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Alberta Politics: This just in: Prime minister calls early election … I mean, calls an election early … What could possibly go wrong?

PHOTOS: The prime minister of Canada in a Navy hat. The new kind. Yeah! A macho Navy cap! Now where’s Tommy Flanagan, now that we need him again? No, not that Tommy Flanagan! The political strategy guy. Below: Former prime minister Joe Clark, former Alberta premier Jim Prentice and current Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. Let’s […]

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LeDaro: Stephen Harper’s campaign and appeal to voters

LeDaro: Harper: I rule the world!

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

Assorted content for your Sunday reading.

- Frank Pasquale and Siva Vainhyanathan write that we shouldn’t mistake schemes intended to get around employee standards and other laws for innovations worth celebrating or embracing: Uber has confronted admittedly stifling restrictions on taxi driver licenses in France by launching a service called UberPop. Several authorities in Europe have ruled UberPop illegal, but Uber kept it operating anyway as it appealed. Now France has charged Uber’s general director for France, Thibaud Simphal, and the company’s director for Western Europe, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty with enabling taxi-driving by non-professional drivers and “deceptive commercial practices (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Good to go

A few images which may or may not become highly relevant in just a few minutes.

CuriosityCat: Election: EKOS poll – Seniors will return Harper to power as Prime Minister

A key statistic is not who favours what party before election day, but how many voters actually cast a vote on that day.  Seniors vote. Younger voters don’t vote in the same proportions. The latest EKOS poll explains why Stephen Harper will be Prime Minister on September 20, 2015, leading a minority government: Neither the Liberal Party nor the NDP has managed to make big enough inroads into the senior vote in order to knock Harper’s Conservatives out of power. This means the key to who will actually govern Canada will be settled in the months after the election, (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Stephen Harper: the worst economic performance of any PM in 70 years

We have known this for a long time: Stephen Harper is really bad for the Canadian economy. Actually he is the worst, read the whole article here.

Here are his scores in 6 key areas.

1. Stephen Harper has steered Canada’s economy to its lowest levels of growth in 69 years

With an average annual real GDP growth rate of 1.6%, under Stephen Harper’s tenure the Canadian economy grew by nearly half the rate it did for his predecessors in the decade before he took office. It was nearly three times worse than Canada’s growth rate during the 1950s (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Saturday Morning Links

Asorted content for your weekend reading.

- Ezra Klein talks to Bernie Sanders about how to build a more fair economy in the U.S. and around the globe. And Lynn Parramore interviews Tony Atkinson about the options available to rein in economic inequality – and why we should be working on putting them in place: LP: Some of the possible prescriptions you discuss, such as a basic income for all citizens, may sound radical, but you point out that they are actually already implemented as policy in many countries in various ways. Are ideas like basic income getting more (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: By invitation only

Yes, Paul McLeod’s report that Stephen Harper will go through a three-month election period without meeting a single person who hasn’t been previously vetted by partisan operatives is pretty much the logical extension of the Harper Cons’ attitude toward the public. But it’s worth offering a reminder how that relates to the flood of propaganda going in the other direction.

Any place in Stephen Harper’s campaign – or any consideration by his government – is by invitation only.

The few people who receive personal invitations due to their perceived political value – the Carsons and Duffys, Porters and Del Mastros (Read more…)

The Progressive Economics Forum: Canada’s new recession and the push for alternatives

The Bank of Canada today cut its benchmark interest rate two weeks ago to nearly record lows, now just 0.5%. In the face of an oil shock and other weakness, monetary policy is expected to do the heavy lifting of beating an economic funk. Today’s move reflects a poverty of economic policy from the ruling Conservatives and much of the political class.

Harper has been adamant that Canada’s downturn—now very likely a recession, about which his own Finance Minister remains in denial—is the result of global forces. There’s nothing that can be done to counteract a host (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Shannon Gormley points out how the Cons’ actions to strip voting rights from Canadians abroad sticks out like a sore thumb compared to an international trend of recognizing that citizenship doesn’t end merely because a person crosses a border. And Peter Russell and Semra Sevi lament that it’s too late to reverse the damage before this fall’s federal election, while the Star makes the broader point that we should be encouraging rather than limiting voter participation.

- Andrew Nikiforuk exposes how the U.S.’s green light to fracking has led to far (Read more…)

Eh Types: Nothing to Lose is Why Liberals Can Win 

If reports are correct, we are days away from Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling what will be the longest and most expensive federal election in Canadian history. The NDP and Conservatives are virtually tied for the lead in most polls, while Liberals trail in third place causing some to write them off. It might appear […]

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Insanity of Harperland

I'm glad I'm leaving Canada for a while because I really need to get away from this ghastly political monster.Who is now so desperate, he is turning his depraved Harperland into a mad house.For there he was in a Bloomberg interview claiming that he was a Great Economist Leader, the steady hand on the wheel.And that letting anyone else steer Canada through these perilous times could only lead to disaster.Read more »

Alberta Politics: Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone: As PM, Stephen Harper’s economic performance is a bust!

PHOTOS: From the sublime to the ridiculous? Liberal Lester Pearson, the top postwar economic performer among Canadian prime ministers. Below: Stephen Harper, the bottom. Below him: Pierre Trudeau (second best) and Brian Mulroney (second worst). Below them: Unifor economists Jim Stanford and Jordan Brennan. One of the most effective ways to keep a population quiet […]

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Montreal Simon: Who Says the Cons Aren’t Trying to Buy the Election?

As I mentioned in my last post, Stephen Harper and his criminal Con gang now seem to have a triple-edged strategy.They are going to try to cripple the opposition by extending the campaign. They are going to use the financial advantage that gives them by bombarding us with their porky ads.Even if it costs taxpayers millions of dollars.And of course they are going to use our money to try to buy the election.But even by their grubby standards this is outrageous.Read more »

Politics Canada: Harper is about to go way too far with his early election call

This is worse than I realized, I feel like vomiting with the speculation that Stephen Harper is expected to call the October 19th election as early as this weekend. He is the most dishonest cynical slimeball we have ever seen in this country. He is worse than Mulroney, way worse.

One thing that an early election does is it allows the Conservatives to out spend, out election their opponents. The slimeball Harper in his “Fair Elections Act” changed the spending limits so that a longer campaign raises the maximum a party can spend. So doing what (Read more…)

LeDaro: Stephen Harper’s Departure

I hope this clown will be gone come October 2015. He has done too much damage to Canada both at home and internationally.

Politics and its Discontents: Honouring A Dead Woman’s Wishes

By the newspaper’s account, Catherine Finn was a lively, passionate and engaged woman. I think I would have liked her, as would many others.

Catherine died on July 9 of this year; it is her obituary, written by her sons but, they say, very much representative of her values, beliefs and opinions, that is getting such wide attention: Catherine was born with a sharp wit and steely backbone that can only come from growing up as a woman in the Irish Catholic tradition of the middle 20th Century. She was a voracious reader, a lover of life, and (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Final Battle for Canada

For ten long years he has schemed and plotted to destroy the Canada he hates so much, by perverting our traditions, and dismembering our democracy.And now he's got a new plan that he hopes will do both.Force a long and exhausting election campaign upon Canadians, so he can bombard them with ads from his well funded propaganda machine, while draining the money like blood out of the opposition.So he can claw them to death in the final stages of the campaign.And it seems that the Final Battle for Canada is about to begin. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Pathetic Con Sheeple

Well never let it be said that the Harper Cons are not a cult, or a herd of pathetic sheeple.A baaing bunch incapable of independent thought, who can only repeat word for word what the PMO tells them.As even their so-called Finance Minister, the hapless stooge Joe Oliver, does all the time…

And for even more evidence of that please consult the following video.Read more »

Politics Canada: Harper will do everything to give his Conservatives the advantage, including a long campaign

Stephen Harper had to work hard for his majority government. He had to do everything possible, including breaking election laws, first with the in and out scandal and in 2011 the robocalls misdirecting voters who were not voting for them. He had to prevent Conservative candidates across the country from talking to local media, or participating in all candidates debates that were not in winnable ridings. He had to spend millions of dollars when there was no election campaign destroying the brand of two Liberal leaders.

With his majority his government implemented the “fair elections act”, which (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Tavia Grant is the latest to note that the potential for driverless vehicles necessitates some consideration as to how to account for people who currently rely on driving jobs. And Vivek Wadhwa makes the case for a new form of capitalism which isn’t designed to leave people behind: Countries such as India and Peru and all of Africa will see the same benefits — for at least two or three decades, until the infrastructure has been built and necessities of the populations have been met.

Then there will not be enough work even (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: When Progressives Fire Back At the Con Attack Machine

As you know, I wasn't too impressed by the latest Con attack ad aimed at the NDP. And I'm sure Tom Mulcair wasn't either.Because when Stephen Harper accuses you of being as corrupt as he is, that could be dangerous. You could die LAUGHING.But then I also hate the never ending Con attack ads aimed at Justin Trudeau.Because every time I see this ghastly geezer on TV I feel like screaming.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Sutherland’s Angry Message to Stephen Harper

He is one of Canada's best known citizens. A famous Hollywood actor, and a proud Canadian.But now like more than a million other Canadians who live abroad, he's been told he no longer has the right to vote.And Donald Sutherland is not amused. Read more » Harper is not serious about senate reform

Stephen Harper is not serious about senate reform.

Despite his announcement last week that he plans to stop filling vacancies in the upper chamber until the senate is reformed, his track record on the issue is very poor.

Stephen Harper, cc: pmwebphotos (

Harper was first elected to parliament in 1993 as the Calgary West MP for the Reform Party, which was well known for its stance favouring a Triple-E (equal, elected, effective) senate. Since becoming Prime-Minister nearly 10 years ago, his only substantive action on senate reform has amounted to just two things: appointing senators elected in ad (Read more…)