just be a crass attempt to buy votes, it will also be a Great War and Security Budget. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Con Plan to Kill Government

OK. I realize that Joe Oliver doesn't know what's he's doing. And that the budget he will finally deliver tomorrow was written in the PMO.But you'd think the Cons would have stopped promoting his absurd balanced budget bill, which would punish cabinet ministers with a five percent wage freeze if they dared run a deficit.After the NDP pointed out how much it would cost them and their Great Economist Buffoon Leader.

But no, since they are shameless, they're promoting it harder than ever. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Bill C-51 and the Virtual Prison

He must be so excited. In just a few more days his monstrous anti-terrorist bill C-51 will become law, Canada will become a police state.And he can start going after all his enemies real or imagined. For by now in the final stages of his mental and moral degeneration, his paranoia knows no limit.And his depraved desire to jail even more Canadians can barely be restrained. But if he thinks he is going to get away with it he is sadly mistaken, as tens of thousands of people all over Canada made clear again yesterday. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Slogan from Hell

Yesterday I wrote about how Stephen Harper is invoking a clause in the anti-terror act to try to prevent a court from revealing his family's secrets, in a case brought by a former RCMP officer.And today the Judge in that case reserved her decision. But that's not the only secret Harper is trying to conceal. He also doesn't want us to know how the Cons came up with the slogan they are now bombarding us with: "Strong, Proud, Free."Read more »

Montreal Simon: Harper Confidential: The Secrets He Doesn’t Want Canadians To know

As we know Stephen Harper is preparing to pass Bill C-51 so he can turn Canada into a police state and spy on us all.Because he does want to dig up as many dirty secrets as possible, use them against his opponents. And finally achieve the state of Total Control the voices in his head have been demanding for so long. Because they don't call him Ol' Handcuffs for nothing eh?But it seems that Great Ugly Leader doesn't like the idea of Canadians finding out his dirty secrets. So he's making that a terrorist offence.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Tweet Monster

Oh no. Somebody do something. Jason Kenney is in trouble, again.He's supposed to be terrorizing the Russians.Canada will deploy approximately 200 troops to Ukraine to train local forces fighting Russian-backed separatists, the government announced Tuesday.But instead he's terrorizing OUR side.Because nobody at National Defence Headquarters knows what he's going tweet next!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau and the Great Canadian Coalition

Ever since Stephen Harper came to power and Canada's long nightmare began, I have tried to remain strictly non-partisan and support all three progressive parties.I have encouraged them to fight the tyrant as hard as they can, I have focused on the strengths of their leaders rather than their weaknesses.Because all I seek is the total destruction of the Con regime. At this point in our history, for me, that's all that matters.And in that regard, I'm afraid I have to say that I believe that Justin Trudeau has just made a bad mistake.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Harvesting of Religious Extremism

You had to see it to believe it. Stephen Harper welcoming the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Canada.Then travelling on the plane with him to a massive rally in Toronto.

Even though Modi is a Hindu extremist, and has been accused of enabling mass murder. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The NDP’s Brilliant Response to the Con Clown Joe Oliver

As you know, the thought that the old oil pimp Joe Oliver is Canada's Minister of Finance keeps me awake at night, with my wallet under my mattress.Because I don't think he knows what he's doing, or even what year it is.And his balanced budget proposal couldn't be more absurd. Joe Oliver won't table his next budget for two more weeks, but the federal finance minister announced today that he'll table a second bill this month — one to force future governments to keep their books in the black.Especially this part:Read more »

Montreal Simon: Springtime in Harperland and the Battle to Take Canada Back

Well Spring has finally arrived in the little corner of Canada where I live. The hockey goals have been fished out of the once frozen canal where they sank after the ice melted.And biking season is here at last…

Which would be perfect if I didn't live in Harperland, where winter never really ends.And you can still be hit by this kind of icy chill.Read more »

Montreal Simon: More Con Lies: Vancouver Oil Spill Worse Than Estimated

As I'm sure you know by now, I never believed what Cons like James Moore and Greg Rickford had to say about that oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay.Especially when they and the Harper Coast Guard said that only about 3,000 litres of toxic bunker had leaked out of that freighter, and that all but six litres had been recovered.And sure enough it turns out that estimate was too CONservative. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Does Stephen Harper Want to Turn Us Into Bloody Amerika?

I try not to watch too much American TV news, because what's happening in this diseased Harperland is crazy enough.And because every time I do watch it these days, it seems another black man is being killed by a white police officer for no sane reason.And when I see someone handcuff a human being after shooting him six times in the back, as the South Carolina police officer Michael Slager did to Walter Scott, makes me almost physically ill…

Because as I've said before, my heroes are healers not killers.And this too could only happen in cruel, (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Why Does Stephen Harper Want to Turn Us Into Bloody Amerika?

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Con Clown Circus Strikes Again

They were already the worst government Canada has ever known, a freakish horror show and a fascist circus. But as the economy heads south, and their desperation grows, Stephen Harper's Con clowns are sinking to new levels of depravity and incompetence.Because everywhere you look they are making fools out of themselves…Read more »