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The Canadian Progressive: Aagh, Harper Conservatives Nuked Democratic NDP Motion On Role Of PBO

By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 14, 2013: Showing their burgeoning disdain for accountability, transparency, financial oversight and the independence of federal watchdogs, the Harper Conservatives earlier this week nuked a progressive NDP motion on the role of the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO). The motion, tabled by the Official Opposition’s Finance critic, Peggy Nash, sought to extend the mandate READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: VICTORY: Canadians Killed Harper’s Internet Surveillance Bill C-30

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 12, 2013: Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s Internet surveillance Bill C-30 is dead. The demise of the deceptively christened Protecting Children From Internet Predators Act is a victory for the Internet. For Canadian democracy. For Canadians. Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson confirmed it yesterday when he announced that the Conservatives won’t be pursuing the READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Black hockey players, aboriginals, gays nixed from Canada’s new bills

“The Bank of Canada considered celebrating gay marriages, black hockey players, and turban-wearing RCMP officers on its new plastic bank notes” By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 11, 2013: And so the Harper Conservative-inspired whitewashing of Canada continues. Last summer, we learned that the Bank of Canada had nixed the image of an Asian-looking female scientist from READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Senator Patrick Brazeau Must Go!

If Brazeau stays on as an independent Senator, he’ll cost Canadian taxpayers at lease $7-million by the time he retires approximately 37 years from today. By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 8, 2013: Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau’s charges of assault and sexual assault offer Prime Minister Stephen Harper the opportunity to do the right thing concerning his much-touted READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Best line to pick up a Canadian woman: “Hi, I’m NOT Stephen Harper”? (VIDEO)

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb.3, 2013: Seriously, you can actually get laid in Canada for introducing yourself as NOT Prime Minister Stephen Harper and certainly having nothing to do with the Conservatives? For saying that you got nothing to do with the Alberta tar sands and Canada’s oil-driven foreign policy? That you got nothing to do with Harper’s READ MORE

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: PowerShift 2012 Conference Day 1 (VIDEO)

More than 1000 youth from across Canada are currently gathered in Ottawa for the for the PowerShift 2012 conference. The 4-day conference seeks to push the Harper Government to act to stop climate change and social injustice, and end annual handouts of “$1.4 billion in taxpayer money to the richest, dirtiest corporations in the world.” More on The Canadian Progressive’s coverage of PowerShift 2012: The [...]

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: Power Shift 2012 Conference Begins With Powerful Presentations

Electric young keynote activist speakers and live performances before 1000 attendees kicked off the Power Shift 2012 conference last night at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau. MCs Brigette DePape and Clayton Thomas-Mueller of set the tone for the rest of the night – and the 4-day conference – when they invited the participants to rousing chants of: [...]

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: 1000 youth converge in Ottawa to demand just solutions to climate and economic crises

by We Are Powershift From October 26 to October 29, 1000 youth from across the country will converge at Power Shift 2012 in Ottawa to galvanize a broad movement pushing the federal government to aggressively reduce carbon emissions and tackle the corporations that are fueling climate change, building on the momentum of the tar sands pipeline [...]

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: The Canadian Progressive covers Power Shift 2012

The Canadian Progressive’s publisher and progressive political blogger, Obert Madondo, will be reporting on the 4-day Power Shift 2012 conference taking place in Ottawa and Gatineau on October 26-29, 2012. More than 1000 youth from across Canada are expected for the conference, which seeks to “galvanize a broad movement” pushing the Harper Government to act to [...]