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LeDaro: Ted Nugent: The Dickhead

Ted Nugent, the rocker, told NRA members that he will either be “dead or in jail” next year if President Obama is re-elected. What did he mean by that? Now the guy is being investigated by the secret service and he should be.

Mitt Romney sought Nugent’s endorsement and got it. This gives you . . . → Read More: LeDaro: Ted Nugent: The Dickhead

bastard.logic: IOKIYAR to Infinity.

Ok, so I know IOKIYAR is (and has been for ages) SOP in DC. Still, the manner in which the Village took Rosengate oh-so seriously (and turned it up TO ELEVEN) but is now suddenly backpeddling re: The Nuge’s semi-coherent call for Obama’s assassination (gosh, campaign surrogates sure do say the darndest things!*) is . . . → Read More: bastard.logic: IOKIYAR to Infinity.