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PostArctica: Short Story

I woke up this morning and what happened next will blow your mind. I put on the pot for hot water and something extraordinary happened. Then I went to the bathroom and you just wouldn’t believe what happened there. Back in the kitchen I found something awesome. The water boiled and I will never forget what happened next. Pouring my coffee was like standing atop Mount Everest. I sat down and the coolest things started happening. Exhausted, I went back to bed and what happened next has kept me up for days, mind blown, better world!

Song of the Watermelon: Short Story in ‘Trust & Treachery’

This one’s a long time coming, folks.

A short story I wrote a while back — “Infinitas,” it’s called, about a group of shipwreck survivors who slowly lose touch with reality while trying to forge a new society aboard their life raft — is now available in an anthology of political fiction called Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue. Please consider giving it a read.

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Melissa Fong: National Anthem: A poem; “Year of reconciliation? Prove it.”

A poem on our state of denial.

Melissa Fong: Once upon a time, there was a Vancouver Mayor who promised he’d end homelessness…

Once upon a time… There was a handsome young prince named Gregor Angus Bethune Robertson. He was a much envied prince. He represented his fiefdom, Vancouver-Fairview, for years before he, […]

Song of the Watermelon: Chimpanzee Literature

I appear to be becoming somewhat of a literary one-hit wonder (defining “hit” rather expansively, of course).

While most of my short stories continue to suffer delays and rejections (ain’t that the name of the game!), “The Assembly of Equals” has just received publication for a third time today — now in a lovely little e-zine called the Mad Scientist Journal. Please do give it a look-see if you have not done so already.

And worry not politicos, for this fictional piece about a primatologist who forms a democratic assembly with the group of chimpanzees she is studying, and