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Geoff Campbell: Google Tag Manager for Cross Domain Tracking and more

In some cases learning a new software/service/technology can take more time than its worth. This is not one of those cases. The time it took for me to learn out to effectively use Google Tag Manager (GTM) for the initial purpose of unifying analytics information across different websites (in my case, our website our database/admissions/SaaS) was well worth it. Manually editing the tracking codes on each site may have been the quicker route, but this service enables the editing of a container on a single website that hosts multiple snippets.

Now, with one code insertion, I have 11 tags on (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Google Analytics Custom Segments for Schools

Over the last year I presented at a an industry conference about what Google Analytics can do for independent schools and higher ed.

With a running time of just over 20 minutes, my joint presentation with some great folks at WhippleHill barely scratched the surface.

I wrote earlier about why higher ed and private schools should look more deeply into their analytics to pull out actionable insights.

An incredibly helpful option to make that a faster process the ability to cut out the clutter is looking at segments. You can can compare important segments of your website visitor population across views. For (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Geoff Campbell 2015-05-17 16:59:25

As I mentioned in January, I added metadata (microdata, og tags, and Twitter Cards code) to the Friends’ Central website.

Added @TwitterDev Twitter Cards to @friendscentral.

— Geoff Campbell (@GeoffBCampbell) January 9, 2015

While our CMS has some limitations that does not allow us to take full-advantage of these opportunities.

Mike Petroff (from Harvard) provides a great overview of the importance of optimizing website content for social, including Buffer’s research on the impact on engagement of using Pinned Tweets (which expand by default to show a Twitter Card or attached media).

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Geoff Campbell: Using Campaign Tagging to Tackle Dark Social

While “dark social”, the default/misattributions of unknown traffic as “Direct” or a similar term, isn’t very new (coined in 2012, which is ancient by web standards), tackling the issue of finding the true referral of as much traffic as possible in a systematic way is a fairly recent endeavor. Keeping analytics campaign information standardized in a large organization can be difficult, to say the least. Google has helped by providing a handy do-it-yourself link-builder but LunaMetrics has gone one step further can created a customizable Google Sheets document (with an explainer) that has more information that (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Quaker Works alumni magazine is out!

This news is slightly late but our alumni magazine is out.

Our Quaker Works Spring 2015 issue hits mailboxes this week. Check it out online today!

— Friends' Central (@friendscentral) May 5, 2015

Thanks to the hard work of Clare Luzuriaga, our Assistant Director of Communications, all the Art Direction and Design was done in house this year. I was happy to contribute with photography, an alum profile, and by co-writing two features. I’m biased but I think it’s a great look into the life of the school (and its alums).

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Geoff Campbell: The Benefits of Consuming a Balanced Media Diet

As I come upon the 9-month mark as the Digital and Social Media Specialist, I’ve thought about how I’ve adjusted to stay up on local news that may affect us from the local giant Main Line Media News Network (Main Line Times, Main Line Suburban Life, Main Line Media News, etc) to the regional Philly Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, and local NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates.

In addition to (trying to) stay in the know about what’s happening locally, I’ve made a concerted effort to ensure I have a wider worldview by reading the New York Times (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Evertrue Community App @FriendsCentral

Soon after we launched our new website, a number of people here at FCS discussed the possibility of a new service we could offer alumni/ae. Leading up to and at Reunion, we shared the FCS Alumni/ae Community App (powered by Evertrue) with reunion classes.

Last night, we introduced the app to the entire alumni community and have already seen a significant response. While the company has been in the news for its social donor management tool (including in the New York Times), our focus was on providing a useful service to alumni/ae that colleges and school (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Measuring the “Quality” of Videos

As I move into making more videos for Friends’ Central I’m concerned with what the effect will be. Following Wistia’s method, one of the most helpful web video production sites I’ve come across, engagement/retention can be seen as an analog for quality. There are different metrics to use when trying to reach different goals but I see no better way to measure quality (at least in the eyes of your viewers), than engagement. I’m happy to say then, that my Valentine’s Day video was enjoyed by those who watched it.



The day the video went up, in this (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Thank you, CASE District II!

I’d jut like to write a quick thank you CASE District II for awarding me an Independent School Scholarship to attend their conference last week. I’m including recap of the conference via a number of tweets during the experience. It’s always good to meet new colleagues from across the region and to learn what colleges and universities are working on. One day maybe I’ll follow up my Google Analytics introduction with a future conference presentation.

From the top:

Thank you very much CASE District II for the Independent School Scholarship. #case2dc

— Geoff Campbell (@GeoffBCampbell) February 1, 2015

Danielle (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Web Goals for 2015

One of the lessons I’ve learned in grad school (and have learned through experience to be true) is that goal-setting is important but also that those goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Though there are a number of alternates, SMART generally stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Once I get back to the office in January I know there will be a lot of news and changing variables (sports championships, college acceptances, compelling senior projects, etc) and so it will be important to know where true north is and to prioritize things that are within my (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Never Stop Learning (CASE D2 Conference Scholarship)

One of the biggest lessons I learned in a classroom was during 4th year at Mount Allison. It was in a seminar class about “Political and Technological Innovation”…or something. The point of the class wasn’t to memorize names and dates but to understand the how and why behind different political and economic distributions in history.

It covered everything from a guest lecture on Monsanto’s genetically modified crops, to Steve Jobs’ mixing art and science, and to Václav Havel’s role as a public intellectual. One of the most important lectures wasn’t on those topics but the future of the Class of (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Why Private Schools Should Dig Deeper into Analytics

“Big Data” was the big catchphrase in 2012-2013. As a graduate student at Newhouse I got a big taste of that. In 2013, my alma mater held a Social Commerce Day where a speaker Chuck Hemann, (then of PR firm WCG, now Manger of Analytics for Intel) came to talk to us about how research is changing to meet the new communications landscape. He mentioned the importance of analytics and mentioned a number of social media monitoring and engagement tools.

In the nearly two years since some of the examples are out of date but the primary message holds true- (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Video Marketing – What Private Schools need to learn from Higher Ed

It has been a hectic year but I’d like to share this article published in blog format by CASE and in full by NAIS’ Independent School Magazine. Although educational institutions are, in large part, slower to change than the private sector, I think many schools are doing their diligence and investing in video marketing. With our website up and running I know I’ll be focusing more on video in the new year.

Why Schools Should Invest in Video Marketing Independent School Magazine (Fall 2014)

Why Independent Schools Should Invest in Video Marketing CASE Blog (Winter 2014)

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Geoff Campbell: User Experience on Private School Admission Websites

Serving as my school’s Digital and Social Media Specialist, my tasks can vary from week to week but my ultimate goal is “enhancing both internal and external marketing efforts.” A major part of that is tell the Friends’ Central story in such a way that results in increased affinity towards and interest in the school. In addition to increasing interest and affinity, a crucial part of my job is ensuring that as many people as possible who are interested complete an inquiry (and do not bounce, or get discouraged/lose interest partway and abandon the process).

The responsibility for ensuring the User (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: 12 Weeks at Friends’ Central

Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been remiss in posting here. It’s been a busy three months.

Yesterday marked week 13, day one at FCS. In that time period I’ve learned all a lot about my school, its mission and vision, and its place in the local independent school marketplace.

It has been a great learning experience working just outside the fifth most populous city (behind Houston and ahead of Phoenix) in the country. Montgomery County is a highly competitive market when it comes to private schools, with 21.7% of students (grades 9-12) enrolled in private school. so I have (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Geoff Campbell 2014-09-26 11:41:18

Directions and Transportation Lower School

228 Old Gulph Rd

Wynnewood, PA 19096

View Larger Map Middle and Upper School

1101 City Ave

Wynnewood, PA 19096

View Larger Map

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Geoff Campbell: Geoff Campbell 2014-09-25 09:53:55

On Tuesday I led my first CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) Twitter chat. I came up with the topic and questions, which were then tweeted out from the @CASEadvance account. Here’s the Storify summary of the chat.

Welcome to #casesmc chat! Co-moderated by @GeoffBCampbell at @friendscentral. We'll be talking about creating culture of sharing. #casesmc

— CASE (@CASEAdvance) September 23, 2014

Twitter Chat Recap: Social Media & Campus Engagement. #casesmc

— CASE (@CASEAdvance) September 24, 2014

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Geoff Campbell: Last day at Hebron Academy

Today marks my last day of work at Hebron Academy. It has been a great first full year working in marketing for an independent school. I’ve had the chance to work on a lot of diverse projects. From producing the bulk of the school’s photography for marketing, showcasing the Hebron experience through video, managing the broadcast of live streamed events on campus, creating and managing the school’s inbound marketing site, managing institutional social media accounts (leading to significant increases in likes/followers and engagement especially on Facebook and Twitter), creating/updating design collateral for print and the (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Professional Development

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Over the last seven months at my first salaried job I’ve found that my education and experience up to my start day has been helpful but I’ve also that most of all, knowing how to learn has been useful. This skill is crucial especially in environments where job duties change and new technologies are needed to fulfill the same end goals.

In a few short months I’ve improved my skill at Final Cut Pro X by training for and passing the Level 1 certification exam, improved my technical proficiency with InDesign CS6 with a course taught (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Represented Mount Allison at a college fair

On Tuesday, March 18, I represented Mount Allison University at a college fair in Massachusetts. I was offered the opportunity after speaking to a past classmate at Mount Allison who now works in the school’s admissions office and is responsible for recruiting in the U.S. I got in touch with him about recruiting Hebron students and he asked me about whether I’d be willing to be the face of my alma mater at a college fair.

I had an amazing time at Mount Allison. I wrote about my experiences for the Registrar’s Office (which, in Canada, includes admissions) for (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: “Welcome to Hebron” Video

In between all the things that come up at an active boarding school I was able to shoot and edit a welcome video for accepted students. You can take a look below. I’m working on a longer video that will be completed later this month.

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Geoff Campbell: HEBRON Magazine Published

The last few months have been, as always, busy ones in the Hebron communications office. There’s always something to be posted or updated and new projects to work on but once in a while there’s something that is a finished piece that’s worth recognizing. My boss and HEBRON Editor Liza Tarr put countless hours of work into managing the production of the school’s new magazine.

I was going to write a separate post about the varied photographic work I’ve done at Hebron over the last six months but I think with the exception of Winter Sports (which I’ll post about (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: Video at Hebron

In many communications offices, priorities can shift quickly depending on the needs of other departments and subject to photo opportunities and important events. Thankfully at Hebron, we’ve been able to dedicate time to providing our audiences with photos and videos of what makes Hebron great.

To date, I’ve made slideshows compiling photos and footage taken by myself and others. Most recently I edited a significant amount of archive footage into a video commemorating the 1994 and 1995 New England Championship hockey victories by Hebron.

In the near future I’ll be completing a yield video that follows through on my (Read more…)

Geoff Campbell: CASE District 1 Conference Scholarship

In November I applied for and was awarded a New to the Profession Scholarship to the CASE District 1 Conference in Boston. It was a terrific conference and I was able to learn a lot from experts from large universities and meet other professionals from across the eastern United States and Atlantic Canada. What I took away from speakers from large institutions alike was that it’s okay to take risks (like Suffolk’s #FlatRammy experiment at connecting with students before they arrived on campus) and that even institutions with more communications resources make decisions that end in failure but try every (Read more…)