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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Scottish Fish Invented Sex

I'm not sure I can bear hearing that the Scottish invented both #curling AND #sex. #Scotland

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) October 20, 2014

Microbrachius dicki was the fish that realized it could use sex to reproduce. Feeling unsatisfied, fish eventually returned to spawning instead.

MT @CBCQuirks "Sex first emerged 'in ancient Scottish lake' (insert joke here) " – Microbrachius dicki. Insert Dicki joke is what he did.

— John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) October 20, 2014

Politics, Re-Spun: How to Not Commit a Sex Crime

You participate in a sex crime if you search for or look at revenge porn.

It is really that simple.

A Richmond, B.C., woman hopes her story of having nude photos leaked online will foster laws to protect women against cyberbullying.

Anisa Salmi was working at her desk when she got the call from a friend: Did you see what was posted about you online?

When the 27-year-old typed her name into Google she saw intimate photos of her posted online on The Dirty, a U.S. website known to feature photos of men and women and comments about them.

“It was (Read more…)

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: Sex, violence and TV shows

We just finished watching the third season of Game of Thrones on DVD this past weekend. Before that, we watched The White Queen, another DVD series (one season only, although it deserved more). As we watched both, I found myself wondering why directors and producers felt the need to insert gratuitous – but apparently obligatory […]

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Avoid Brown’s Social House

Nicola Tee wrote:

Hey! Just wondering why you have the archaic & sexist rule that your waitresses have to wear a minimum 1″ heel while they’re on their feet all night? The men don’t have the same rule. That’s terrible, and I actually won’t be back because of it. Please pass that on to head office, thanks.

Brown’s wrote: “the policy that our girls need to be in a 1″ heel is a brand standard…”

I won’t be opting to return to Browns because of this. I’m also going to be telling my friends to avoid Browns, and will (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: On That List of Excuses for Not Having Sex Floating Around the Interweb

I wanted to chime in on a facebook discussion about that list (a man made a spreadsheet of his wife’s excuses for refusing sex), but it wasn’t started by an official FB friend, so I couldn’t comment on it.  I’m not sure the etiquette on this, so I’ll just keep everyone anonymous.  Here’s the opener attached to a link that suggests women never owe men sex:

This analogy seems to suggest that, like a game of badminton in which nobody actually hits the ball is not actually a game of badminton, marriage in which nobody has sex isn’t actually a (Read more…)

Art Threat: Montreal Fringe: Chlamydia dell’Arte: A Sex-Ed Burlesque

“Butt sex should never be a surprise.”

So begins the very catchy tune that opens Chlamydia dell’Arte: A Sex-Ed Burlesque. Alternating skits and burlesque numbers with vox pop video segements, this show aims to “educate through laughter”, and to some degree it succeeds.

The safe sex aspects of the show are largely limited to condom use, making it a useful refresher for anyone who sleeps with men and hasn’t had any sex ed since high school. (It’s worth pointing out here that the artists are based in the United States, so while it seems like basic information to a (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Anti-Pornography? Absolutely.

The idea that somehow pornography is good for society, or that it serves some sort of preventative function for males, or (insert rationalization here), make me ill. Pornography, like religion, has no place in a civilized society. I found this awesome quote while browsing the interwebs and I agree with much of what it has to say about pornography, the porn industry and human sexuality. Thank you Jasmina for writing so eloquently about this important topic.


I would like you to know, in a nutshell, that I am against the porn industry.

I am against white (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: Should your daughter get the HPV Vaccine?

I can understand the anxiety about the vaccine. I can. Something that is intimately tied to our daughters sexuality is really freaky especially when we’re talking about children that we don’t even want to think about as sexual creatures.

A Puff of Absurdity: On Our Continued Sexual Repression

Sherlock & John

I watched the first episode of the new season of Sherlock last night.  There’s a sub-plot with no spoilers here:  John Watson gets engaged to Mary.  Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, is shocked that he’s engaged to a woman since he and Sherlock were obviously so close – and so soon after his passing and all.   John vehemently objects to the insinuation that he is now, or ever was, gay.  

In class before the break I read a bit about Montaigne’s affection for La Boétie, and the very first comment I got from a pretty enlightened group (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: On Designer Vaginas and Media Influence

Labiaplasty is on the rise.  Who knew?

There’s an article in the Guardian in which Daisy Buchanan argues that we can’t blame porn for this rush towards plastic surgery to pretty-up our lady bits because it’s everywhere; in mainstream music videos we can see about as much as porn shows.

I’m not sure what bands Buchanan follows, but I haven’t see much in the way of actual labias in my regular, mainstream video-watching, nor in any of the movies I watch – and I watch a lot of movies.  Even Miley Cyrus doesn’t actually show her junk.  So, if (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: DWR PSA: Don’t Not Have Sex

It is nice every once and awhile see how religious thinking, in this case, opposing contraception (let’s not mention abortion because women in control of their reproductive destinies really is just satanic) looks like if we follow through on the policy.

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Melissa Fong: Let me hate my body if I want to

“Or maybe me loving my body is about you. And how you feel about how I feel about my body. If I tell you that “I love my body. I love my freckles. I even love my sagging ass because it’s on my body.” You’ll pat me on the back and tell me that I’m getting it. And I’m not making anyone uncomfortable by complaining about how much I dislike being held up to fucked up beauty standards and how it fucks with my head.” -Elyse from Skepchick

Melissa Fong: “Micro-brothels” in BC: Are we still criminalizing prostitution?

“Micro-brothels” in BC: Are we still criminalizing prostitution? The short answer: YES. Now the long answer: I’ve seen a couple articles in Vancouver’s 24hr News about how micro-brothels are a booming and we should be really scared because micro-brothels are dangerous. See here and here. First article: Sex-worker activist Sue Davis said buying and selling …

Dead Wild Roses: Feminist Quote of the Day – Chyng Sun

“When I asked male interview subjects what they would like to do in bed, “ejaculation on a woman’s face” was most often at the top of their lists. But when I asked them what the attraction of this act was and whether it meant anything, their initial response was puzzlement. They had never given it much thought. With time for reflection, however, most came up with answers very similar to those of the pornographers I interviewed: it is about controlling women, doing something disgusting to them. It’s like spitting or urinating on them. Thus something unsettling about gender relationships (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: Paternity Rights in Rape Cases

It’s an interesting moral dilemma to have a judge decide a child has access to a father when the only contact the mother and father had was a sexual assault producing this child.  This isn’t entirely the story here.  In this article, it could be a case of statutory rape.  It’s possible there was a relationship for a while, that led to vocally consensual, yet not actually legal, sex.  It’s not clear from the article if it was a guy jumping out of the bushes or a romantic tryst gone wrong or something in between.

The young mother, H.T. (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Freaking Saskatoon Police #YXE #SKpoli

I’m sure the Saskatoon Police do a lot of good work. They’ve really cleaned up their image since the 1990s, and it’s been decades since they’ve reportedly given anyone a [deadly] Starlight Tour. Unfortunately, a new frontier of ignorant neglect has popped up. Saskatoon Police are not taking the solicitation of lone women in cabs very seriously.

“Take the cab with another person, with a friend,” said [Saskatoon police spokeswoman Alyson] Edwards.

Absurd! Victim blaming much? Also, have you ever managed to share a cab with a friend so you both end up at home while neither is alone in (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Government Can Watch You Have Sex

Here’s how to let the NSA know when you’re having sex:

1.) Buy a Nike (or related) workout monitor, or keep your (smart) cell phone (or tablet) on your person or the soft surface where you are engaged in intercourse. 2.) Ensure the workout arm band or cell phone is turned on and uploading your statistics to the Net.

You’re done. You’re an accidental exhibitionist in the NSA’s all seeing electronic eyes.

I’ve described cell phones as “digital leashes” for spouses, for years. It’s not too far off from the truth, is it?

-Not wired to the (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Penis, Man, and Vagina Argue on UK Street

Here’s a story you don’t hear every day. That’s the fun of costumes, and prudery. A man threw a dick head onto the ground, and the vagina tried to calm the situation down.

A hard street performance to pull off.

(Photo care of central somerset gazette)

That man, and that cop who broke up the street performance, sound like they are both wankers (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

A Puff of Absurdity: Silence During Tragedy

I went to a history conference, and one of the PhDs at the front was talking about the common occurrence of silence during tragedy.  And, while those around me discussed WWII, and the Iran-Iraq war, and internment of the Japanese in Canada, I started thinking more about how uncomfortable people are talking about rape.

It all fit together for me largely because of a woman I once met, a friend’s mom, who had lived in a concentration camp in Poland.  She had nine kids, and two were born there, while she was separated from her husband.  The guards routinely took women (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: On Our Rape Culture: Rehtaeh Parsons’ Unfortunate Legacy

And another one gone – a victim of assault and revenge porn enacted and filmed by a bunch of teenaged boys who had more power than they might have ever imagined:  they could kill from a distance.  As Elizabeth Renzetti says of these double-barrel assaults, they are, “not just an act of violence but a spectator sport.”  And here we thought we had come so far from the bloodlust days of the Colosseum.

The act isn’t dissimilar from torturing an animal and showing pictures to people.  It’s a behaviour that is absolutely depraved.  Who looks at those types of (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: When Men are Raped

A man was sexually assaulted by four women in Toronto, and the story is make the facebook rounds.  I hate to say “of course,” but of course people think it’s hilarious.  Here are some choice comments directly copied and pasted without names – but these were all written by men (or, I suppose, people posing as men):

“Lucky basturd!” “Get any phone numbers?” “Dayum…And I try to look suspicious to female security at an Airport just so I can get frisked.” “where is this club ? whats the cover charge ? will the women hurt you if you (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: Undergrads: Underloved or Just Under Grads

An article in the G&M today expresses concerns with the “hookup culture” of university students.   There’s a big fear that casual sex will create “a drastic divide between physical intimacy and emotional intimacy,” and that people will see human bodies as disposable and “become incapable of creating ‘valuable and real connections’.”  The author goes on to quote researchers who have concerns about the quality of the sex as well.

I think there’s a bigger problem that they’ve missed:  the connection between physical intimacy and emotional intimacy to begin with.  That fact that we see love primarily as a (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive | News & Analysis: No More Steubenvilles: How To Raise Boys to be Kind Men

What can we do to help young men respect women, recognize consent, and have healthy sexual relationships? Teach them kindness to others—and the courage to go against the crowd. By: Kim Simon | Mama By the Bay When Max was just a few months old, I sat cross-legged on the floor with him [...]

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Melissa Fong: This is what misogyny looks like: Paps and women’s health

This is what misogyny looks like. A lot of you may have heard me use the word “misogyny” before and were either confused or found it too harsh for what I was describing. Yes, misogyny basically means “hatred for women” (as opposed to Philogyny- the fondness, love or admiration of women). Yes, misogyny might sound …

The Scott Ross: A Devil Of A Valentine

On the face of it Saint Valentine is a pretty odd fellow, after all how many saints have days promoting procreation named after them?

There really is only one other figure who shares such a dichotomy, who like St.Valentine had one of the most holiest of titles yet himself was the most profane. He too asks, with albeit more subtlety but equal enticements, “Will you be mine?” It is by chance that this fiery fellow is also after the heart, the abode and symbol, of the soul.

Both St.Valentine and this once angelic figure are intimately associated

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