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Bill Longstaff: Echoes of the Monroe Doctrine in the Middle Est

Pondering American mischief in the Middle East the other day I had a strange feeling this pattern of behaviour had appeared before. And then I realized where … in Latin America.

In 1823, the fledgling United States unilaterally declared the Monroe Doctrine, after president James Monroe. Its objective was to keep the European powers out of Latin America, leaving it to the tender mercies of the

The Canadian Progressive: Idle No More And Indigenous Uprisings Guarantee A Sustainable Future

by: Kristin Moe | Article originally published by Yes! Magazine:

Idle No More protest on Parliament Hill, Ottawa. Dec 2012 (Photo: Obert Madondo)

There’s a remote part of northern Alberta where the Lubicon Cree have lived, it is said, since time immemorial. The Cree called the vast, pine-covered region niyanan askiy, “our land.”

When white settlers first carved up this country, they made treaties with most of its original inhabitants—but for reasons unclear, the Lubicon Cree were left out. Two hundred years later, the Lubicon’s right to their traditional territory is still unrecognized. In the last four decades, industry (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: South America Backs Ecuador on Assange Asylum

This takes everything to a whole new level.   The 12-foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations have joined in support of a resolution backing Ecuador in granting asylum to Julian Assange and calling for a negotiated settlement.

“We reiterate the right of states to grant political and diplomatic asylum,” the bloc’s joint statement read.

Ministers at the UNASUR meeting …were also critical of Britain’s role in the diplomatic conflict, expressing “solidarity with and support for the government of Ecuador in the face of threats against its embassy in Britain.”

Oh my, my.  It’s curious

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Bill Longstaff: The Monroe Doctrine is dead

A new age has dawned in the Americas. The Monroe Doctrine, a policy established by the United States ostensibly to keep European imperialists out of the Western Hemisphere but which eventually deteriorated into an instrument to maintain American dominance, is now effectively deceased. At the recent Summit of the Americas, the Latin nations couldn’t have made it clearer that they intend to be