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Montreal Simon: How to Use Science Against Stephen Harper

Well now that I know that Stephen Harper is planning to stay on and lead his Cons into the next election.Unless the Duffy trial starts sooner than he is hoping.And now that I know that despite what he said about Michael Ignatieff…

He's not here for us either, and the next election will be all about HIM.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Stephen Harper is Terrified of Mike Duffy

It's taken a long time, but Mike Duffy's trial process has finally begun, and you can be sure that Stephen Harper must be absolutely terrified.Especially after Duffy's lawyer said Harper could be called to testify. Suspended senator Mike Duffy’s lawyer will not rule out calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a witness, as his client’s fraud case goes to trial.fter petitioning the court Tuesday morning to set the earliest possible trial date for his client, Donald Bayne said the defence is “considering any potential witness. It’s too early to rule anything out.” And Ol' Duff (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Start of the Next Election Campaign

Well there he was yesterday, kicking off the new session of Parliament, not in the House of Commons, but at the Ottawa Convention Centre.Strutting across a stage in front of a giant Canadian flag, and the Con seals in his caucus. Looking like a used car salesman, or an American televangelist.Promising tax cuts for the faithful at an election-style rally. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Insane and Treasonous FIPA Deal

I've already written what I think about Stephen Harper's sellout trade deal with China.I've called it the worst deal this country has ever signed. An act of treachery if ever there was one.But even that isn't enough. For what can you say about a document that even the conservative columnist Diane Francis has called the worse deal since the one Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Indiana Harper and the Doomed Return To Parliament

Twas the night before Parliament, and at 24 Sussex Drive not a creature or a mouse rat was stirring.Except in the dark basement where Stephen Harper was planning his triumphal return, after his golden photo-op summer.And no doubt rehearsing his new role as Indiana Harper or Great Explorer Leader. The man, who in his mind at least, led the successful search for the Franklin expedition.As I'm sure you remember…

But sadly for him I fear his flight voyage of fancy will be short-lived. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harper Regime and the Buying of the Next Election

We know how many millions the Cons have spent on their ghastly porky propaganda designed to brainwash into believing that Stephen Harper is a great leader.And that they are a great government instead of the worst one in Canadian history.We know how much of our money Harper has spent pursuing the ethnic vote, in Ukraine, Israel, and soon China.Even if that means selling this country down the river.But when you see how much money they spent trying to buy votes on this summer's BBQ circuit it's absolutely shocking. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Chinese Betrayal

He waited until late Friday afternoon to announce that the Cons had ratified their controversial trade deal with China. Hoping that most people wouldn't notice. Ottawa confirms it has ratified a foreign investment treaty with China, more than two years after the controversial agreement was signed, as CBC News first reported Friday. The controversial Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) will come into force on Oct. 1, said International Trade Minister Ed Fast in a news release Friday afternoon.He couldn't even wait to see if the courts would rule it unconstitutional.And with good reason. For it (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper: The Political Predator and the E.I. Scam

It was the PMO's Picture of the Week. Stephen Harper receiving a report on the situation in Ukraine from the brutish former Premier of Ontario Mike Harris.In his never-ending pursuit of the ethnic vote.Even though, sadly for him, the only ones who covered the event were his PMO flunkies.Because even the dullards in the MSM could guess what was in that report…

But then Harper is desperate, and as The Economist reminds us, he is a political predator.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Return of Parliament

After a long summer break Parliament returns on Monday, and all the political parties are revving up their engines. A splashy, campaign-style launch for the government's fall agenda, a surprise tax cut for small business owners, a brand new NDP battle cry and a prime-time speech from Justin Trudeau: welcome to the 2015 election season. With Parliament poised to resume on Monday, all three main political parties are clearly revving their political engines on the road to the next vote, currently scheduled to take place some 12 months from now.For it will mark the official beginning of (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Ghost of Captain Franklin

It was just two weeks ago that Stephen Harper was talking about the search for the lost Franklin expedition.And how he couldn't wait to find, in his macabre words, "the skeleton of Franklin slumped over the helm."And today he did. Or a least a team of researchers did find one of the ships. Read more »

Montreal Simon: What Excuse Will Stephen Harper Use to Trigger An Early Election?

He is not supposed to call an election until October 19, 2015 according to his own fixed-date election law.But everybody knows that Stephen Harper won't hesitate to hold one if and when it suits him.The question is what excuse will he use to trigger an election?And could it be a clash with the federal public service unions? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Steve Nickelback and the Rebranding of Stephen Harper

Well as you know the young fanatics in the PMO are desperately trying to improve Stephen Harper's image. Frantically trying to put a fresh coat of lipstick on it, before the next election campaign.But it's all going horribly wrong. Trying to portray Harper as a Great Strong Leader, who is almost as fresh and just as pretty as Justin Trudeau, AND a Mr Nice Guy, just isn't working eh?No matter how hard they try. No matter how hard the PMO pit bull Jenni Byrne screams or grunts…

So now a former PMO member has come up with the (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: The Real Reason Stephen Harper Wants to Cling to Power

Well I'm not surprised that Stephen Harper was looking so beat up at the end of the NATO summit. I mean just look at him.For a moment I though he was going burst into tears, or resign on the spot.But then it must have been painful to have to tell the other leaders that despite screeching like a chicken hawk, he won't put his money where his mouth is, because he needs the cash to bribe voters in the next election.So much for Great Warrior Leader.And as fate would have it, on the very same day, (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and his Ghastly Flying Monkeys

I've been warning for a while that the number of young right-wing fanatics in the PMO War Machine had reached dangerous levels.And that with their master Stephen Harper so desperate, some of them would eventually take wing like the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.And sure enough they have. And now they're out of control.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Stench of Scandal

Well as you know Stephen Harper is at the NATO summit in Wales and posing as a Great Statesman Leader.Although you'd never know it from his position in this group photo eh?Because any further back and you'd need binoculars to see him.But then I'm sure he's just glad to be there, because it is his last foreign honeymoon before he's forced to return to Canada.And it will be a hard landing…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Stephen Harper Can’t Destroy Justin Trudeau

Ever since Justin Trudeau was elected Liberal leader, Stephen Harper has based his entire strategy on trying to destroy him.But a new Abacus poll is out, and it's not good news for Great Ugly Leader.For it shows that his depraved attempts to destroy Justin just aren't working.And that if he hopes to win the next election, and avoid humiliation, he's going to have to change that strategy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Absurd and Humiliating Trip to Europe

Well I see Great Chicken Hawk Leader is on his way to the NATO summit. With a strong message for his friends AND enemies."NATO I'm a raging bull not a piggybank. !!!!!""Putin gimme me the ethnic vote or ELSE. !#@!!! "And the best one eh?"ISIS you will not stop me from bribing Canadian voters !!!!!!"Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Are the Harper Cons Stealing Government Land?

Its design has not been finalized, but it will be called the Memorial to the Victims of Communism.It will be built on a choice piece of land in the heart of official Ottawa.Land a well known architect is now accusing the Harper regime of stealing.Read more »

Montreal Simon: A Canadian Veteran Prepares to Go After Peter MacKay

A few weeks ago I told you how veterans are preparing to declare war on the Harper regime, that has treated them so shabbily.And how they are planning to make their presence felt in the next election campaign.A network of veterans across Canada is planning a co-ordinated campaign against the Conservative government during next year’s election.“When the election is called, you’re going to see some large fallout, believe me,” said Sydney veteran Ron Clarke. “As soon as the writ is dropped, we are in action.”Now one of them has announced plans to go after the (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Harperland Summer and the Country Where Hope Lives

It's Labour Day. The Snowbirds are roaring over my house for the last time, heading for the CNE air show on the other side of the island. It feels like summer is over.And the roar of the jets only reminds me of what a cataclysmic summer it has been. The summer of Gaza, ISIS, Ukraine, Ferguson and Ebola. A summer of death and destruction, hatred and despair.And of course just another grim summer in the horror of Harperland, where hope goes to die.So I'm really glad I spent much of July in a very different country…

Where (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper the Chicken Hawk Gets his Feathers Plucked

Well as you know, no world leader has screamed as loudly about the crisis in Ukraine as has Stephen Harper.If words were weapons the Russians would have surrendered by now.But now NATO is demanding that he put his money where his mouth or his snout is.And the chicken hawk has been plucked.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Vladimir Putin, and the Arctic Follies

I must admit that when I first heard that Vladimir Putin had replied to Stephen Harper's stirring Arctic Challenge.The one that went basically like this: "Hey Putin, the Arctic and the North Pole are MINE, and so is Ukraine. And I'm a Great Strong Leader, so THERE. You Nazi !!!"By calling Harper and his friends Nazis, and threatening to invade the place. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Climate of Fear

As the Ukraine crisis continues to escalate, and so does the warlike rhetoric in Europe."It is the fact that Russia is in a war state against Ukraine. That means it is in a state of war against a country which would like to be closely integrated with the EU. Practically Russia is in a state of war against Europe."I'm glad to see that Obama and others in the U.S. are pointing out, that if you want to avoid escalating the situation further, and avoid a potentially catastrophic superpower confrontation.It's vitally important that you measure your words. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Inside Stephen Harper’s Head: The Trudeau Obsession

I have no idea why anyone in the MSM would want to psychoanalyze Stephen Harper. It seems something better left between a psychiatrist and his patient. Or in Harper's case a trembling shrink and his maniac.But Paul Wells, who would be his Boswell and his Dr Welby, apparently could not be restrained.And has made a desperate attempt to try to understand Harper's depraved obsession with Justin Trudeau Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Deep Not So Blue Ontario Sea

It was so beautiful and warm yesterday I wish I could have spent the whole day sunning myself on the beach, or swimming in Lake Ontario.Because when I saw the lifeguard boys racing for home at the end of their shifts, I was reminded that summer will soon be following them.Which was a really depressing thought eh?Until I thought that maybe they were just racing to save Stephen Harper.Because when it comes to the province of Ontario, he's definitely going under. Read more »