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Progressive Proselytizing: "We’re better than news, we’re truthful"

So says Kory Teneycke, the former VP of the new defunct Sun News Network and now Director of Communications for the PMO. 

The irony here is simply too much. He is at least half right. Sun News Network was premised on just about anything but the truth. It was highly partisan and served precisely to better right wing interests. Truth was irrelevant, and it was why I so often opposed what they were doing. So he is not wrong to think that when he was in the news, he was not truthful.

I was highly critical of Harper’s choice (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: C’Mon, Be Honest. Are You Jonesin’ for a ‘Sun News’ Fix?

Didn’t think so.  Me neither.

I do wonder how much notice management gave the staff of their decision to pull the pin.  According to HuffPo, Sun staffers were officially notified on Friday after the network had shut down.  That must have triggered a stampede of job seekers.

Parent company Quebecor Media had been in talks to sell the network to media mogul Moses Znaimer’s Zoomer Media, which also owns specialty TV channels, radio stations, Zoomer magazine and digital properties, according to several reports.

But that deal has apparently fallen through.

The Canadaland media blog reported the network was (Read more…)

Northern Reflections: The Death Of Sun News


Sun News is dead. A speciality channel which specialized in sound and fury, it passed quietly into the night. The whole project was ill conceived from the beginning. Christopher Waddell writes:

Initially, the Sun TV strategy seemed almost foolproof. Take a failing over-the-air channel in Toronto that relied on advertising for all its revenue and turn it into a national speciality channel that viewers would have to pay for through monthly cable or satellite subscriptions. To make it happen, mix in political pressure and powerful connections, deftly exploited.

Quebecor believed — or was (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Return to Harperland and the Wonderful Death of Sun TV News

Well as you can imagine it wasn't easy saying goodbye to the balmy breezes of the Caribbean.After my amazing sailing adventure where I once again showed the sea that I am its MASTER !!!And then returning to the grim reality of Harperland and this arctic nightmare.

But I have to admit I almost wish I could have returned sooner, so I could have watched The Sun News Network sink gently plunge suddenly to the bottom of ocean.

Or in its case the big blue hole. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Maybe There Is Some Reason To Hope

H/t Gus Andrikopoulos Recommend this Post

The Ranting Canadian: A good-news story in Canadian media/journalism news: Sun…

A good-news story in Canadian media/journalism news:

Sun “News” Network, aka Fox News North, aka the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation, aka Harper TV, aka Scum Spews is finally shutting down due to a shortage of viewers. I just hope Harper doesn’t bail them out with our taxpayer dollars as part of his Conservative Action Adscam Plan to win the next election. I wouldn’t put it past that scheming, thieving piece of shit. He played a hand in setting up the channel in the first place.

It’s comforting to know there still aren’t enough far-right, ignorant, bigoted, self-hating traitors in Canada (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Ezra Levant’s Absurd and Obscene Salute to Himself

He is without a doubt the most disgusting person on Canadian TV. An ugly bigoted bully if ever there was one.And he couldn't have had a worse year in 2014.But I see Ezra Levant can't handle the inconvenient truth. Or is finally losing his mind.Because not only does he think 2014 was his best year EVER.He thinks he's a real journalist!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Ezra Levant’s Doubly Disastrous Day of Reckoning

I'm sorry I wasn't able to check out Ezra Levant's reaction to the latest court judgement against him.

Because I'm sure it must have been priceless. Sun News Network host Ezra Levant has been ordered to pay $80,000 in damages for libeling a Saskatchewan lawyer in a series of “reckless” blog posts, according to a Superior Court decision released Thursday evening.But I'm not surprised that he's reacting like that ghastly bully always does. Portraying himself as a martyr.And begging for money…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Ezra Levant’s Latest Disgraceful Bigot Eruption

Ezra Levant is without a shadow of a doubt the most disgusting person on Canadian television.A greasy, grubby oil pimp, a far-right demagogue, a bully and a bigot.But even by his low standards, this is absolutely outrageous.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Disgraceful Sham Apology of Sun News and Ezra Levant

Well it wasn't much of an apology. The Sun News network has apologized to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and declared that an “offensive” rant against his parents’ morality — which included a description of Pierre Trudeau as a “slut” — should have never made it to air.Ezra Levant wasn't man enough to deliver it himself.So instead it was scrolled on the screen like a public health warning…

But it did tell us all we need to know about Sun News.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Did Brian Mulroney Order the Humiliation of Ezra Levant?

Yes, according to Robert Fife:

Brian Mulroney called Liberals to say Sun Media will apologize tomorrow for offensive rant by @ezralevant vs @JustinTrudeau. #cdnpoli— Robert Fife (@RobertFife) September 28, 2014

You know, the CTV reporter who first exposed the Senategate scandal.And if it's true it couldn't be more delicious.Or more humiliating for Levant.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Justin Trudeau is Right to Boycott Sun News

I must admit when I first saw what Ezra Levant had said about Justin Trudeau's parents, I wondered whether Justin would challenge him to a duel.So he could do to him what he did to Patrick Brazeau…

Because Levant was there that night covering the fight live for Sun News with his reptilian colleague Brian Lilley…

And I've never seen those two Con stooges look so bitterly disappointed after it was over. It was HILARIOUS.But what really disappoints ME is the way so many of the useless stooges in the MSM are saying that Trudeau is wrong to boycott Sun News. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: On Trudeau’s Sun ‘News’ Boycott

When I wrote a brief post the other day on Ezra Levant’s disgusting and puerile tirade against the Trudeaus the other day, I had no intention of revisiting the issue, but two columns calling into question the decision by Justin Trudeau to boycott the organization leads me to further comment.

Writing in The Globe, Simon Houpt, while fully agreeing that the attack was just the latest in a series of outrageous nonsense from the mouth of the perpetually angry Levant, says that when a politician cuts off access to select media, it is an affront to everyone. Sun Media (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Do People Really Watch This Crap?

Five minutes was my limit for this video.

And apparently Justin Trudeau has reached him limit with Sun News. His decision to boycott the network, I’m sure, will send the foaming right wing into a howling frenzy. Recommend this Post

Montreal Simon: Pierre-Karl Péladeau and the Sun News Separatists

Well it wasn't a total surprise, but it was still a stunning sight. Pauline Marois and her new star candidate Pierre-Karl Péladeau Pierre-Karl Péladeau, controlling shareholder of the Quebecor media empire, on Sunday announced he will run for the Parti Québécois, saying his top motivation is to make Quebec independent. “My joining the Parti Québécois is tied to my most intimate and profound values and that is to say I want Quebec to become a country,” he told supporters in the riding of St-Jérôme, just north of Montreal, where he will be running in the April 7 provincial election.Read more »

LeDaro: Sun News cancels Rob Ford and Doug Ford program after one broadcast

That did not last long.

“The Globe and Mail is reporting that Ford Nation was a huge ratings success, pulling in about 155,000 viewers—that counts as a success for Sun News, which reaches only 40 per cent of Canadian homes—but is being binned anyhow because of “the Fords’ relative inexperience with the medium.” Apparently, yesterday’s episode took whopping five hours to shoot and another eight hours to edit. That’s a huge amount of resources for the fledgling Sun News Network. The economics just couldn’t support keeping the show on the air.“

Bill Longstaff: Sun News and sewer journalism

When Sun News hires the infamous Ford brothers to do a TV show, decent people cringe, but they shouldn’t be surprised. Aping Fox News, as Sun Media are inclined to do, it is simply pandering to the lowest common denominator, and the Fords are masters at pleasing that crowd.

An argument can be made that even the benighted among us deserve a mass medium that appeals to their passions and

Let Freedom Rain II: Protester farted in my face: Sun News reporter Faith Goldy

Another case of “she who smelled it, dealt it?”

So shouts Fox News North. Or, Faith Goldy to be exact. Goldy spoke about the incident on The Source, saying, “”I’m just minding my own business, when all of sudden something putrid emerges in the air. So I gaze from my phone and there before me is one of the bottoms of one of the Line 9 protesters.” 

“So they farted in your face? That’s what you are saying,” Levant replied. 

“That is exactly what happened, Ezra,” Goldy said.

No video or photo exists of the alleged Line (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Long Slow Death of Fox News North

Uh oh. Somebody call a plumber, or a mortician. It looks as if Sun TV News, also known as Fox News North or Harper TV, won't be able to make us pay to keep it on life support. Sun News Network has been denied a guaranteed spot on basic cable TV packages in a CRTC ruling released today.Maybe.But the CRTC suggested Thursday it isn't happy with the status quo and proposed "a new approach" regarding the distribution of Canadian national news services.Which has Kory Teneycke, Harper's old flak, clinging to hope that his stinky fish might survive… Read more »

The Ranting Canadian: Hooray!  Sun News Network (SNN), aka Scum “News" lost…

Hooray! Sun News Network (SNN), aka Scum “News” lost their hypocritical bid to force all Canadian cable TV viewers to pay for their shitty channel regardless of whether we want to watch it.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) correctly declined to award special treatment to the undeserving TV station that should not even (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: The Ranting Canadian: Hooray!  Sun News Network (SNN), aka Scum “News" lost…

Trashy's World: Maybe I’m wrong, and there really IS a God!

At least, this news is tantamount to divine intervention in my books!!! Fox News North does NOT have to be offered on basic cable… a victory for those Canadians everywhere with IQs higher than the length of Pierre Polievre’s nose, in centimetres. (2) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Montreal Simon: Ezra Levant and the Apology Song

Well I'm glad to see that Ezra Levant has apologized for his hateful comments about the Roma.Although it did take him forever to put his lips together and spit out the words I'm sorry.And knowing him, I'm pretty sure he's even sorrier that he had to write this formal apology. Read more »

The Ranting Canadian: Say NO to mandatory Sun TV in Canada!

Say NO to mandatory Sun TV in Canada!:

Say NO to mandatory Sun TV!

Canada’s Sun News Network (aka the Scum “News” Network, aka Fox News North, aka the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation) has applied to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for mandatory carriage on cable and satellite TV.

That means if you are a cable or satellite TV subscriber in Canada, you will be forced to pay for that fake news channel even if you don’t want it. The politically biased Sun TV (owned by Quebecor) has applied for this favoured status because they aren’t getting enough

. . . → Read More: The Ranting Canadian: Say NO to mandatory Sun TV in Canada!

Montreal Simon: The Unspeakable Horror of Sun News

You have seen them on their grubby channel assaulting the decency of Canadians.Attacking the weak and the vulnerable, like a pack of filthy cowards.Smearing native people, Muslims, the Roma, even those who would defend bullied children in our schools.Now they're begging for money, trying to force the CRTC to make us pay for their ugly, evil programming. And look who is answering their desperate call. Read more »

The Ranting Canadian: Ignorant scapegoating: a feel-good pastime for the thick-headed…

Ignorant scapegoating: a feel-good pastime for the thick-headed and big-mouthed

Anyone who doubts that racism and religious bigotry are alive and well in Canada in 2013 simply needs to read the online comments for articles about natives or Muslims, or listen to the callers (and sometimes the hosts and guests) on AM radio talk shows. The same applies to a certain Canadian opinion-based TV station that falsely calls itself a news network.

The popular scapegoats have varied in different times and locations, but in the past few years, Muslims – specifically Arab Muslims – have taken the brunt of the

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