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Yesterday I watched a nasty old lady beat my swap box to death with her cane.

Rosie and I were out for an afternoon walk in the Enchanted Forest. As we rounded the curve in the path, I saw the tree upon which the swap box lives. And there was an old lady viciously . . . → Read More: Nasty old lady kills swap box Our first swap box

GC and Rosie and I installed a swap box in the Enchanted Forest in honour of Elmaks. Turns out none of us are especially handy with a drill. Rosie played the opposable thumb card (again), but GC and I didn’t really have an excuse. On the plus side, you learn a lot about how . . . → Read More: Our first swap box Remembering Elmaks

It was on this day, a year ago, that Ottawa’s favourite street artist hiked into the forest, lay down under a tree, and died.

His parents recently sent me a photograph of his headstone, along with an explanation of the symbols, and kindly gave me permission to share it here.

in the top left . . . → Read More: Remembering Elmaks Heartwarming goodbyes

CCOC (Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation) wasn’t just a nice place to work. It turned out to be a nice place to leave, too.

On my last day of work, they took me out for a lovely lunch and presented me with a swap box (!) filled with goodies like antique office supplies and a . . . → Read More: Heartwarming goodbyes