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Dead Wild Roses: Michael Kimmel – On Gender and Privilege

I’m reading Kimmel’s book GuyLand and I shudder to think of what I would be if I had engaged in the sort of crap that constitutes the typical male maturation process.


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Dead Wild Roses: On Blame – A Barrier to Accountability

Let’s just add this to the list of things to be mindful of when dealing with the important and not so important people in our lives. How often does it happen to you? Does it happen to you?

In hindsight, I can see that sometimes I do this and really, as the video says, it just isn’t very helpful.


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Dead Wild Roses: RSA Animate – The ABC’s of Persuasion

We have not featured an RSA animate here at DWR like forever, so here we go a quick hit in the qualities of persuasion you should have.

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Dead Wild Roses: Logic: How to PWN an argument, without getting the RPOJ

If you want to take down somebody else’s argument, a certain familiarity with the nature of intellectual or philosophical (as opposed to playground) argument is required, so that you can construct your own counter-argument. In an intellectual argument, the person putting forth an argument sets out a number of premises (statements of facts), which, when you add them together, at best makes it impossible for their conclusion to be false (deductive argument), or at least makes it much more likely that their conclusion is true (inductive argument).

If you want to show that somebody’s argument is wrongity wrong, there (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Social Maps of Cities – David Troy

Interesting vid from TED about the social composition of cities. I would have liked David to get into a little more detail about the methodology used to create his pretty maps.

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Dead Wild Roses: Capitalism – “Breaking” Cultural Norms (Ochobo) by Reinforcing Them.

From Sociological Images Micheal Lozano -


[...] Japanese fast-food has found a way to bypass the cultural stigmas that impede their profits. One food chain noticed many women would not buy their biggest-sized burgers. The culprit was ochobo, a Japanese custom that prevents women from opening their mouth widely in public. Small mouths are considered beautiful and opening them widely is considered “ugly” and “rude.” The restaurant concluded that it would get into the business of “freeing women from the spell of ‘ochobo.’”

Face Veil, so liberating! much burger! noms tasty!



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Dead Wild Roses: How to Influence Teenagers and other People too.

Working in behavioural education means that much of this stuff is old hat for me, but sometimes isn’t as common knowledge as I think it is for others, so lets review some the tricksy-hobbit ways P-sychologists work their magic. We’ll pick up midway though the article:

I asked Dahl what he does with his children when he wants to influence them.

His answer? He uses techniques from a clinical method called “motivational interviewing.” Motivational interviewing has proven effective in motivating behavior change in teens in difficult arenas, like drug and alcohol abuse, disordered eating, and risky sexual behavior. (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: What if the Centre of the World Changed?

Interesting thought. Discuss.

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Dead Wild Roses: Building Trust – Sliding Door Moments

Building a good relationship doesn’t happen in an instant. The good relationship requires a stream of small, often seemingly inconsequential, choices that build attunement empathy and sensitivity to your partner’s (and yours) need. John Gottman describes the process and also touches on the idea the CL-Alt which can start a cascade that moves couples farther away from a good relationship space.

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Dead Wild Roses: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Marriage Behaviours that Destroy Marriages.

I thought I’d share some useful advice about relationships and marriage. It will be familiar reading to those who have taken sociology of the family. Enjoy.

“John Gottman’s FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE John Gottman, Ph.D., is a well respected psychologist and marriage researcher who reports that an unhappy marriage can increase your chances of becoming ill by 35% and take four years off your life! He believes “working on your marriage every day will do more for your health and longevity than working out at a health club”. Although many of us believe that anger is (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The Innovation of Loneliness – Film Short.

I’m not much for the social media, to be honest I prefer to be alone because the rest of you are so darn noisy.


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Dead Wild Roses: The Sexy Lie – Caroline Heldman

A fantastic video on identifying and stopping the objectification of women.

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – The Ideology, or Cult of Happiness

Today, let’s look at one of the prime methods of baffling the masses. The power of positive thinking and the credulous ‘Positive Psychology’ that buttresses the fatuous assertions made by the followers of the cult of happiness. While not a exclusively in the domain in religious, the deluded (religious and otherwise) use ‘positive thinking’ to lie to their flocks and ensconce the cancerous idea that somehow if they just work a little harder and be a little happier wealth, fame and fortune will fall into their laps.

This of course, is bullshit.

Your earning potential in life (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Empire of Illusion – On Postive “Psychology”

Dealing with positive psychology and its converts can be most irksome at times because, like religion, they don’t smell the bullshit they are peddling. Let’s look at the concise way Chris Hedges sums up this toxic phenomena in his book Empire of Illusion.

“There is a dark, insidious quality to the ideology promoted by the positive psychologists. They condemn all social critics and iconoclasts, the dissidents and the individualists, for failing to surrender and seek fulfillment in the collective lowing of the corporate herd. They strangle creativity an moral autonomy. They seek to mold and (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Chris Hedges’ 2003 Rockford College Commencement Address – Speaking Truth to Power

Let us take a good look at how free speech and competing idea’s are treated at a American College. You wonder why so many people just roll their eyes when the words American and enlightened are mentioned in the same sentence.

What gets me is that these are the supposed emerging ‘educated class’… the new leaders of American society. Such inanity, such ignorance such dedication to american exceptionalism. This is really a chilling video.

Speaking the truth, as always, is never well received.

[Full Text of Speech]

I want to speak to you today about (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Chris Hedges on The Empire of Illusion

My summer vacation reading was a sunny little book by Nick Turse called Kill Anything That Moves. I finished the other book I was noshing on, the Age of American Unreason, just after returning from Kaslo and now I’ve started Chris Hedges book, the Empire of Illusion. Turse’s book is a necessary read for anyone who wants to understand what war is all about; I’ll be posting quotes from it here soon, but a work of that calibre needs time to digest, to make sense of the crushing sorrow it brings about.

Hedges book is similar (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Quote of the Day – Chris Hedges and the Empire of Illusion


“We now live in two Americas. One—now the minority—functions in a print-based, literate world that can cope with complexity and can separate illusion from truth. The other—the majority—is retreating from a reality-based world into one of false certainty and magic. To this majority—which crosses social class lines, though the poor are overwhelmingly affected—presidential debate and political rhetoric is pitched at a sixth-grade reading level. In this “other America,” serious film and theatre, as well as newspapers and books, are being pushed to the margins of society.”

-Overview from the Empire of Illusion, by Chris Hedges


I’m (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Gendered Cheese!

*sigh* Like the gender binary needs more reinforcement…

Thanks to Dr. Lisa Wade over at Sociological Images for the pic and commentary.

“Dieting is for women.

I mean we all know that dieting and women go together like peas and carrots. We know this — collectively and together, even if we don’t agree that it should be this way – not because it’s inevitable or natural, but because we constantly get reminded that women should be on diets and dieting is a feminine activity.”


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Dead Wild Roses: Spot the Problem?

Of course, it could just be me…

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Dead Wild Roses: Inequality Begins at Home

For your quick hit of sociological fact, look no further. Inequality is bad for societies and also bad for families. In other breaking news global warming is a “go”, religious is still deceiving people and women are still being systematically discriminated against.

Enjoy the video.

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Dead Wild Roses: Project Unbreakable – Pictures that say too much.

*TW for sexual violence. Project Unbreakable is about the survivors of sexual assault. It is a photoblog of survivors holding up signs with messages about their experiences and feelings. Powerful stuff. Abuse is epidemic in our societies, not thinking about it does not make it go away. Please link to and propagate Project Unbreakable’s message. [...] . . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: Project Unbreakable – Pictures that say too much.

Dead Wild Roses: Failures of Capitalism – Unquestioned Assumptions on Happiness

Did you ever wonder about economic growth? Take the time to question your assumptions on economic growth and how it effects you? Thomas Homer Dixon has and what he says is quite interesting. From The Upside of Down pages 192 – 193.

“One might even say that we’re collectively fixated on maintaining growth. But this is a curious fixation because beyond a certain point – a point many of passed long ago – the higher incomes that growth produces don’t make us any happier.

When psychologists have questioned people over the years about how happy

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Dead Wild Roses: Prohibition is Still Failing. Portugal Shows That Decriminalization Works

When I was quite young and much more naive than I am today, I was talking to my dad about drugs. We were talking about all the negative health effects of smoking in school, so I told my dad that I thought that it would be a wonderful idea if smoking was made illegal. Within a generation lung, throat, and mouth cancer would be decimated, people all over the planet would be happy, healthy, and less prone to violence. This could save the world!

My dad was quick to point out how I was in error. Drug lords, he said,

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Dead Wild Roses: You are what you watch – Violence in the Media

I think one of the smartest things a parent can do is get rid of the TV if they have children. TV land is a violently misogynistic place that perpetuates the current ugly set of cultural norms we have here in North America. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation shares some startling/depressing facts about what people are subjected to while they watch TV.

“Nearly 2 out of 3 TV programs contained some violence,2 averaging about 6 violent acts per hour.3 • Fewer than 5% of these programs featured an anti-violence theme or prosocial message emphasizing alternatives

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Dead Wild Roses: So you think you stuff is safe in public?

Urban living makes it difficult to break with the expected privacy norms…watch and see.

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