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ffibs: Trudeau is to Harper as Bubblicious is to Silly Putty, a 70s flashback

ffibs: Meanwhile on the Israeli side of the war..

ffibs: A progressive Canada Day

ffibs: Starting tomorrow ketchup is an imported condiment

ffibs: One down

ffibs: 4fashion

ffibs: Just In: Tim Hudak will not laugh at exploding hospitals

ffibs: Steve Harper: WORLD LEADER, the musical

ffibs: A new law by a Peter for Peter

ffibs: Tim Hudak: Job Creator

ffibs: Sir John A asshole killer

ffibs: Santa comments on Alberta’s destruction of: well just about everything

According to CTV here.

ffibs: Hudak changes jobs plan


According to the Post.

ffibs: Say Cheese Steve

ffibs: Horvath fires starting pistol on election race

ffibs: Wrecking Balls

ffibs: Harper aware of some of Fords vices

ffibs: Photoshopping for Mos


I feel like a dancing monkey, photoshop damn it photoshop.

ffibs: The After the Pipe Dream trailer

ffibs: Harper on train disasters and the environment

ffibs: Lets play where did your daddy work

Click to play

ffibs: Apparently pipelines leak

ffibs: Oil Oil Blah Blah Oil Oil Blah Blah

ffibs: In the end they are all just..

If you are offended, pretend you didn’t look…

ffibs: The chatter attack

Just a passing thought