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The Canadian Progressive: Muhammad Ali rewrote the rule book for athletes as celebrities and activists

The late Muhammad Ali “was much bigger than boxing. He came, from the late 1960s onwards, to symbolise resistance to racism, militarism and inequality.” The post Muhammad Ali rewrote the rule book for athletes as celebrities and activists appeared firs… . . . → Read More: The Canadian Progressive: Muhammad Ali rewrote the rule book for athletes as celebrities and activists

In This Corner: Stuff Still Happens, week 13: Horror in Lahore; more Trumpism

Remember the horrible attack last week in Belgium? Of course you do; it’s still in the news. But on Easter Sunday, there was another terrorist attack that was worse by multiple factors, yet it hardly rated a mention. On Easter Sunday in Lahore, Pakistan, hundreds of people had gathered in one of the city’s largest […] . . . → Read More: In This Corner: Stuff Still Happens, week 13: Horror in Lahore; more Trumpism

In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 51: It was a very bad year

Well, I did it. And I’m sure you’re thrilled. When I started writing this blog, I vowed to write a weekly review of events as I saw them. I did it mostly as a personal challenge, a way to instil a little discipline in my undisciplined life, and to boost my memory of the events […] . . . → Read More: In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 51: It was a very bad year

Trashy's World: How the Jays might affect the election results. Maybe.

Hey fans of sports and politics! Check it out: if the Jays do win the AL East, they will be in the ALDS starting on October 8. Advance polls are from the 9th to the 12, inclusive… meaning that on three of the five advance polling date, many would-be voters will be gathered in front […]

In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 32: Markets dive; Calgary has arena envy

OK, now I don’t want to panic anyone, but if you’re in the stock market, I have a few words of advice.


Just a suggestion.

On Friday, markets around the world went in the crapper. the reason being, apparently, China. Seem the world’s no. 2 economy is loosing steamed rice. Last week, China devalued the yuan, and this week a report suggest the economy could be worse than the Chinese are admitting. Thanks to the perculiar logic of the markets, bad economic news in China results in people selling off Apple stock. (Read more…)

In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 25: Grexit explained; bike lanes deflated; Cowboyhatgate

The big international story this week continues to be the Greek debt, and the threat of Greece getting kicked out of the Eurozone, a situation called the Grexit (if this had been an American crisis, it would have been called Greekgate). As a service to my 27 regular readers, I will try to explain this situation as best I can, which is not say not very well at all.

Greeks have this thing about paying taxes — in general, they just don’t bother — but they still like all the comforts that come with a welfare state. In order to (Read more…)

In This Corner: Stuff happens, week 19: Debbie does disgrace; gold for Canada; Edmonton icon passes

For the third week in a row, Deborah Drever reigned as Alberta’s most talked-about NDP MLA. Or, more to the point, Alberta’s most talked-about former NDP MLA.

The last straw.

Drever finally shamed Rachel Notley to the point that she was kicked out of caucus, setting a possible world record for shortest and worst political career. After a couple of weeks of embarrassing photos (she was just a young person! defenders cried), an Instagram graphic she posted picturing Jim Prentice and Ric McIver as gay was finally too much for the politically correct NDP. Calling it “homophobic” (actually, the (Read more…)

PostArctica: The Verdun Auditorium

Volunteered at an event today in the reception area on the second floor of the Dennis Savard Arena which is an annex of the Verdun Auditorium the former having been built, I think, in the late 70’s/early 80’s. There are windows in the room that allow you to watch whatever is happening on the rink. I got lucky today and got to see parts of a couple of hockey games. The first was girls who appeared to be in the 8-10 age range and the next one was boys probably in the 10-12 range. The game is pure at that (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The (New) Hockey Song

It would have been more of a tribute if the puck was dropped by a disabled vet. #cdnpoli

— Stephen Lautens (@stephenlautens) February 8, 2015

I’m seeing alarming tweeted images of military men taking over a Maple Leafs game with weapons drawn. Oh wait, it’s a gimmick. Well then.

— kevin harding (@kevinharding) February 8, 2015

“What would Stompin’ Tom say to this?” Possibly:

Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s military time, The camo’s out, let’s give a shout They’re stopping every dime. Tension grows, & the fans are all insane, The (Read more…)

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Tim Horton’s Farce

Am I the only one in Hamilton who’s embarrassed by the Tim Horton’s Field debacle? The stadium, which really never should have been built on the site of the old Ivor Wynne to begin with, was supposed to open at the end of the month. Now it won’t now be ready until September, maybe not even in time for the Labour Day Classic. The only redeeming note is that it will be finished on budget, one of

Political Eh-conomy: Big Data at the World Cup: Two economic aspects beyond the pitch

Yesterday’s World Cup final nicely completed the old line that football is the sport where 22 players chase after a ball, but in the end… In the era of high technology, however, it’s not just 22 players running after a ball of course but a whole support squad of coaches, trainers, physiologists, doctors, dieticians, sleep experts – the list goes on. In a piece that walks a fine line between advertorial and actual content, the Wall Street Journal adds Big Data to the cast of sport’s supporting characters:

The Match Insights tool is exclusive to the German team right now, (Read more…)

In This Corner: Is Eugenie Bouchard for real?

By now, even if you’re not a tennis fan, or a sports fan, or even an oscillating fan (sorry, terrible joke; it’s hot in my house and I just happened to look up at a fan), you’ve probably heard of Eugenie Bouchard.

In case you haven’t, here’s the scoop: Eugenie Bouchard is a tennis player. And not just any tennis player, but perhaps the next face of women’s professional tennis. And yes, I know she was destroyed in the Wimbledon final by somebody whose name I’ve already forgotten, but still — she’s the new It Girl of tennis.

Eugenie Bouchard, (Read more…)

THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: The World Cup You Won’t See on TV: Protests, Tear Gas, Displaced Favela Residents

Democracy Now! discusses the stuff you won’t see on TV during the ongoing 2014 World Cup competition in Brazil: poverty, protests, tear gas, and displaced favela fesidents.

The post The World Cup You Won’t See on TV: Protests, Tear Gas, Displaced Favela Residents appeared first on THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE.

THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: US Patent Office Says It Won’t Protect a Racial Slur. Here’s What It Means for The Washington Redskins (VIDEO)

The US Patent Office says it won’t protect a racial slur. Democracy Now talks to Amanda Blackhorse to explain what it means for the Washington Redskins.

The post US Patent Office Says It Won’t Protect a Racial Slur. Here’s What It Means for The Washington Redskins (VIDEO) appeared first on THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE.

In This Corner: The good, the bad and the really ugly sides of soccer.

This month, two-thirds of the world is enraptured watching the World Cup. The other third of the world is complaining about how much they hate soccer.

Being a good Canadian, I can understand both sides of the debate. I like soccer, and I’ve watched an inordinate number of World Cup games. But, I can appreciate the hatred as well, because there are parts of ‘the beautiful game’ often make it ‘the shameful game’.

Here, then, are the Good, the Bad, and the Unforgivably Ugly of soccer.


Unlike sports like the other football (which can consume 3 ½ hours of (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Baseball

Robert and I appeared on the big screen in the outfield briefly. Two clothed streakers were on the field. 8-0 for the Royals. Got our tickets on sale for $25 together.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Wall Divesting From Russian Liquor #skpoli

We've contacted the fed gov't & Ukrn-Cdn groups to determine best way to support freedom & democracy in Ukraine. We will act on that advice.— Brad Wall (@PremierBradWall) February 24, 2014

Premier Brad Wall says gov't is looking at options to pull Russian liquor products from provincial stores in response to crisis in Ukraine— Marco Vigliotti (@Metro_Marco) March 20, 2014

Premier Wall, having gorged himself with other Canadian politicians on weeks of Russian Olympics propaganda, now considers Russian intoxicants to be the enemy.

What a game! Saskatchewan's @wick_22 & the Canadian Women's Hockey team are golden!!!

Congrats!! #WeAreWinter (Read more…)

THE FIFTH COLUMN: Why Does Canada Participate in the Olympics Anyway

I took this screenshot (CBC website) of the standings yesterday showing Germany in first place with 8 medals, Canada second with 10 medals and Norway in third place with 12 medals.

Yes, that’s right, because only being the very best in the world (well best at that particular place at that particular time) counts, the rest are all losers, so it seems.

Why do we rate the Olympics that way. The

Politics, Re-Spun: Jesse Ventura Is On Our Side On Racist Team Names

More support for changing the name of the NFL team in Washington comes from Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Yesterday, I wrote about how incredibly easy it would be to change the racist name of any kind of team. It’s really not that hard. Imagine the reverse, though. Imagine changing the Vancouver “Canucks” to the Vancouver “Insert racist slur here.” Somewhat inconceivable, so it should be easy to do the reverse, and fix the Washington NFL team name, as well as the other racist team names.

Now, hear how Jesse Ventura puts it:


Just as the N word (Read more…)

Eclectic Lip: The losers of Superbowl XLVIII will be…

Religious moderates.

Here’s my reasoning.

After the game, someone on the winning team, exulting ecstatically, will say “God was on our side” or words to that effect. It’s as sure as a post-touchdown two-point conversion attempt late in the fourth quarter, if the team is still down by a pair.

This will lead humorists and atheists alike to mock the athlete’s egocentric theology, along the lines of the great “God-Man on the Gridiron” cartoon from a few years back. Which will inspire angry rebuttals from offended fundamentalists.

Religious moderates are the collateral damage in this snake-vs-mongoose battle, bitten by both (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Harper In Regina

Bonus points for someone who manages to compliment the Prime Minister for the nice scandals he’s wearing.

He’s downtown for the Grey Cup Party, obviously. After the Grey Cup fanfare wears off, it’s going to be a long week for him in Ottawa, as he adjusts to documents last week from the RCMP that show he’s lied in Parliament about the Duffy expense scandal.

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: An Indoor Year-Round Rec Facility for Seniors and More

Monday night, I asked for a staff report on covering our lawn bowling rinks, and making it into a year-round facility for Collingwood. This facility would provide recreational opportunities for seniors and older adults. It could include other sports like horseshoes, shuffleboard and croquet. Perhaps badminton and a walking area (since we will lose our […]

The Canadian Progressive: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Fired From Beloved Football Coaching Job

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will no longer derive personal and political capital from his position of head football coach at Etobicoke’s Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. The Toronto Catholic District School (TCDSB) has fired him from the position. “The Toronto Catholic District School (TCDSB) thanks Mayor Rob Ford for his contribution and many years of service [...]

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The Canadian Progressive: Canadians overwhelmingly reject Don Cherry’s sexist remarks

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive: Canadians have strongly rejected react to Don Cherry’s suggestion that women aren’t equal with men and that female reporters should be barred from male dressing rooms. The…

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Trashy's World: While I really don’t understand…

… why the Lance Armstrong thing has touched a sensitive chord for so many people, his coming-clean has inspired me to follow his lead and publicly admit to the following: – As far back as the mid 1970′s, I engaged in blood doping activities. While the performance enhancing effects of the substances in question acts [...]