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Montreal Simon: The Harper PMO and the Insane War on Justin Trudeau

Well you might think that Stephen Harper and his PMO gang might have better things to worry about than the Liberal leader's visit to Edmonton.Like the disastrous state of the Canadian economy which is only producing part-time jobs.Or how they're going to explain why they failed to prevent this totally preventable catastrophe.Or how they're going to dodge the beginning of the Mike Duffy trial on the same day that Parliament returns.But no, as this memo from the PMO shows, they have only one thing on their minds.The total destruction of Justin Trudeau. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Julian Fantino and the Continuing Con War on Canadian Veterans

I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of Julian Fantino running away from the wife of a wounded veteran who just wanted to speak to him.And how Jenifer Migneault finally threw up her arms in frustration and despair and shouted at the retreating minister:"We are NOTHING to you."It was so powerful, it stunned me like a concussion grenade.And how right she was.For what else is anybody supposed to conclude from this disgusting situation? Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime and the Horror of Lac Mégantic

The report into the horrifying tragedy in Lac-Mégantic is out, and it couldn't be more devastating for the Con regime.A railway with a “weak safety culture” and a federal regulator that was asleep at the switch combined to bring about the worst accident in modern Canadian history, says a report by the Transportation Safety Board.For not only does the report blame the railway for not operating safely, it also blames the federal government for not doing enough to prevent that fiery holocaust.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Shadowy Con Conspiracy to Destroy Justin Trudeau

I have no idea who broke into Justin Trudeau's home the other night while he was away, in a creepy attempt to terrorize him and his young family.I can't imagine what kind of foul creature, or creatures, would leave a sinister message in a circle of butcher knives.But I am glad Justin is asking the RCMP to evaluate his security. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has asked the RCMP to assess whether he will need a security detail after someone broke into his Ottawa home on Saturday and left a threatening note.Because I honestly believe there are a group of (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Reefer Madness and the Corruption of Rona Ambrose

Well it could have been just another day in the glamorous life of Rona Ambrose Health Minister. Serving the public, like an Angel of Mercy, and servicing Stephen Harper, like the Angel of Death.Not necessarily in that order. But then she blew it. Again. By trying to make the country's doctors believe that the Con cult's massive tax payer funded anti-marijuana ad campaign wasn't blatantly political.

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Montreal Simon: The Farewell Stephen Harper Song

Well as you know he's tortured us for more than eight years, not just with his ghastly policies.But also with his "singing."That monstrous wailing and screeching designed to make us believe that he's really a nice guy.No matter how much it hurts our ears, or embarrasses us in the eyes of the world.So now that his hideous reign is nearing an end, I thought it might be a good idea to play this farewell song for Steve…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Reckless Incompetence of the Con Regime

Well I'm sure Joe Oliver is feeling pretty good about the way Statistics Canada was able to fix his lousy job numbers.And must be toasting his success with some of that water from the tailing ponds he once tried to convince us was clean enough to drink.While making plans to win the next election by bribing some Canadians with tax cuts.But sadly for poor old Olly, it appears he doesn't know what's he's doing.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau and the Monstrous Con Hate Mongers

In my last post I said that the break-in at Justin Trudeau's home was a clear attempt to terrorize him and his young family.And I accused Stephen Harper and his Cons of having created a climate of hate. Which is so obvious in the comment section of this Sun story.

As well as in the comment sections of other newspapers and on websites like Twitter.But while condemning those vile comments, the National Post's Michael Den Tandt somehow manages to save most of his scorn for the ones he calls Harper haters.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Sinister Terror Attack on Justin Trudeau and his Family

When I first heard that somebody had broken into Justin Trudeau's home, while his wife and his children slept, and he was not there, I felt a chill go down my back.Especially when I heard that the intruder hadn't taken anything. Something just didn't seem right. And sure enough it turns out it was no ordinary break-in.It was almost certainly an act of political terrorism.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Doctors Refuse to Join The Con Campaign Against Justin Trudeau

The other day I wrote about how horrified and disgusted I was to see Stephen Harper's Cons trying to use doctors to attack Justin Trudeau.By inviting them to endorse an anti-marijuana ad campaign clearly designed to reinforce their own filthy and misleading attack ads.Well now the country three main medical organizations have delivered their answer: no thank you Great Leader. Read more »

Montreal Simon: So What Do Canadians REALLY Think of Stephen Harper?

Well, we know he has a high opinion of himself. That he likes to rule like a king.We know that he ordered that the Canadian government should henceforth be known as the Harper government.And that these days he's posing as a Great World Leader.

Spoke to President Obama earlier today regarding the concerning situation in Iraq. #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) August 12, 2014

Chatting it up with Obama.Sending sleeping bags to the Ukrainians, and weapons to the Kurds. But sadly for Lord Harpo, when Canadians are asked what they think (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: The Community Mailbox Scandal and the Doctor’s Revolt

As you probably know, from now on in Harperland if you're old or disabled, or can't walk for miles or clamber over a snow drift to get to your ugly new community mailbox.If you want home delivery, you have to get a doctor's note.Not CONada Post says because they don't trust seniors. But only because they care about their health, and want to know their "special needs."After all didn't they once suggest it might be an "exercise opportunity?"

But sadly, or scandalously, it seems those wretched suits forgot to check with Canada's doctors, and they're not happy.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Julian Fantino, Justin Trudeau, and the Marijuana Baloney Meter

Well as you know Julian Fantino is the worst Veterans Affairs Minister this country has ever known.An incompetent bully if ever there was one.But now he has a new cause. Saving us and the children of Canada from the dastardly Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted with our safety. He's soft on crime, pro-marijuana legalization, & now consorts with religious extremists.— Julian Fantino (@JulianFantino) August 6, 2014

And it couldn't be more disgusting.So I'm glad to see that Trudeau is finally firing back. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Case of the Missing Job Numbers

OMG. All hail Great Merciful Leader !!! It seems that Statistics Canada has been saved from a horrible fate.After a long search, and a lot of heat, it has found the missing job numbers. The Canadian economy created 42,000 jobs in July – not 200 as mistakenly reported last week by Statistics Canada – as revised numbers beat market expectations.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Stephen Harper Won’t Escape the Robocall Scandal

In my last post I said that Stephen Harper may have dodged the robocall scandal, so far. But he cannot escape the moral responsibility for what happened.For having created a depraved culture where some of his fanatic young followers obviously thought it was OK to try to steal an election.But of course there is also the question of CRIMINAL responsibility. Because two judges have now said that they believe there was a wider conspiracy. And Elections Canada needs to re-open the robocall investigation, and go after the other shadowy Con operatives who carried out this crime against democracy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Robocall Verdict and the Real Pierre Poutine

More than three years after the robocall scandal erupted, the verdict is finally in. Michael Sona is officially at least Pierre Poutine

Former Conservative party staffer Michael Sona has been found guilty of trying to prevent voters from reaching the polls during the 2011 federal election. Mr. Sona, 25, was the only person charged in the so-called robocalls scandal and now faces a maximum penalty of $5,000, five years in prison or both. He will be sentenced at a later date.

But as we knew it would, the verdict raises more questions than it answers.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Shattering Impact of the EKOS Bomb

By now it should be obvious, if only by the bizarre way he has been behaving, and the way him and his Cons have been trying to smear Justin Trudeau, that Stephen Harper has never been so desperate.And just one look at that much talked about EKOS poll must have given him the shakes, or had him climbing the wall.Or riding the bomb.With good reason…

Because with numbers like those he won't be Great Warrior Leader for much longer. He'll be Tiny Shrunken Leader looking for another job.But although much of the discussion has centred on (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Reefer Madness:The Cons Try To Use Doctors to Attack Justin Trudeau !!

There is apparently no sordid depth to which Stephen Harper will not stoop or plunge, no sewer he will not crawl through, in his depraved and desperate attempt to smear and destroy Justin Trudeau.He's called him a girly man, a junkie and a terrorist.And now he's trying to use doctors to attack Trudeau's position on marijuana. Read more »

Montreal Simon: When the Cons Make the Poor Pay for Their Mistakes

It really couldn't be more disgusting or more Kafkaesque. Or more of a horror show.The Cons gut Statistic Canada. The battered agency screws up its job numbers.And now Jason Kenney is making the poor pay. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con War on the Wounded Children of Gaza (Continued)

The ceasefire is holding. The kids are playing again on the beach where four of their friends were killed while playing soccer, by shells from an Israeli gunboat.But thousands of Palestinian children have been wounded…

The situation in the hospitals is so desperate they can't treat them in Gaza.“Palestinian health authorities are planning to refer more patients to hospitals outside of Gaza to access life-saving treatment as well as to reduce the case load in the hospitals to a more manageable level.And I still want to know why the Harper regime is STILL preventing 100 wounded (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper Trying to Fiddle With the Disastrous Job Report?

I think it's safe to say that Statistics Canada's last job report was not well received in Stephen Harper's PMO.Because when you can only create 200 jobs in the whole of Canada in July, it is the Con Gotterdammerung. And the end of the myth of Great Economist Leader.So I'm not surprised to see that the PMO wants us to know that Statistics Canada will soon be changing that disastrous report. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper Finally Running Out of Time?

He has been keeping a low profile. Apart from a steady barrage of short statements on the Ukraine crisis he isn't saying much about anything else.Let alone this devastating poll. Far from the apparent ascendance of the Conservatives as the new natural governing party, their reign appears to be closing and the recent surprising (not to us we note ) election of majority Liberal governments in Canada’s two largest provinces, may well be a harbinger of the end of the period of conservative political dominance in Canada.But as Chantal Hébert points out he will not long be able (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Gaza Summer and the Cruelty of Stephen Harper

On a warm Sunday afternoon, in the leafy lanes of Ward's Island, with the last flowers of the summer in full bloom, it should have been possible to forget about the horror of Gaza.At least for a few hours. Especially now that another shaky truce has been announced. But in this Gaza summer, how can I forget nightmare images like this one?

Or these?

So many children killed. Slaughtered like lambs. So many wounded and traumatized. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Keystone Pipeline Dream Takes Another Hit

I never understood how the U.S. State Department could conclude that building the Keystone XL pipeline would not substantially increase carbon emissions.It didn't make sense.And sure enough it turns out somebody didn't know how to count.Because now it seems the pipeline's impact could be FOUR times higher than estimated.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Return to Harperland and the Great Progressive Depression

Well I'm finally back home in Toronto, after spending two weeks in Scotland, and a few days in Montreal.And although I'll miss the excitement of the Scottish referendum campaign, and the uplifting spirit of the Commonwealth Games.I brought Clyde, the thistle-headed games mascot home with me, and hopefully a haversack of hope with me as well.Because goodness knows this Harperland needs it eh?Read more »