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Montreal Simon: It’s a Plane…It’s a Bird…It’s Pamela Wallin!!!

Well I knew it wouldn't be long before she was back in the news, and sure enough Pamela Wallin is back.And not in a good way. New court documents filed by the RCMP allege suspended senator Pamela Wallin fraudulently billed the Senate for more than $25,000 in expenses she incurred on trips to Toronto and Guelph “to pursue her personal and business interests.”And of course the timing couldn't be worse.Read more »

Accidental Deliberations: Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Kevin Carson discusses David Graeber’s insight into how privatization and deregulation in their present form represent the ultimate use of state power to serve special interests at the expense of the public: What mainstream American political discourse calls “deregulation” is nothing of the sort. There is no major constituency for deregulation in the American political system — just competing (and in fact considerably overlapping) agendas on what regulatory mix to put in place. There is not, and could not, be such a thing as an “unregulated” bank, Graeber argues, because banks “are (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Monstrous and Obscene Day of War

It couldn't have been a more deeply disturbing sight. A pumped up Stephen Harper soaking up the applause of his wildly clapping and cheering Cons.With a weird smile on his face.Even as he prepared to vote to send our troops into a bigger and more dangerous war. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Possibly Fatal Syrian Mistake

On CTV's Question Period yesterday Craig Oliver reminded viewers of Theodore Roosevelt's famous quote: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."And he said Stephen Harper's views on military power, and his new war in Syria, are exactly the opposite: "Speak loudly and carry a twig."But goodness knows Harper is desperate, and he can't wait to wave it. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Bill C-51 and Stephen Harper’s Latest Scam

Well surprise, surprise, it was a false flag after all. The other day it looked like Stephen Harper had surrendered to reason, by finally agreeing to change his police state bill C-51. Even though him and his Cons had claimed, or squawked for weeks, that it was perfect and if you didn't like it you must be a terrorist.But now the experts have taken a closer look at those proposed changes, and sure enough they are just an illusion. Read more »

Susan on the Soapbox: The Interview We Wish We Had With Premier Prentice on Budget 2015

“I believe we show who we are, and how much we care, by what we do.”—Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister

In his March 24 “State of the Province Address” Mr Prentice urged Albertans to receive his new budget in a spirit of openness. He said if we all act responsibly we can dig the government out of the $7 billion financial hole it created for itself.

Budget 2015 is Fiscal Fairyland. So its promoter, Mr Prentice, should have no problem giving Ms Soapbox an imaginary interview to discuss its imaginary benefits.

Mr Premier you say the current fiscal structure (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Ghastly Record and Imaginary Trial of Stephen Harper

I was thinking today about Mike Duffy's trial, which is now only nine days away, and how it may last at least two months, because of all the evidence the Crown has collected.And all the PMO witnesses they are going to have to grill.And it gave me a really warm feeling. Until I had a horrible thought.With all the evidence and the witnesses the Crimes Against Canada Tribunal could call upon at Stephen Harper's trial, it could go on for YEARS.And we might have to wait forever for the Day of Justice.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Day the Fear Factor Ran Out

I can only imagine the state Stephen Harper must be in this weekend. Because it can't be pretty.Not after being he was forced to promise changes to his anti-terrorist bill. The one he claimed, so long and so loudly, didn't need to be changed. And not after the evidence keeps growing that his war and fear campaign just isn't working.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Are the Harper Cons Preparing to Support Al Qaeda?

The brutish Con message has been there from the very beginning, but it just got even more disturbing.Because there is nothing Stephen Harper will not do or say to try to win another majority.So if you don't support Bill C-51, his plan to turn us into a police state, you must be with the terrorists.And if you don't support our Glorious War in Iraq AND Syria, and counting. You're not a Canadian !!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Vic Toews and the Never-Ending Scandals of the Con Regime

He emerged from a Mennonite colony in the Paraguayan jungle to terrorize Canada. He was one of the worst cabinet ministers this country has ever known.A brutish religious fanatic, a vicious anti-gay bigot, and a ghastly hypocrite.He called those who didn't agree with him perverts.He was dogged by one scandal after the other.And now Vic Toews is in trouble. Again. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper Was Called an Idiot by Tom Mulcair

Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper has made a mockery out of our parliament.He has used it as a bully pulpit, he has cut off debates, he never answers questions, he lies all the time. He has turned it into a bad joke, or a fascist circus.But yesterday when he was asked about the legality of his new war in Syria, and he turned his answer into a joke.He got put in his place by Tom Mulcair…Read more »

Accidental Deliberations: Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- In advance of this weekend’s Progress Summit, Robin Sears comments on the significance of the Broadbent Institute and other think tanks in shaping policy options: The Center for American Progress was the wakeup call for progressives around the world. Independent-minded, massively funded, deeply professional, it was created to develop winning agendas for a new Democratic president. Key Obamites trained there. Core strategies and goals were polished there. Their success helped to spawn a third generation of think tanks who understood that to have real impact, good ideas had to be married (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime’s Never-ending War on Vulnerable Canadians

While Stephen Harper declares war on the Great Terrorist Menace, claiming only he can save our lives from those who would behead us in our beds.His foul Con regime continues to wage war on some of Canada's most vulnerable Canadians.Even if it could cost thousands of them their lives.For while this is good news. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Other Big Reason Stephen Harper Wants to Bomb Syria

One of the things that horrifies me the most about the living nightmare that is Stephen Harper's Canada, is that so many have lived for so long in his depraved shadow.But yet so few in the MSM seem to understand him or his motives.And today was another good example of that curious blindness which is killing this country.When Harper mounted his shiny steed, sticky with excitement, and announced that we will now be bombing targets in Iraq AND Syria. Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Event: The Inconvenient Truth About Harper’s Canada

In Ottawa this evening, prominent authors Michael Harris and Donald Gutstein will discuss the “inconvenient truth” about Stephen Harper’s Canada.

The post Event: The Inconvenient Truth About Harper’s Canada appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Con War on Syria

Well the day Stephen Harper has been waiting for so long has finally arrived. The day when he can spread his wings again.Puff out his feathered chest, pose as a Great Warrior Leader.And announce that he is inflating or expanding his Great War on Terror. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Bill C-51: The Cons Use Emotion to Try to Conquer Reason

It was a moving moment. The sister of the murdered soldier Patrice Vincent testifying before committee studying Bill C-51.But it also symbolized the ghastly way the Cons are running the hearing. For they will not hear from the Canadian Bar Association or the Privacy Commissioner.But they will turn it into a star chamber, and demand to know whether those testifying are with them or the terrorists.And they will appeal to emotion rather than reason. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Robert Fisk: If Harper is Serious About Cultural Barbarism He Should Arrest Himself

I grabbed this shot with my mobile this afternoon of a debate that was going on in the House of Commons.Because the title jumped out at me, and made me wonder again what country I am living in.And then I remembered that the Con in the picture is Wladyslaw Lizon, one of the founding members of the group that wants to build that foul monument to Harperism.

And I was reminded of what Robert Fisk wrote the other day.If Stephen Harper is serious about criminalizing "barbaric cultural practices" then he should arrest himself. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Desperate Rush to War

He's spent the last few days licking his wounds after he was caught deliberately fanning the flames of racism, and was hit by a wave of revulsion.And no doubt he's been knocking back a few to try to forget what's happening to the economy. Because that makes HIM feel sick, or makes all the voices in his head start screaming at the same time.But now he's back on his feet, he's inflamed with energy of the desperate, and he's rushing off or lurching off to WAR. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu’s Phony Phone Call

Lordy. If I didn't know Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu so well I'd swear their legendary love affair is heading for the International Divorce Court.

Instead of the International Criminal Court.

At least judging by what Harper says he told Netanyahu on the phone today. Read more »

Susan on the Soapbox: How to Stay Under the Radar When Bill C-51 Becomes Law

Bill C-51 is an omnibus anti-terrorism bill that grants CSIS new information sharing powers and converts CSIS from a covert intelligence gathering organization to a covert enforcement agency.

No wonder Canadians don’t know what the heck is going on!

Ms Soapbox is here to offer four simple suggestions to keep you out of trouble when Stephen Harper’s majority government finally passes this monstrous piece of legislation.

Get off the grid: Communicate by pencil and paper. Buy a manual typewriter. Stop posting snarky things about Harper on Facebook and Twitter. You don’t want to be identified as a (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Harper Regime and the Summer of Protest

As you know I was so happy to see thousands of Canadians taking to the streets to let Stephen Harper and his foul Cons exactly what we think of them.Because I will never understand why we have remained so passive and so quiet for so many years, while Harper and his Cons raped our Canada and its values.Instead of protesting like they do in other countries.Not when his behaviour has been so brutish, not when he's now trying to use fear to scare people into voting for him, not when he's trying to turn us into a police state. (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Strangelove Flanagan, and the Politics of Fear

We know what he has become; the monstrous leader of the most evil political cult this country has ever known.A morally depraved demagogue who is using fear as a weapon against his own people, and using racism to divide them. So he can snatch another another bloody majority, and use his anti-terrorist bill to turn this country into a police state.Even if, as Ralph Surette writes, he destroys our Canada beyond recognition. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper’s Fear Campaign Running Out of Fear?

He's been keeping a low profile recently, no doubt huddling with his gargoyles in the PMO, feverishly planning his next move, and who he will be tomorrow.Mr Nice or Mr Ugly.But then who can blame him eh? Because by now he must be desperate. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Three More Reasons Why Bill C-51 Should be Scrapped

There are so many good reasons why Bill C-51 should be gutted or scrapped.Starting with the main one: it would turn us into a police state.But here are three other reasons I came across today:(1) The police didn’t need any new powers to arrest and convict these pathetic wannabe terrorists.

Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier, two men accused of plotting to derail a Via passenger train travelling between Canada and the U.S., have been found guilty of a series of terror-related charges.They had all the tools they needed, and some they didn’t use. And (Read more…)

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