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ffibs: Wrecking Balls

ffibs: Harper aware of some of Fords vices

ffibs: Photoshopping for Mos


I feel like a dancing monkey, photoshop damn it photoshop.

ffibs: The After the Pipe Dream trailer

ffibs: Harper on train disasters and the environment

ffibs: Lets play where did your daddy work

Click to play

ffibs: Apparently pipelines leak

ffibs: Oil Oil Blah Blah Oil Oil Blah Blah

ffibs: In the end they are all just..

If you are offended, pretend you didn’t look…

ffibs: The chatter attack

Just a passing thought

ffibs: Harper’s Canada

Harper’s Canada

ffibs: Calgary

Canada’s golden tar bubble

ffibs: Toronto

Canada’s largest mayor, oh and he does crack.

ffibs: Montreal

“Anyone who doesn’t think Montreal is one of the greatest cities in the world is clearly not from this planet!”

ffibs: Detroit

If Detroit was a font it would be an abandoned Chevy

ffibs: Simon creates a new word

ffibs: The evil within

ffibs: In the at least he’s not a Senator file:

King Anbdullah of Jordan responses to the Harper’s appointment of his body guard as the Ambassador to Jordan with a new appointment of his own.

There is a bright side for Canadians, in that we do not have another Harper appointed senator and for also Fayez, as he now avoids the compulsory stoning from the unfortunate back up in the number 15 washroom last weekend.

ffibs: Steve has a riding problem

ffibs: Digitally presenting an analog process

ffibs: Then Baird arm wrestled the president

ffibs: And to you sir

ffibs: Steve makes light of a heavy topic


A new picture of Steve, from Steve’s gallery of Steve pictures.

ffibs: Did you hear the one about the four rabbis and a half-wit

Looks like Steve will be posting a lot of pictures of himself before the end of the year.

ffibs: Behind Steve’s picture of the day