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Montreal Simon: The Scottish Referendum and the Patronizing NO Lady

With just three weeks to go before the independence referendum things are definitely heating up in Scotland.Especially since the leader of the YES side was declared the winner of last Monday's TV debate.And polls suggest the gap between the two sides is narrowing as the momentous decision approaches. Read more »

Accidental Deliberations: Saturday Morning Links

This and that for your weekend reading.

- Joseph Stiglitz wraps up the New York Times’ series on inequality by summarizing how the gap between the rich and the rest of us developed, as well as how it can be reduced: The American political system is overrun by money. Economic inequality translates into political inequality, and political inequality yields increasing economic inequality. In fact, as he recognizes, Mr. Piketty’s argument rests on the ability of wealth-holders to keep their after-tax rate of return high relative to economic growth. How do they do this? By designing the rules of the game (Read more…)

Progressive Proselytizing: Peter MacKay’s wife doesn’t help his – or our – cause

The latest flap over sexist comments from Justice Minister Peter Mackay came about when a Mother’s and Father’s Day emails from Peter Mackay to his staff were leaked to the media. The comparison isn’t pretty: put side to side it makes it seems like mothers should be applauded for doing housework like changing diapers and making dinners while fathers are praised for moulding, guiding and influencing their children. Sigh.

That the comparison is clearly sexist shouldn’t exactly be controversial to most readers of this blog, but the blame game is a little less straight forward. Let’s get a few things (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Further Sexist Adventures of Peter Dumbo MacKay

Oh no. Call the Old Boys Club. Peter MacKay has made a complete fool out of himself. Again.He just can't get sexism out of his system. Justice Minister Peter MacKay has raised eyebrows once again over what some consider old-fashioned and patronizing attitudes toward women.And still has one message for men and one message for women:"By the time many of you have arrived at the office in the morning, you’ve already changed diapers, packed lunches, run after school buses, dropped kids off at daycare, taken care of an aging loved one and maybe even thought about (Read more…)

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THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Peter MacKay Said Moms Change Diapers, Dads Form Leaders

In messages sent to employees of the Justice Department this spring, Peter MacKay associated women with household duties, men with “shaping the minds and futures of the next generation of leaders.”

The post Peter MacKay Said Moms Change Diapers, Dads Form Leaders appeared first on THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE.

Art Threat: Montreal Fringe: Ginger Slurs & Slut Shaming

Project Gingervitis

Project Gingervitis is a smart, funny take on discrimination, eugenics, geopolitics, and media manipulation. A one-man show written and brilliantly performed by Jordan Lloyd Watkins and set in a dystopian future, the show tells the story of a lone redhead born years after redheads were thought to have been eradicated.

A mix of live performance and meticulously crafted video, Project Gingervitis operates on several levels at once, calling out real-life discrimination against redheads while also using it to point out the absurdity of Western domestic and foreign policy as well as hyperbolic 24-hour news channels.

The videos themselves (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Lindsey Stocker: “Teach boys that girls are not sexual objects”

by: Obert Madondo

Lindsey Stocker protest poster: “Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects” PHOTO: TWITTER

Canada has a serious women-hating problem. One that’s directly responsible for our perennial scourge of sexual violence against women. And to headlines like these:

One in five Canadians think women encourage sexual assault when drunk

Canada blocking UN efforts to address sexual violence against women

Last week , a 15-year-old girl from Quebec, was send away from her high school for refusing to ditch her jean shorts.

Lindsey Stocker, a grade 11 student at Beaconsfield High (Read more…)

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cmkl: Tallie Doyle takes on the Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s dress code

My daughter has the same dress code at her school. It’s galling. Supposedly done to keep ‘the boys’ from getting distracted and to help them improve their marks. And for girls to avoid unwanted attention. Tallie’s sin was to wear a tank top with visible bra straps. She got a reprimand. And now she’s hopping mad.

Melissa Fong: Are these shorts appropriate for school? Or is that just a sexist question?

Are these shorts appropriate for school? Or is that just a sexist question? I’m so tired of the “boys will be boys” argument, as if it is a plausible argument. […]

The Scott Ross: From Five Female Premiers To Just Two

The Parti Quebecois loss tonight shows just how hard it is for women politicians to actually have a chance in government. Pauline Marois will be the 3rd female Premier gone this year, leaving only two; Christy Clark in BC and Kathleen Wynn in Ontario.Why Marois’s loss tonight is bad for women is not because of her exit but because of her entrance. And that is she was doomed from the start.Successful political parties have a habit in Canada of not selecting women leaders, in fact it’s only when those parties are in desperation do they resort (Read more…)

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Melissa Fong: Why @Suey_park won’t “enact the labour”: Women of Colour don’t owe you an education- #CancelColbert Part 4

…she seemed to discount Zepp as a “White Male” and told him that she, “won’t enact that labour” of explaining to him why a White male probably couldn’t understand why a Woman of Colour’s point of view. I am here today to enact that labour. We are born into this history of racism and sexism. White men have the privilege of never second-guessing their rights or citizenship. Women of colour, everyday, are learning to work in a White patriarchal world. While White men can take this existence for granted, Women of colour struggle, everyday, to figure out the rules;…

Melissa Fong: Proving male privilege: @suey_park @BlackGirlDanger @thewayoftheid @cheuya striking back #CancelColbert Part 3

Some of the most prominent women of colour, anti-racist, feminists are coming together to talk about male privilege. Except they aren’t talking about it. They are proving it.   @suey_park @BlackGirlDanger @thewayoftheid and @cheuya […]

The Canadian Progressive: International Women’s Day 2014: College and university women express solidarity with Anne-Marie Roy

by: Obert Madondo


March 8, 2014

International Women’s Day

We stand with Anne-Marie Roy. We’ve been there too.

As women who have held elected positions at our college or university students’ union, we write in solidarity with Anne-Marie Roy, the President of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO). Anne-Marie was recently the target of sexually violent comments made by several men who held elected positions at the University of Ottawa. Several of these men initially threatened to sue Anne-Marie if she was not quiet about the disgusting comments.

Anne-Marie has bravely chosen to not (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: Getting drunk will get you raped = How you should NOT interpret this data

… Now, I know a lot of people are going to interpret this data wrongly. You are going to be tempted to think, “Well, more reason to act like a proper lady and not get drunk at bars. If you don’t get drunk, you won’t be taken advantage of.” This would be the wrong conclusion. This would be considered “blaming the victim” and I would likely call you a “rape culture- apologist”….

Melissa Fong: The Pity Party, that is -Dave Foley-

I used to love Dave Foley. Kids in the Hall was one of the most epic variety shows, and Canadian to boot. Then there was News Radio that had awesome […]

Melissa Fong: “Oppressed Majority”: What’s missing?

At the risk of getting a whole lot of Feminist hateration on this- I’m just going to say this: People who are loving this video are people who already get it [1]. It won’t make a dent on a dude that doesn’t honestly understand or recognize his own male privilege.

Melissa Fong: ‘Women Get Paid Exactly What They’re Worth’: Fox New wants women to accept pickle juice

Equal pay is not special treatment, it is correcting for the inequalities born out of patriarchy.

Politics, Re-Spun: Is Your Boss Sexist?

My very first job was at a pizza restaurant. I think it was common in those days to insist, on pain of firing, that workers don’t talk to each other about their wages.

I didn’t see that as sexist, necessarily, but just as a way for the employer to not be caught paying some people more than others.

Over time, it became clear that work was gendered. Boys made pizza, girls made pasta. Were pay rates also gendered? Possibly.

If you think the women in your life are not treated equally in workplaces, you are not paranoid. Enjoy the infographic (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: Weekend DJ Feature: Steffi- 2013 BLOGCEMBER 22/31

I am going to write a series on sexism and the gender gap in electronic music sometime soon, but for now let’s just focus on the amazing female talent that exists. Some of the fresher faces like Maya Jane Coles are not cutting it for me. Coles is talented, just not my particular style. Anja Schneider is good, Magda is better- but neither have the quality of Steffi as producer-Djs.

Steffi is a NINJA behind the decks….

Melissa Fong: Oh Lily Allen…no… just no

1) I’m sure you didn’t specify “Black bootylicious Twerkers” but I’m POSITIVE you casted for a “look” that your itsy bitsy -can’t-see-beyond-stereotypes- brain can’t comprehend at the moment.

2) Of course you aren’t going to send them away when you found exactly what you were attempting to portray. The intent WAS to portray “ratchet culture”, no?

3) Light hearted satire… sure.. you know what satire should ALWAYS involve? YOU ACTUALLY EMBODYING THE SATIRE- Not covering yourself up respectfully and then hiring a bunch of nearly naked Black women to hypersexualize themselves as YOU direct them.

4) Mhmm.. you are exercising (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Justin Trudeau “ladies night” event “condescending and patronizing”

Canadian women, including politicians, are dismissing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s “ladies night” event in Toronto as “condescending and patronizing”.

The post Justin Trudeau “ladies night” event “condescending and patronizing” appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Terahertz: The first rule of comedy: Aim up

Last night in Vancouver comedian Ian Harris came to town as part of his “Critical & Thinking” Tour. The show has been promoted by the BC Humanist Association and other skeptical groups, so naturally many of my friends in town went to the event.

From the reports, it sounds like Ian Harris was funny and a hit.

Unfortunately, the host for the evening at Yuk Yuk’s, the comedy club that hosted the event, was less humorous: discussing rape, ranting about feminists, and generally complaining about half* of the human species. When his ‘jokes’ fell flat, he suggested men (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: The idiocy of the men’s rights movement….

Most of you who have conversed with me know my deep passion AGAINST the men’s rights movement. I can rant on forever why many men’s rights activists don’t really understand that the things they are against are actually the work of patriarchy and sexism. But hey, many men’s rights movement members also don’t know the …

Melissa Fong: “Micro-brothels” in BC: Are we still criminalizing prostitution?

“Micro-brothels” in BC: Are we still criminalizing prostitution? The short answer: YES. Now the long answer: I’ve seen a couple articles in Vancouver’s 24hr News about how micro-brothels are a booming and we should be really scared because micro-brothels are dangerous. See here and here. First article: Sex-worker activist Sue Davis said buying and selling …

The Progressive Economics Forum: What UBC and SMU’s rape chant scandals say about women in the Canadian economy

The news of UBC Sauder Business School students chanting about rape of underage girls during a FROSH week event has generated much outrage. As it should.

While the chant might seem like an isolated incident, it is not. The recent rape chant scandals in UBC and in St Mary’s University in Halifax are evidence of systemic sexism that permeates our educational institutions from coast to coast. Sexism doesn’t end with Orientation week, and people don’t naturally grow out of it when they leave university.

Sexism is pervasive in our workplaces and across all levels of society

All women are affected. (Read more…)