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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, the Terrorist Scare, and the Police State

I warned that Stephen Harper was looking for a way to scare Canadians, so he could try to stampede them into believing that only a Great Strong Leader like himself could save them.So he could use fear to try to save himself, and turn this broken country into a police state.Well today he got his "terrorist incident." A 25-year-old man who injured two soldiers in a hit and run and was later fatally shot by police in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., was known to federal authorities as someone who had been "radicalized," according to the RCMP and (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: The People Who Want to Shoot the Women

Do you stand with @femfreq?

If not, you’re welcome to not come back to this website. You aren’t welcome.

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Politics and its Discontents: The Harper Regime: 90 Pound Weaklings When It Comes To Heavy Lifting

As I indicated in yesterday’s post, the Harper Conservatives seem very selective in ‘standing up for the vulnerable’; they just don’t seem to have what it takes to do the real heavy lifting that is required in our troubled world, preferring instead to utter bellicose rhetoric and put our young men and women in harm’s way battling an enemy that defies traditional methods of combat.

Globe reader Andrew van Velzen of Toronto offers his view of their performance thus far: Stephen Harper badly wants to be a player – a contender, if you will – on the world stage (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Trudeau “cannot and will not” support Harper’s Iraq war motion

Responding to Harper’s Iraq war motion, introduced Friday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said his party “cannot and will not support this Prime Minister’s motion.”

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The Canadian Progressive: Elizabeth May Responds To Harper’s Iraq War Motion

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May agrees with Harper that “Canada cannot stand on the sidelines,” but warns that “bombings have never ended an Islamic or any religious extremist terrorist threat.”

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The Cracked Crystal Ball II: The Closer You Look …

The closer one looks at the ISIS thing, the more it starts looking like a sectarian war in the Middle East.  Yesterday in the Globe and Mail, Robert Fowler very nicely articulated the problem with short term solutions to the mess in Iraq, and today I spotted a really interesting read describing some of the reasons behind the apparent lack of response from several Arab states, in particular Saudi Arabia.

As is typical of these situations in the region, it is starting to become apparent that for all of its bloodiness, ISIS is simply another sectarian feud spilling out (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Critical thinkers, Take Heart

Dispelling misconceptions is never well-received in the media:

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Politics and its Discontents: Penetrating The Fog Of War

Yesterday, in response to a picture I posted quoting Herman Goering on the ease with which people can be manipulated into war, Scotian, a frequent commentator, responded to the picture, offering his analysis of the Canadian reaction to ISIS. I offer you his comments, always insightful, for your consideration:

Sadly, I am forced to agree.

However I was rather pleasantly surprised to see Trudeau and the Libs not at the last join with Harper on the combat side, I rather had expected to see that. Indeed, in the last couple of days Trudeau has been sounding a lot more sensible (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper Speech Announces Canada’s Air Strikes Against ISIS

Here’s an unedited text of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speech in the House of Commons on Friday, announcing Canada’s air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

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Cowichan Conversations: ISIS Threat: Let’s Refuse to Be Scared

I recommend that you read this timely analysis from Crawford Kilian as published in the Tyee

Canada’s response in Iraq will be ‘noble,’ Harper says. What should that mean? By Crawford Kilian

Yesterday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned of a “terrorist caliphate” threatening Iraqi minorities with genocide, and said that a Canadian response to this threat would be “noble.”

The nature of our noble response is still uncertain, but it seems clear that we’re going into yet another round of wars justified by our adversaries being terrorists. It’s all getting a bit tired.

Terrorism has been around since the (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Cheap Rhetoric Versus Practical Questions

With regard to the ISIS threat, here is what Prime Minister Harper had to say in the House: “These are necessary actions, they are noble actions” …. “When we think that something is necessary and noble, we don’t sit back and say that only other people should do it. The Canadian way is that you do your part.”

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, on the other hand, asked a series of questions on the matter, including the length of the planned mission, the exit strategy and the exact demands of the United States for a Canadian military contribution.

While Harper is (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: RCMP’s War On Canadian Environmentalists Escalates

A newly-released RCMP report wants Canadians to believe that “environmental extremists” pose a “clear and present criminal threat” to Canada’s tar sands-dominated energy sector.

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The Disaffected Lib: Pope Warns We May Already Be In "Piecemeal WWIII"

Has the world already stumbled into a third world war?  Pope Francis thinks that could well be the case.  Denouncing war as “madness”, the Pope made his remarks while visiting Italy’s largest military cemetery.

In Saturday’s homily, standing at the altar beneath Italy’s fascist-era Redipuglia memorial – where 100,000 Italian soldiers killed during WWI are buried, 60,000 of them unnamed, the Pope paid tribute to the victims of all wars. “Humanity needs to weep, and this is the time to weep,” he said.“Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third (Read more…) . . . → Read More: The Disaffected Lib: Pope Warns We May Already Be In "Piecemeal WWIII"

Politics and its Discontents: The Perspective That Age Bestows

Unlike some, I do not bemoan the passage of time. True, I am of that generation known as ‘the baby boomers,’ but while I am at times mildly bemused about certain things (‘How can it be 50 years since the Beatles first played in Toronto?’), I was never beguiled by the notion that we would be young forever. Yes, I try to keep fit and hope to be active throughout the rest of my years, but ceding my place to others in both the workplace and the larger world bothers me not in the least. As Margaret Wente (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Shadowy Con Conspiracy to Destroy Justin Trudeau

I have no idea who broke into Justin Trudeau's home the other night while he was away, in a creepy attempt to terrorize him and his young family.I can't imagine what kind of foul creature, or creatures, would leave a sinister message in a circle of butcher knives.But I am glad Justin is asking the RCMP to evaluate his security. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has asked the RCMP to assess whether he will need a security detail after someone broke into his Ottawa home on Saturday and left a threatening note.Because I honestly believe there are a group of (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Shadowy Con Conspiracy to Destroy Justin Trudeau

Montreal Simon: The Sinister Terror Attack on Justin Trudeau and his Family

When I first heard that somebody had broken into Justin Trudeau's home, while his wife and his children slept, and he was not there, I felt a chill go down my back.Especially when I heard that the intruder hadn't taken anything. Something just didn't seem right. And sure enough it turns out it was no ordinary break-in.It was almost certainly an act of political terrorism.Read more »

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: My Grandfathers’ War

One hundred years ago World War I began, a war that started as a clash in a tiny, almost unknown Balkan state and blossomed into a violent, gruesome war that spread across Europe, the Middle East and reached into Africa and Asia. Within a few years, tens of millions would be dead, the political face […]

Politics and its Discontents: Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair – Soft on Terrorism

Let’s begin with the definition of “terrorism.” Merriam-Webster offers up a fairly standard definition: “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.”

That sounds exactly like what is going on in Gaza right now. That is exactly what is going on in Gaza right now. It’s terrorism. Deliberately planned and precisely executed terrorism. And our prime minister and his government and our opposition Liberal and New Democrat leaders and all their parties are just fine with it. Trudeau even praises the terrorist government for (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Hamas is not a terrorist organization

It seems that the media and politicians can hardly mention Hamas, much in the news these days, without referring to it as a terrorist organization. And indeed a number of governments, including our own, have officially labelled it as such. But we might keep in mind that our government at least is sycophantically pro-Israel and labeling Hamas terrorist is very much in Israel’s interest. So is

The Canadian Progressive: Justin Trudeau lauds Israel’s “commitment to peace”

In official statement that reiterates the Liberal Party’ of Canada’s position on the Middle East, leader Justin Trudeau lauds Israel’s “commitment to peace.”

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Trashy's World: I’m increasingly concerned….

…about what we are going to see as an end game of the Ukraine crisis. The States is upping the rhetoric, as is the UK. But other European leaders are remaining fairly quiet for fear of Russian repercussions – economic or otherwise. Putin is in the regional expansion game for the long haul, kids. This […]

Politics and its Discontents: Holding Our ‘Leaders’ To Account

It is almost impossible, I think, to feel anything but a dark impotence when it comes to world events today. Wherever we look, be it the Ukraine, Africa, the Middle East or our own backyards, death, despoliation and injustice prevail. At times, it seems assuming the fetal position is the only reasonable response to a world out of control.

Yet, even when there seems little we can do to ameliorate the world’s suffering, there is something all of us can do – refuse to be silent and passive in the face of atrocity – refuse to make (Read more…)

Art Threat: Engaging and Enraging: A Review of The Secret Trial 5

The Secret Trial 5, director Amar Wala’s first feature, is an engaging and enraging look at five men labelled security risks by the Canadian government and detained without trial for a combined total of 30 years in prison, and another 20 years (and counting) under strict house arrest.

Shot over four years, the film follows four of the men – Adil Charkaoui, Mohamed Harkat, Hassan Almrei and Mahmoud Jaballah – as they fight to either be formally charged with something they can defend themselves on, or be released. (The fifth detainee, Mohammad Zeki Mahjoub, declined to take part in (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Does the terrorist threat justify the snooping? Not according to the stats

British Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking about the need for mass surveillance of communications, talked about keeping concerns about civil liberties “in proportion.” Perhaps what should be kept in proportion is his enthusiasm for mass snooping. Mr. Cameron and other national leaders justify their obsession about security and its attendant secrecy on the terrorist threat. But how much of a

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: C-24 In Conjunction With C-23 As Instruments Of Voter Suppression

There has been a lot of attention on Bill C-23 the last week or so, and in particular the parts of it which appear to be tools that can be used for voter suppression.

In discussing the Voter ID requirements of Bill C-23, I became very concerned that this government could well be introducing other legislation which could act in concert with Bill C-23 to suppress the ability of opposition groups to be heard.

Sure enough, Bill C-24 contains some interesting and troubling clauses which dramatically broaden the ability of the government to revoke citizenship.  The proposed section 10(2) reads (Read more…)