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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Mean Streak of the Con Regime

There are so many reasons to despise Stephen Harper and his monstrous Con regime.For what they have done to Canada, and what they might do to it if they are re-elected. But for me the main reason is what Gerald Caplan calls its mean streak. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Heroic Vote of the Long Suffering Greek People

For years they have had to endure the pain of austerity. Look on helplessly as their jobs disappeared, and their pensions shrank.But still the cruel and greedy banksters wanted to impose even more austerity upon them. And humiliate them further for daring to elect a left-wing government.But today the Greek people finally rose up and said enough is enough. Read more »

Montreal Simon: First It Was Harper’s Police Now It’s Harper’s Army

A few days ago I wrote a post about how Stephen Harper was turning the RCMP into Harper's police.Just another tool in his campaign to try to win the next election.Now please stand to attention, kiss our democracy goodbye.And salute Harper's Army. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Most Sad and Pathetic Calgary Stampede

Well there he was in this PMO picture, at the Calgary Stampede in his black bad guy cowboy hat, framed between a horse and a horse's ass.Watching the parade and trying to put on a brave face, or smile like a winner. Or at least open his mouth and show his teeth.But it couldn't have been easy. Not with Rachel Notley, the new sheriff of Alberta, riding triumphantly past him…

He must have had lockjaw by the time that was over eh?And of course the latest EKOS poll didn't exactly make him want to stand up and shout "Yee (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Pierre Poilievre and the Scandalous Con Plan to Buy the Election

As you may remember, when I last dropped in on Pierre Poilievre, I found him wandering around at a clothing sale in an Ottawa hockey arena.Making a vanity video, desperately trying to buy votes with the Con's so-called Universal Child Care Benefit.And even more desperately trying to do something, ANYTHING, to try to fix his terrible popularity problem. But since that was never going to work. They don't call him Pee Wee or Dickhead for nothing eh?

I see he's taken his desperate search for love to a whole new and low level.

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Creeping Militarization of Canada

In my last post I showed you yet another example of how Stephen Harper is trying to militarize our culture.By having such gentle and iconic Canadian traditions like the RCMP Musical Ride, compete in the same arena with a sinister SWAT show…

Complete with armoured cars, explosions, and even a prisoner to carry off in handcuffs.And yesterday's Canada Day show on Parliament Hill was more of the same. With more soldiers and police officers than you could count. A twenty-one gun salute.And this thundering message from Great Warrior Leader. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Harper Police

Well as you know, Stephen Harper has turned the RCMP into the Harper Police. And sadly the Musical Ride isn't what it once was. Is there no place now where Canadians can be spared the Conservative government’s jingoistic militaristic bleating with its conjured-up images of dangers lurking around every corner, nurturing the fear that “others” are out to rob us of our freedoms?”But every now and then the Mounties still do get their man.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Canada Day in Harperland, Between Hope and Despair

It's Canada Day in Harperland in the grim year of 2015. And I must admit I'm finding it hard to find a reason to celebrate, or find words to express how I feel.For it has been a grim year, and think I said what I wanted to say about Canada, in this post the other day.How I once thought of this big beautiful country as a magical place. But now I don't recognize it.Read more »

Montreal Simon: In Frank and Passionate Defence of Thomas Mulcair

Well I've defended Justin Trudeau a lot recently, in three of my last six posts.When she was attacked, I defended Elizabeth May. And now it seems I must defend Tom Mulcair.From a story that suggests that he is really a closeted Harper Con. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why the Cons Won’t Be Charged For Their Terrorist Attack Ad

If you've seen this latest Con attack ad aimed at Justin Trudeau, you know how monstrous it is.How it starts with the sinister ISIS anthem, and crudely and cruelly exploits the faces of men about to be savagely killed. You know why it's been called a snuff film.And why Stephen Harper should be charged under the provisions of his own ghastly Bill C-51, for spreading terrorist propaganda.But sadly it seems Harper and his ghastly gang will NOT be charged.For at least one very good reason.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is It Time to Rename the Cons the Canadian Convict Party?

As you probably know, I've written hundreds if not thousands of posts about the nefarious activities of Boss Harper and his Con mob.And for more information please consult the latest version of Alison's Perps with Perks. Because you can't find a better group mugshot anywhere.But sometimes a simple cartoon can sum up the situation better than a thousand words.And this is one of them…Read more »

Montreal Simon: How Stephen Harper Changed the Face of Canada

It still looks like the Canada I first saw on a glorious fall day long ago, through the window of a plane coming into land at Montreal airport.As I bounced up and down in my seat with excitement, and looked down to see if I could spot any bears on Mount Royal.A country so big and so beautiful, it took my breath away.But sadly it isn't the same country. For as Carol Goar points out, Stephen Harper has altered it almost beyond recognition. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Incredibly Dangerous Delusions of the Corrupt Con Regime

I must admit that when I first read that Kory Teneycke was defending the Con's latest disgusting attack ad, by claiming: "We’re better than news, because we’re truthful." After a moment of shock and disbelief, I practically fell out of my chair laughing.Even though as I later pointed out, him and his Cons should be arrested, for spreading terrorist propaganda.But then, just a few hours after I wrote that post, I had a terrifying thought. What if Teneycke and the other little monsters in the PMO really believe what they're saying?What if it isn't naked hypocrisy? It's terrifying self DELUSION !!!!Read more »

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Montreal Simon: Watch Kory Teneycke Try to Explain Why the Cons Shouldn’t Be Arrested

As you may know the Cons have just released a new attack ad, which uses ISIS' images and music to attack Justin Trudeau.And should, according to the provisions of their own Bill C-51, cause the Cons to be arrested.But now you must really watch the Harperite stooge Kory Teneycke try to defend the Con propaganda machine.And fail miserably. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Real Reason the Con Regime Killed the HarperPAC

Three days ago I wrote about how a group of well known young conservative activists had created a monstrous HarperPAC.A political action committee that would collect money from Big Business, especially Big Oil, to attack the progressive parties and the unions.But before the rapidly swelling beast was able to crawl out of its crib, it was brutally squished by Stephen Harper himself. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, the Merchant of Fear, and the Con’s Ghastly New Attack Ad

He's tried everything but nothing is working. And the situation couldn't be more desperate.So Stephen Harper is going back to the basics. Back to what he does best.Trying to scare Canadians into voting for him. And attacking Justin Trudeau.Or as he does in the latest, and most grotesque Con attack ad ever, trying to do both at the same time.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Not So Great Con War on Russia

As you know, the thought that Jason Kenney is our Defence Minister, sometimes keeps me awake at night. Or makes me wake up screaming.Because I fear that absurd chicken hawk might use his big mouth, and appalling judgement, to make the dangerous situation in Ukraine even more dangerous.And lead us cheerfully into the Third World War, or what religious fanatics like him call The Rapture.So I'm glad to report that Kenney is now deflating his own balloon. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Dean Del Mastro Is Going to the Big House

He claimed he was totally innocent. When a judge said he wasn't, he said he didn't share her opinion.But of course the judge had the last opinion.And Dean Del Mastro is going to jail. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Desperate Struggle to Block Stephen Harper’s Monument to Himself

Today is the day the National Capital Commission will vote to decide whether to break ground for the building of Stephen Harper's monument to himself, the so-called Memorial to the Victims of Communism.And although the ugly Stalinist monument has been denounced by hundreds of groups from architects to veterans, as an absolute monstrosity.The corrupt Cons are taking steps to fix the vote. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Liberals Fire Back at the Anti-Trudeau Con Ad

I'm sure that by now you've seen this Con attack ad at least a hundred times, because it's receiving massive air play on every TV channel.And I have to admit that although I'm officially non-partisan, its smarmy script offends every bone in my body.And if I hear that loon say this one more time… "Legalizing MAREEJUANA is that the biggest problem we have to solve?"I think I'll scream. Or throw something at the TV.So I'm glad to see the Liberals have a new version of that ad.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The HarperPAC, Big Money, and the Americanization of Canada

As you may have heard, a group of Harper supporters have created a political action committee to attack the progressive parties. Supporters of Stephen Harper have formed a political-advertising unit separate from the Conservative Party that will run attack ads, targeting Facebook, Google and Twitter users, to help the Tory re-election effort as a federal ballot approaches.HarperPAC has already produced a spot alleging Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is unqualified to be prime minister and its next project is an ad, aimed at British Columbia voters, that will warn against electing a federal NDP government.And whatever those Cons (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Ghastly Hypocrisy of the Shameless Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper has so many monstrous human flaws, I think my fingers would fall off before I finished typing all of them.But one of the worst is his ghastly hypocrisy.For he is the leader who promised transparency when he came to power only to turn his filthy regime into the most secretive government ever. The leader who promised to clean up government only to turn it into a pig sty.The one who talks about "freedom" all the time while passing Bill C-51 that would turn us into a police state.And this banquet last night is only the latest example. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why is the Harper Regime Training Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

As you know Stephen Harper is leading the charge against the Russians in Ukraine, with his big mouth.In relentless pursuit of the ethnic vote.And to try to distract Canadians from all the other enemies he'd rather not face…

David Parkins/Globe and MailBut if he is posing as a freedom fighter, why is he forcing our military to train neo-Nazis? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney Makes a Fool Out of Himself on Twitter. Again

Among his many dubious achievements, Jason Kenney is also known as the Con's most aggressive Twitter warrior.A man who blasts tweets out of every orifice without stopping to think what he's saying.And today he made a fool out of himself. Again.By invoking Sharia law rather than Canadian law in the debate over whether woman should be allowed to wear a niqab at a citizenship ceremony. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Solo Stephen and the Scary Collapse of the House of Harper

As you know Stephen Harper has been losing so many ministers recently, that even though he's a psychopath not a people person, he must be feeling awfully lonely.And of course desperately vulnerable.For how can he claim that the opposition parties are unfit to govern?When his front bench is now so thin, and his talent pool so shallow, one really has to wonder whether the Cons can still call themselves a government.What with their Great Leader looking so shrunken…Read more »