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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Last Horror Show

They say Stephen Harper's speech to the Con Convention in Vancouver this evening is going to be short and sweet.A final farewell to the party he created in his own ghastly image.And that it will be preceded by a lavish video from the Con Ministry … . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Last Horror Show

Montreal Simon: Jen Gerson’s Bizarre Attack on Canada’s Civil Servants

The other day I wrote a post complaining about the way all the MSM reporters on a Power and Politics panel, had dumped on a group of civil servants for giving Justin Trudeau a warm welcome when he visited their building.Accusing them of being "biased" and calling their behaviour "disgusting."When in fact it was just a natural human reaction to meeting the glamorous young leader who had just liberated them from the foul bully Stephen Harper and his gang of Con thugs.

And those stuffy Con tools on that panel should really get a life.But alas, now one of (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Jen Gerson’s Bizarre Attack on Canada’s Civil Servants

Montreal Simon: Rona Ambrose and the Nastiness of the Cons

As I said the other day, I think it's going to be really hard for Rona Ambrose to move herself and her Cons out of the darkness and into the light.When among other things, she was prepared to put her foul ideology before the lives of thousands of drug addicted Canadians. Which is almost impossible to forget.

And after the way Stephen Harper and his foul regime brutalized the people and the values of this country for so many years. Which is almost impossible to forgive.But I see that hasn't stopped Ambrose from claiming that from now on (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Fall of Darth Harper and the Revenge of Michelle Rempel

As the whole Galactic Empire knows by now, Darth Harper's evil plan to complete his total destruction of Canada failed catastrophically.When his tiny Death Star was blown to smithereens by his nemesis, Hans Solo Trudeau…

But although Harper's party has lost its head, and Rona Ambrose is steering her even tinier Death Star to disaster.The Con conspiracy in this country is very much alive, and apparently plotting to take back the country by whatever means necessary.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau and the Grim Hypocrisy of the MSM

As I've mentioned before, ever since the good Prince Justin toppled the evil King Harper, I've feel like I'm living in some kind of fairy tale. A really nice one.Trudeau is wowing people in this country and all over the world, for some of the princely moves he's been making…

As well as for his sunny personality, and his coolness. And of course for having crushed and humiliated the depraved tyrant Stephen Harper, and liberated Canada from his nightmare rule.So I wasn't surprised to see that when he visited a government building in Ottawa, civil (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: The Con’s Porky Action Plan Finally Bites the Dust

For what seemed like forever, they were the ads we couldn't get away from. The Con's porky Economic Action Plan ads coming at us from every direction twenty-four seven.Trying to brainwash us into believing that the Cons knew what they were doing. And that Stephen Harper was a Great Economist Leader.They were irritating, they were maddening, it was like North Korea, or Big Brother. Or like some giant hog screaming at us "Vote for us and we'll pay you!!!"So I'm glad to see that ghastly hog has finally expired. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Census Fiasco and the Final Humiliation of Stephen Harper

It seems only fitting that on his last day as Con leader Stephen Harper should leave through a door darkly, while being humiliated over and over again.

In the same manner he ruled and humiliated this country, its people and their values, for nine nightmarish years.

First he had to humble himself before his shrunken caucus, by accepting the blame for the Conapocalypse that booted them all from office.

Then he was caught by some reporters making a quick getaway only a few minutes after ending his short speech. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Rona Ambrose Will Lead the Cons to Disaster

Well I knew the Cons were desperate, and that it was not going to be easy to find or lasso an interim leader to replace Boss or Bull Harper. Because most of the ones that needed to be fed rather than watered, had jumped over the fence before the election, or went down with the cattle call.But who knew those Reform rednecks were so desperate that they would choose the Con clown Rona Ambrose? Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Fairy Tale Day We Finally Got Our Canada Back

It couldn't have been more of a fairy tale beginning. Prince Justin, his princess Sophie, and the Liberal cabinet marching up the driveway to Rideau Hall to be sworn in, after having toppled the tyrant.And yes what a difference a day makes…

One moment we were living in his grim Harperland, the next moment we were living in our beautiful Canada again.And so magical was the atmosphere I found myself wondering how did Justin manage to get even the weather to cooperate with his sunny days slogan?Until I remembered he was born on Christmas Day…Read more »

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Montreal Simon: The Day the Sun Went Down on the Harper Regime

I missed the ferry back to the city so I could get this shot. The one I have been dreaming about for more than nine years. The shot of the sun going down, at last, on Stephen Harper's long and monstrous reign of terror.To make it even better it was a glorious, warm, Indian Summer evening, as if Mother Canada herself was celebrating, or rewarding us for having given that ghastly tyrant the boot.And as a bonus there was Harper himself, reminding us why he was more than good to go.Read more »

Montreal Simon: David Cameron, Poppygate, and the Chicken Hawk Cons

Well as I'm sure you know, they say you can't trust a Con as far as you can see, or spit. For they lie and cheat to win elections, and nothing they do is quite what it appears to be.Now take a good look at that photo of the David Cameron, the British Prime Minister who is inflicting untold misery on the poor people of that country.And then take a look at this one.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why We Need A Public Inquiry Into the Activities of the Harper Regime

For years Stephen Harper and his brutish Con regime politicized every government department to a degree never seen before.They turned every department into cogs and wheels of their massive propaganda machine.They muzzled those who disagreed with them, and turned others into their willing collaborators.And now we find out that some of the top bureaucrats waited until a few months ago to discuss what to do about the problem. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Michelle Rempel’s Bizarre Political Marriage of Convenience

Well we all knew Michelle Rempel was desperate, and I mean desperate to become the interim leader of the shattered and shell shocked Cons.Her late night boozy woozy Twitter monologues have made that only too clear. But who knew she was so desperate that she'd enter into a bizarre political marriage of convenience with of all people Denis Lebel?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why the Con Leadership Race is Heading for Oblivion

OMG don't look now, but the Con race to replace Stephen Harper and become interim leader is turning into a hog stampede.With Jesus Harper looking on and cheering because they're all his candidates. And Jason Kenney waiting to claim the big prize.But if the Cons are hoping to renew their shattered and demoralized party they're definitely heading in the wrong direction.Or heading for oblivion.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Most Miserable Halloween Ever

Well as you can probably imagine, Stephen Harper is having a very miserable Halloween.

After seeing his plans for Total World Domination, turn into a pumpkin.

And his plans to buy the election fail so disastrously…

And I'm pretty sure you won't see any young Canadians going trick or treating dressed like this…Read more »

Montreal Simon: It’s Time to Fire the Harper Cons at the CBC

For nine long years Stephen Harper slowly strangled the CBC, or bled it dry. He slashed its budget, he killed thousands of jobs, he turned it into the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation. But now the depraved tyrant has been toppled, before he could finish it off.And it's time to take back the CBC, and give those Cons the boot. Read more »

Montreal Simon: How We Can Bury the Harper Cons Forever

As you know the Harper Cons have set out on a long journey through the political wilderness to choose a new leader, after the shocking loss of the only one they ever had.And now it seems that journey could be an even longer one.Debate is growing within the leaderless Conservative Party about how long to wait before picking a new chief, sources say. Some Tories are urging party brass to put it off for as long as two years, while others advocate for concluding a race for a permanent leader by the middle of 2016.With the so-called Red (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Incredible Degradation of the Con Monster Chris Alexander

He has been keeping a low profile after voters in his riding gave him the boot, for having among other things poisoned our body politic, with his callous approach to the Syrian refugee crisis, his divisive, bigoted rhetoric.And his ghastly Barbaric Cultural Practices campaign complete with a snitch line, which shamed us in the eyes of the world.But now Chris Alexander is back on the street, and if you thought he might be just a little bit sorry about the barbaric way he behaved, you'd be wrong.He's totally unrepentant. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Real Change: Conada Post Suspends its Community Mailbox Scheme

Golly. Now that's what I call real change. Canada Post learns the meaning of humility.Stephen Harper's ghastly legacy starts being dismantled.Or when it comes to the brilliant idea to install community mail boxes in a country with an aging population, and some of the harshest weather in the world.At the very least suspended.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why the Ugly Record of the Harper Cons Must Not Be Forgotten or Denied

It was just another traffic accident in downtown Toronto, where everyone is always in a hurry, and time is money, and sometimes bloody.And Godzilla knows I've seen enough of them.But as I watched them try to figure out what happened, and who was to blame?I couldn't help thinking those are exactly the same questions we need to ask about the catastrophic disaster, and the years of democratic darkness, that Stephen Harper and his monstrous Cons inflicted on this country.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Prince Justin and the Painful Collapse of the Con Regime

Golly. I know it's Jason Kenney's twisted fantasy, and Stephen Harper's Satanic nightmare.But I can't help feeling like I'm living in a fairy tale. It's that good.Prince Justin has toppled the monstrous tyrant, like he brought down the ogre Brazeau.And is now charming Canada and the world with his niceness, his coolness, his hotness.And his bhangra skills !!!Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Battle to Liberate Canada and the Betrayal of the MSM

It's going to be a wet, grey, fall weekend, but I don't care because Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime have been defeated, and it feels like springtime in Canada.And nothing could bring me down.Although I must admit this tweet by Andrew Coyne, which links to a story by Michael Harris about the sanitizing of Stephen Harper's foul legacy, does bother me.

You were wondering, what will Michael Harris find to write about now that Harper’s gone? Answer: Harper.

— Andrew Coyne (@acoyne) October 23, 2015

Because the suggestion that Harris shouldn't be writing about Harper anymore is (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Humiliation of Jason Kenney

I can only imagine how Stephen Harper must be feeling, as he looks down on the smouldering ruins of his beloved Harperland.Once he towered over it, and crushed all who opposed him.

One moment he was in total control. And the next moment he wasn't…

Dan MurphyAnd what must make it even worse, make it feel even more like the fall of Rome, is the knowledge that in the end even his faithful stooge Jason Kenney did betray him.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Michelle Rempel’s Bizarre Late Night Twitter Eruption

One of the worst things about the election campaign was having to watch so many hours of the Con clown Michelle Rempel, especially on the program Power and Politics.Because she couldn't have put on a worse or more irritating performance. She was rude, arrogant, loud. She kept interrupting the other guests and the host Rosemary Barton. And the way she repeated her ghastly Con talking points ad nauseam, was enough to make me dive for the remote control in a desperate attempt to change the channel. But strangely enough she seems to think she did so well, she's (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The End of Harperland and the Search for Truth and Justice

I took down this picture from this blog's masthead, where it has been for years.Because the tyrant has finally been toppled, and it's time to move on.But if Stephen Harper thinks that I will forget him, or what he did to this country he is sadly mistaken.For now that we have freedom, I demand justice.Read more »