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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ontario By-Elections: Scott’s Gut

The esteemed Scott Tribe says:

The OLP seems to be holding on a slight lead to the Toronto ridings (Scarborough and Etobicoke). They are probably ahead in Mcguinty’s old riding in Ottawa.Windsor will go NDP unless every NDP voter down there decides not to bother showing up to the polls

The OLP is in a . . . → Read More: BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ontario By-Elections: Scott’s Gut

Valerie Burns: Test Post!

Scott Tribe informs me I am finally a Progessive Blogger. Let’s see if this works!

Valerie Burns: Kathleen FTW

Convention was crazy. I know I said I would liveblog when I could, but it all just went too fast. Sitting down and writing in the face of all that awesome was just not going to happen.

It was amazing fun. I met a boy. We elected a leader who I think stands a . . . → Read More: Valerie Burns: Kathleen FTW