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Things Are Good: After Conflict, Reach Out and Touch Them

An interesting new study has shown that male athletes touch each other more than female athletes after a sporting conflict. It also turns out that the male athletes demonstrate better “making up” skills – and it all comes down to touching each other. The researchers suspect that this could be some hardwired behaviour since chimps […]

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Akaash Maharaj - Practical Idealism: Akaash Maharaj: Gold Medal Hypocrisy at the Sochi Winter Olympics – Toronto Star

Nothing in Sochi did more to honour and advance the Olympic ideals than the worldwide fight for equality unleashed by Russia’s infamous homophobic law. My post-Olympic analysis in the Toronto Star.

Rob Maguire: An Olympic lesson on how to botch a mobile marketing campaign

I’m no fan of Coca-Cola. That said, their television ad running throughout the Olympics is quite clever. It features British DJ, producer and musician Mark Ronson, who sampled sounds produced by five Olympics athletes doing their thing. There’s the thud of a taekwondo competitor kicking her opponent, the thwack of a table tennis paddle connecting with the ball, the throaty breath of a track star exhaling.

These and other sporty sounds are weaved into a percussive dance beat, some vocals are tossed into the mix, and the end result is Coca-Cola’s “anthem” for this year’s Olympics games. While the (Read more…)

Art Threat: Banksy the Olympian

Bansky posted a couple new pieces to his site that comment on the Olympics. It also gives me a great excuse to share my favourite quote of his with you:

“The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.” -Banksy

Bill Given: Legion Track Renewal

I just received the note below from our facilities maintenance department:

The Legion Track resurfacing project is well underway!  The Facility Maintenance Department is landscaping the interior perimeter of the track to address drainage issues, repairing irrigation lines as needed, removing the old rubber crumb track surface and installing the new track surface.  We may have the opportunity to install the new long jump pits as well, but this depends heavily on our strict time frame.

Work will continue for approximately 5 – 6 weeks.  During this time, access to the track is limited to construction workers and City (Read more…)

Canadian Progressive World: Canada, stop the barbaric hockey violence and play sport

Sidney Crosby’s recent layoff due to concussions speaks to the ugliness of violence in Canada’s national sport, hockey. In a recent editorial, the Canadian Medical Association Journal calls on “all doctors to support a ban on …Read More

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INTERNATIONAL POLITICS BAHRAIN:TELL US WOMEN’S WORLD CUP PLAYERS TO SUPPORT THEIR FELLOW PLAYERS IN BAHRAIN:As this is being written the US Team at The Women’s World Football Cup has advanced to playing in the finals against Japan. With each advance th… . . . → Read More: Molly’sBlog: Molly’sBlog 2011-07-13 11:25:00

Bill Longstaff: Sports—tribalism in full cry

The now infamous Vancouver hockey riot has done a pretty good job of smearing the city’s reputation around the globe. Shocking as it was, it wasn’t entirely surprising. Rioting seems to be part and parcel of professional team sports. The reason, of cou… . . . → Read More: Bill Longstaff: Sports—tribalism in full cry

World Headlines Review: Panem et Circenses South African Style

USA v Algeria, 2010 World Cup by jasonwhat

A recent Sports Illustrated article, World Cup’s Empty Legacy, reports on the state of South Africa’s sports infrastructure several months after this summer’s final.  While the 2010 World Cup was as much a success as any other in bringing together people from all corners of the globe, the piece helps to highlight a comedy of errors and lack of foresight which may in the end taint the image of FIFA and the other political bodies that organized the competition.   Further study into the issue turns up questions as to (Read more…)