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Northern Insight / Perceptivity: When the call screener makes life difficult

January 2, an unidentified caller chatted with CKNW Legislative reporter and talkshow host Sean Leslie, a man who happens to be spouse of a BC Liberal Government Communications Director, appointed by Order in Council, who has been paid more than $250,000 in the last three fiscal years.

It won’t surprise any regular reader that . . . → Read More: Northern Insight / Perceptivity: When the call screener makes life difficult

Northern Insight: Broken trust

After shifting his focus in recent months, Alex Tsakumis is blogging again and getting ready to launch as a 3-hour a day webcast on politics, media and other current affairs. A segment of AGT’s Thursday post caught my eye. He described a moment in the recent Legislative session when Minister of Children and . . . → Read More: Northern Insight: Broken trust

Cowichan Conversations: Sean Leslie Looks Big Problems at BC Hydro-This week in BC

This Week in BC -Sean Leslie Looks at BC HYDRO

Northern Insight: Les democracy

“The only good farmland is former farmland” – J. Les John Les made an appearance with Sean Leslie on Liberal house radio Saturday and explained that party leadership had to impose Darryl Plecas on the Abbotsford-South riding association because a ma… . . . → Read More: Northern Insight: Les democracy

Northern Insight: Fact free radio

Friday morning on BC Liberal radio, one of the trio assured us that BC Ferries has been cutting administration costs and its overheads had little or nothing to do with financial problems.

Shall we test the accuracy of the comment?

Combined passenger and vehicle traffic in 2012 is down by 4.4% over 2010. According to . . . → Read More: Northern Insight: Fact free radio

Northern Insight: The car-crash-that-never-ends

Liberals across Canada are being hoist with their own petard, Brian Topp, The Globe and Mail, Apr. 29, 2012

“Meanwhile, the car-crash-that-never-ends that is the premiership of British Columbia’s Christy Clark is now apparently thrashing around to the view that it needs to scrub the Liberal brand off itself, to fight off both a principled . . . → Read More: Northern Insight: The car-crash-that-never-ends

Northern Insight: See what happens when you split the vote

On today’s Trailing Edge from the Ledge, BC Liberal press officer Sean Leslie disclosed strategy to be followed after the party’s candidate, federal Conservative wonk Laurie Throness, fails to win the once friendly riding of Chilliwack-Hope.

“If the NDP actually pulls a win out there because the Conservatives and the Liberals are split, then . . . → Read More: Northern Insight: See what happens when you split the vote