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Obama wins! Marijuana legalized?!?!

(On a quick side note, I’m going to start breaking up my posts into the different topics in the title, using red headings, as seen below – ‘Fiscal Cliff and American Political System’ – to make it easier for people to find what they really want… . . . → Read More: Obama wins! Marijuana legalized?!?!

Update, finally!

So the Conservatives are finally starting to have fun with their majority. We all knew this day would come — when we would be forced to helplessly sit at the sidelines and watch while these idiots we call ‘representatives’ shove through legislation so… . . . → Read More: Update, finally!

Help save the CBC!

So I’m not too happy to announce that nothing really that interesting has been happening in my life recently. I haven’t been working with YSB for a while, and I’m no longer on the CSSDP’s advisory board (as far as I know, anyway) because I couldn’t mak… . . . → Read More: Help save the CBC!

Gun safety and registry!

What with all the hoo-ha over the gun registry recently, I wanted to put my two cents in. I got in a Facebook argument with someone I don’t even know, and I was a little nervous that I might be wrong. I mean, I’m not used to being wrong — I’m pre… . . . → Read More: Gun safety and registry!

Election time approaches!

I used to enjoy reading about politics. In high school, when I was just developing a conciousness about politics, I used to find the littlest, most menial government tasks absolutely fascinating, and I would exuberantly encourage my peers to read about… . . . → Read More: Election time approaches!

This is a gift…

So, my loyal readers, I’m sure that you’ve all been keeping up to date on the activities. Well, the police went overboard (like I predicted) and brutalized SO many people. My girlfriend was part of the group that got boxed in on Queen and Spadina on Su… . . . → Read More: This is a gift…

Harm Reduction Superheroes!

So last Thursday I did a panel speech and presented a workshop at YSB’s forum. It was called Building Bridges and it focused on youth ‘in transition’ from youth to adulthood and how we can better support them.Oh yeah, on a side note, things with Kristy… . . . → Read More: Harm Reduction Superheroes!

Biking around town! Sorry folks.

[edit: I just noticed that I passed 1000 hits! Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I feel so special!]Hey OFDSU devotees -I’m sorry that my posting has been so erratic lately. To be honest I haven’t really had any good topics to write about and I d… . . . → Read More: Biking around town! Sorry folks.

Mars at Night

Inhale thick smoke in a pensive positionAnd gaze unabashedly at skies overhead, wonderingAs I always do, without censor, at the originsSome nights my view is clear, others it is foggyAnd when it’s clear so much is explained, in thatPainstakingly instru… . . . → Read More: Mars at Night

B(l)ogged down…

I’m with zoom! in that I’ve been feeling kinda down lately. I’ve had tons of great ideas for blog posts, but I just haven’t been able to put it together. Even right now, I’m only writing because I feel obligated to write something, and so my blog doesn… . . . → Read More: B(l)ogged down…

Portugal — a model of the future! Part ONE

Part One of a Two-Part Special Series!So I’m sure those of you who keep up with the news have read at some point or another that Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001. This decision was supported by a huge majority of their society, from lawmakers … . . . → Read More: Portugal — a model of the future! Part ONE

Nothing too exciting…

So, nothing too exciting has been happening. I had court this morning, and was surprised to hear that my lawyer didn’t go to the Counsel Pre-Trial he set for Monday — when I talked to him yesterday he made it sound like he went, and he wasn’t even the… . . . → Read More: Nothing too exciting…

Youth Stories Project update, and a couple other small things!

So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a groovy project at YSB called the Youth Stories Project. Myself and a couple other youth from the youth engagement program were selected for our strong writing skills. We’ve been interviewing youth, … . . . → Read More: Youth Stories Project update, and a couple other small things!

CENSORED by your local Police Department…

David Bratzer, an active officer in the ranks of the Victoria Police Department, and also a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), was invited to speak at an event tomorrow night in Victoria. This event was sponsored and funded by the Ci… . . . → Read More: CENSORED by your local Police Department…

Political spin makes me dizzy!

So, as much as I disagree with all that happens behind the scenes at the Olympics, I do support athletics and I do believe that our athletes are the best in the world. I don’t think it’s their fault that these games cost so much and that they do a lot … . . . → Read More: Political spin makes me dizzy!

Naloxone programs

So I just found out that a good friend of mine died of an overdose while I was in jail last week. It came as quite a surprise to her family because she appeared to be a young urban professional with a bright future, and nobody knew that she was secretl… . . . → Read More: Naloxone programs

Making the system work? Yeah, right!

The following is an editorial from the Ottawa Sun about a week or two ago.MAKING THE SYSTEM WORKPrisoners incarcerated for crimes against society think theyhave “rights” The right to have needles for injecting drugs; andpaid for by taxpayers? Criminals… . . . → Read More: Making the system work? Yeah, right!