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Montreal Simon: Why Are the Harper Cons Preparing to Support Al Qaeda?

The brutish Con message has been there from the very beginning, but it just got even more disturbing.Because there is nothing Stephen Harper will not do or say to try to win another majority.So if you don't support Bill C-51, his plan to turn us into a police state, you must be with the terrorists.And if you don't support our Glorious War in Iraq AND Syria, and counting. You're not a Canadian !!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Does the Chicken Hawk Jason Kenney Lie So Much?

Well let nobody say that I didn't warn them. I predicted that Jason Kenney would be the worst Defence Minister this country has ever known.A Cold War warrior, a chubby chicken hawk, who would lead us to disaster.Or judging by the crazy stuff he tweets…

Help trigger the Third World War.I knew he didn't know what he was doing. But who knew he would lie all the time?Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper Was Called an Idiot by Tom Mulcair

Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper has made a mockery out of our parliament.He has used it as a bully pulpit, he has cut off debates, he never answers questions, he lies all the time. He has turned it into a bad joke, or a fascist circus.But yesterday when he was asked about the legality of his new war in Syria, and he turned his answer into a joke.He got put in his place by Tom Mulcair…Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime’s Never-ending War on Vulnerable Canadians

While Stephen Harper declares war on the Great Terrorist Menace, claiming only he can save our lives from those who would behead us in our beds.His foul Con regime continues to wage war on some of Canada's most vulnerable Canadians.Even if it could cost thousands of them their lives.For while this is good news. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Other Big Reason Stephen Harper Wants to Bomb Syria

One of the things that horrifies me the most about the living nightmare that is Stephen Harper's Canada, is that so many have lived for so long in his depraved shadow.But yet so few in the MSM seem to understand him or his motives.And today was another good example of that curious blindness which is killing this country.When Harper mounted his shiny steed, sticky with excitement, and announced that we will now be bombing targets in Iraq AND Syria. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Porkers and the Disgraceful Muzzling of Elizabeth May

Over the years Stephen Harper's Cons have turned our parliament into a heaving grunting monstrosity, a fascist circus, a political pig sty.They cut off debate, they answer any question about anything with the same talking points. They yell, they holler, they shout down their opponents like good ol' rednecks high on hooch. They lie like thieves, over and over again.And when all fails they shut it down.But even by their low standards, I found this particularly hoggish. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Con War on Syria

Well the day Stephen Harper has been waiting for so long has finally arrived. The day when he can spread his wings again.Puff out his feathered chest, pose as a Great Warrior Leader.And announce that he is inflating or expanding his Great War on Terror. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Bill C-51: The Cons Use Emotion to Try to Conquer Reason

It was a moving moment. The sister of the murdered soldier Patrice Vincent testifying before committee studying Bill C-51.But it also symbolized the ghastly way the Cons are running the hearing. For they will not hear from the Canadian Bar Association or the Privacy Commissioner.But they will turn it into a star chamber, and demand to know whether those testifying are with them or the terrorists.And they will appeal to emotion rather than reason. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Desperate Rush to War

He's spent the last few days licking his wounds after he was caught deliberately fanning the flames of racism, and was hit by a wave of revulsion.And no doubt he's been knocking back a few to try to forget what's happening to the economy. Because that makes HIM feel sick, or makes all the voices in his head start screaming at the same time.But now he's back on his feet, he's inflamed with energy of the desperate, and he's rushing off or lurching off to WAR. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harper Regime and the Summer of Protest

As you know I was so happy to see thousands of Canadians taking to the streets to let Stephen Harper and his foul Cons exactly what we think of them.Because I will never understand why we have remained so passive and so quiet for so many years, while Harper and his Cons raped our Canada and its values.Instead of protesting like they do in other countries.Not when his behaviour has been so brutish, not when he's now trying to use fear to scare people into voting for him, not when he's trying to turn us into a police state. (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Strangelove Flanagan, and the Politics of Fear

We know what he has become; the monstrous leader of the most evil political cult this country has ever known.A morally depraved demagogue who is using fear as a weapon against his own people, and using racism to divide them. So he can snatch another another bloody majority, and use his anti-terrorist bill to turn this country into a police state.Even if, as Ralph Surette writes, he destroys our Canada beyond recognition. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper’s Fear Campaign Running Out of Fear?

He's been keeping a low profile recently, no doubt huddling with his gargoyles in the PMO, feverishly planning his next move, and who he will be tomorrow.Mr Nice or Mr Ugly.But then who can blame him eh? Because by now he must be desperate. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Totally Disastrous Day of Political Devastation

It seems only appropriate that the only thing Stephen Harper tweeted yesterday, was a little video of himself learning the proper way to pour beer in Ireland.Because I'll bet Great Leader was pouring himself more than a few last night, after what had to be an absolutely disastrous day for him and his ghastly Cons.The day when his campaign of fear and bigotry came back to bite him. And he shot himself in the foot. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Ghastly Bigotry of the Con Clown Larry Miller

In a country where a Prime Minister is fanning the flames of racism.And his Cons are dividing up the country between "whities" and "brown people."In a Canada where too many have forgotten that diversity is strength.This is what you get, the Reform bigot Larry Miller.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why the Struggle Against Bill C-51 Must Continue

It's taken me two days to come down from last Saturday's big demonstration against the Harper regime's foul Bill C-51.Because I do wear my heart on my sleeve, and it was so great to see so many Canadians in the street at last.Instead of letting Stephen Harper scare them into allowing him to turn this country into a police state.But sadly I would probably still be flying, if it wasn't gloomy Harperland, and so many progressives seemed so determined to shoot me out of the sky.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Mike Duffy, and the PMO Nightmare

Stephen Harper's PMO is one of the most sinister organizations in Canada, and one of the most secretive.No decent Canadian has ever been able to penetrate its murky darkness, or know exactly how it works. Or how its monstrous master controls his faithful fanatics.But now all that is about to change, and for Harper and those fanatics it must be a real nightmare.Because as Michael Harris writes, the Mike Duffy trial is about to blow their secret world wide open.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper Fighting Terrorism or Promoting It?

As we know Stephen Harper would have us believe that the "international jihadist movement" has declared war on Canada.That there is no greater threat to our lives and our values. And of course, that only he can save us from being beheaded in our beds.But unfortunately for him, the facts don't back up that argument. And this burning question must be asked:Is he fighting the international jihadist conspiracy, or helping to promote it?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and his Monstrous McCarthyite Cons

When we last left Stephen Harper yesterday afternoon, he was in his Terror Command Bunker, also known as the Fear Centre, trying to block out the sights and the sounds of yesterday's massive Day of Action.And no doubt shocked by the sight of all those demonstrators, all those Stop Harper signs.And of course, his failure to scare them into submission, or muzzle them, like he has so many other decent Canadians.Still, you might think he would tell his grotesque Con committee members, who are "studying" the bill, to back off a bit. And listen to the experts (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Day Canadians Sent a Message to the Terror Cons

It was cold wet and miserable across most of Canada today. A day to stay at home if ever there was one.But that didn't stop tens of thousands of Canadians from turning out to send a message to Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime.

We are not afraid, and Bill C-51 must be KILLED. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Clown Jason Kenney is Caught Lying. Again

Well as you know, I already consider Jason Kenney to be the worst Defence Minister this country has ever known.He has lied about the terrorist threat, he has endangered the security of our troops in Iraq.But this is the absolute limit.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the New Racist Canada

The snow is finally melting on the waterfront. If I close my eyes and feel the warm sun on my face, I can almost dream that Spring is here at last.Which is a good thing, because there isn't much else to celebrate in Canada these days.Not when the country is as beached as the boat in that painting. Looking grubby and going nowhere. And not when its depraved leader Stephen Harper is using fear as a political weapon.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper: Great Strong Leader or Terrorist Collaborator?

Well don't say I didn't warn you eh? Two years ago I wrote a post saying that I didn't think it was a good idea that Stephen Harper should appoint his chief bodyguard Bruno Saccomani to be our new ambassador to Jordan. Not with Bruno's lack of diplomatic training, and not when so many of those who worked for him thought he was a bully.The management review included interviews with 41 per cent of the 116-member unit, many of whom reported problems with their boss including intimidation, favouritism, discrimination and harassment.And I also warned that I thought that (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Attack of the Con Scandals

It must be Stephen Harper's worst nightmare. Just as he's trying to scare Canadians into voting for him, with his politics of fear and his Great War on Terror.He himself must be terrified by the number of Con scandals coming out of the woodwork to tarnish his government's already soiled reputation..For as if Mike Duffy and Dean Del Mastro weren't enough to keep him awake at night.Now comes his old buddy Vic Toews, staggering out of the darkness to haunt him.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper: Great Chicken Hawk or Great Pigeon Leader?

One of the things I hate the most about Stephen Harper is the way he likes to pose as a monstrous chicken hawk.A Great Warrior Leader leading the fight against ISIS AND the war on Russia.When in fact he is just the depraved leader of a rogue nation…

And as this former ambassador to Russia points out, just a hawk in pigeon feathers.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great War on Women

There are so many things I hate about what Stephen Harper is doing to Canada. I hate the way he is trying to scare Canadians into voting for him.I hate the way he is trying to turn us into a police state with his totalitarian Bill-C51.Or the way he is murdering our values with his brutish Life Means Life campaign.

But most of all I hate the way he is stirring up hatred against the small group of Canadians who wear a niqab. While claiming to be a champion of women's rights.When in fact, as Antonia Zerbisias points (Read more…)

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