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Montreal Simon: Why the Ambrose Cons Are Still the Harper Cons

Rona Ambrose has been working hard to try to put a new face on the shattered and shadowy Cons.And I'm glad she has spoken to some of the members of that little mosque in Peterborough that was torched by bestial bigots.But almost three weeks after s… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Why the Ambrose Cons Are Still the Harper Cons

Montreal Simon: Are Rona Ambrose’s Ghastly Cons Out of Control?

When Rona Ambrose was crowned temporary Queen of the Cons, and promised that her shell shocked MPs would set a "new tone" i.e. raise their behaviour out of the gutter, and stop acting like animals.I remember wondering whether she was dumb or … . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Are Rona Ambrose’s Ghastly Cons Out of Control?

Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau and the Day the Cons Came Back From the Dead

It seems only too tragic that just ten days after being sworn in as Prime Minister after promising to restore our Canadian values, and bring back sunnier days, that Justin Trudeau should be hit by the darkness of the Paris massacre.

Only too ironic that the son of Pierre should have to choose so soon between emotion and reason.

The deadly terror attacks in Paris will not lead Canada to change course on its two main policies in relation to Syria: welcoming 25,000 refugees this year and ending Canada’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria.

And of course only too (Read more…)

LeDaro: Rona Ambrose elected Interim Leader for Cons

Sara Palin congratulates Ambrose.

It is a good sign that Cons have a woman as an interim leader. Who they elect as a leader will be interesting. Is it possible that they will elect a woman?

Montreal Simon: Rona Ambrose and the Nastiness of the Cons

As I said the other day, I think it's going to be really hard for Rona Ambrose to move herself and her Cons out of the darkness and into the light.When among other things, she was prepared to put her foul ideology before the lives of thousands of drug addicted Canadians. Which is almost impossible to forget.

And after the way Stephen Harper and his foul regime brutalized the people and the values of this country for so many years. Which is almost impossible to forgive.But I see that hasn't stopped Ambrose from claiming that from now on (Read more…)

Alberta Politics: Message to the Wildrose Party: The NDP won and you’re going to need breakfast!

PHOTOS: The Wild Rose Breakfast Special. Just one of the many compensations of getting an early start on your day. Below: Infrastructure Minister and NDP House Leader Brian Mason, the NDP’s point man on early rising legislators; Wildrose Leader Brian Jean; and Interim Conservative Party of Canada Leader Rona Ambrose, whose literary preferences include Ayn […]

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Alberta Politics: Rona Ambrose, disciplined Harper loyalist, to lead the Opposition

PHOTOS: A typical constituent of Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose searches their Sturgeon River-Parkland riding northwest of Edmonton for a sign of his MP. Actual constituents of this Alberta MP may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Ms. Ambrose herself (CBC Photo) and Ms. Ambrose’s favourite author. Well, nobody in the shrunken Parliamentary ranks of […]

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Montreal Simon: Why Rona Ambrose Will Lead the Cons to Disaster

Well I knew the Cons were desperate, and that it was not going to be easy to find or lasso an interim leader to replace Boss or Bull Harper. Because most of the ones that needed to be fed rather than watered, had jumped over the fence before the election, or went down with the cattle call.But who knew those Reform rednecks were so desperate that they would choose the Con clown Rona Ambrose? Read more » - Alberta Politics: This Week in Alberta Politics

Here are a few items to watch out for in Alberta politics this week: Which of the four Liberal Members of Parliament will be appointed to the federal cabinet on Nov. 4, 2015? Most speculation points toward newly elected Calgary-Centre MP Kent… Continue Reading →

Montreal Simon: Why the Con Leadership Race is Heading for Oblivion

OMG don't look now, but the Con race to replace Stephen Harper and become interim leader is turning into a hog stampede.With Jesus Harper looking on and cheering because they're all his candidates. And Jason Kenney waiting to claim the big prize.But if the Cons are hoping to renew their shattered and demoralized party they're definitely heading in the wrong direction.Or heading for oblivion.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rona Ambrose and the End of the Great Con War on Marijuana

As you know Rona Ambrose likes to pretend she's a doctor, a nurse, a Health Minister, and a Justice Minister.And has extreme views on marijuana and Justin Trudeau.So I'm glad to see that the Canadian Medical Association has taken some time to correct her mindless ravings about the Killer Weed.And made her look like a dangerous quack or a maniac.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Killer Drug and the Murderous Madness of the Harper Cons

It's one of the most dangerous street drugs this country has ever known. It's killing on average one Canadian every three days.But while local police forces are trying to warn people about the danger of illicit fentanyl. The Harper Cons are refusing to issue a country-wide alert. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Could the Great Con War on Marijuana Be About To Backfire Badly?

I don't know if you've noticed, but Rona Ambrose has recently stepped up the Great Con War on Marijuana.By rerunning that old anti-marijuana ad, the one with dirty glass tubing representing the human brain on drugs.And sticking us with the bummer bill. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: On The Dyspeptic Rona Ambrose

In a post last week, I explained the basis for my outrage over Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s manufactured rant at the Supreme Court’s decision permitting medical marijuana users to ingest their medicine in any form they wish. Reading this morning’s Star letters to the editor, I was pleased to see that I am not alone in my reaction to Ms Ambrose and the regime she is a mouthpiece for.

Here are but a few of many excellent missives:

Re: Chill out, minister, Editorial June 14 How ironic is this? Rona Ambrose, health minister in the Harper government, infamous for their (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Why Rona Ambrose Needs to Chill Out Her Reefer Madness

As you know, I am totally disgusted by the way Rona Ambrose is failing to act as a Health Minister should.Failing to put the pain and suffering of Canadians before her foul Con ideology. Which as a Health Minister, and a human being, is about as low as you can go.So I'm glad to see the Star editorialists ask the obvious question: What on earth has she been nibbling on?Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: I’m Outraged Over Her Outrage

Playing to her party’s base, Health Minister Rona Ambrose yesterday expressed “outrage” over the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to make it legal for medical marijuana users to ingest their pot in any manner they see fit, be it oils, tinctures, cookies, or brownies. Given her well-demonstrated ineptitude in ensuring that Health Canada protect the health of Canadians, (apparently preferring to protect the health of pharmaceuticals’ profits), something about which I have written at length on this blog, the integrity of yesterday’s partisan denunciation of the court’s decision must surely be called into question:

In the interests, as (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Con Clown Rona Ambrose and the Great War on Marijuana

OMG. I don't what we're going to do with the Con clown Rona Ambrose. She doesn't seem to understand that she supposed to be the Minister of Health, not the Minister of Pain and Suffering.That's Stephen Harper's job.For barely two months ago she was going after Vancouver's pot shops as if she was the Minister of Justice.And now she's going after people who take marijuana for medicinal purposes, and is trying to force them to smoke it, instead of consuming it in healthier ways. Read more »

Alberta Politics: Zombie Confidence Fairy finally rears its head as the 2015 Campaign of Fear gets up steam in Alberta

A group of five prominent Edmonton businessmen with ties to the Prentice Progressive Conservative Party tried to talk some sense into us crazy Albertans yesterday about voting NDP during a news conference in the Melcor Developments’ boardroom in downtown Edmonton. From left to right: John Cameron, Paul Verhesen, Doug Goss, Ashif Mawji and Tim Melton. […]

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Montreal Simon: Rona Ambrose and the Disgusting Con Fear Campaign in Alberta

Oh no. I can't believe it. She's at it again. Rona Ambrose just can't stop scaring people, and has absolutely no idea of her own limitations.

Just a few days ago she was terrorizing the peaceful residents of Vancouver by posing as a Health Minister AND a Justice Minister.

And demanding that they close down their pot shops, before the Killer Weed kills them, and Justin Trudeau kills their children.

Now she trying to scare the people of Alberta, with dark warnings about the Deadly Job Killing NDP Menace.

While posing as a Finance Minister !!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Painful Re-Education of the Con Clown Rona Ambrose

The other day I told you how the Con clown Rona Ambrose was causing a frightful scandal in Vancouver.Making herself look like an absolute idiot, by screaming that marijuana was a killer weed, and NOBODY should consume it. Not even sick people prescribed it by their doctors.

And loudly demanding that the city close its pot shops.Before the devil weed, and Justin Trudeau, claimed more young victims.So I was really glad to see that BC's Chief Medical Officer has taken on the challenge of re-educating the village idiot.Read more »

Cowichan Conversations: BC Health officials back Vancouver’s plan to license pot shops

Richard Hughes


PM Steve’s Health Minister Rona Ambrose sees pot as a narcotic that is an addictive substance. Where do these people come from. Are they really Martians? It sure feels as if

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Montreal Simon: Rona Ambrose and the Great Con War on Marijuana

You might think that the Harper regime had annoyed the people of Vancouver enough recently, with their slow response to the oil spill in English Bay.And their outrageous claims that it was a "world class" operation.But no, apparently not. Because now after James Moore's world class buffoon act.Here comes that other Con clown Rona Ambrose, to declare that the real threat to the city is the KILLER WEED !!!!Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Bill C-51 Will End Up Hurting Stephen Harper

They say Stephen Harper is fit to be tied, or restrained.He can't stand the idea that his monstrously flawed anti-terrorism bill C-51 is going to take weeks, rather than a few days to study in committee.And what must be driving him absolutely crazy is the thought that with every passing day more Canadians are coming forward to call his bill bad and dangerous. Read more »

In This Corner: A message from Our Conservative Government.

This week, I received via Canada Post a handy little booklet from my ever-smiling Member of Parliament, Rona Ambrose.

It’s called a Tax Tips Guide, subtitled Helping You and Your Family Save More, a 15-page (!) booklet of tax tips from the federal government, outlining how I can save money on my taxes.”Well, isn’t this nice”, I thought in quotation marks. It’s almost as if the government doesn’t even want my tax dollars, and is trying desperately to convince me to pay as little as possible. Seems kind of counterintuitive, but whatever. A dollar saved is a dollar (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Health Canada Fails Us Yet Again

On this blog I have frequently extolled the fine investigative journalism practised by The Toronto Star. Whether on issues of municipal, provincial, or federal significance, The Star, as it frequently proclaims, “gets action.”

From the standpoint of average Canadians, probably one of its most important investigations in recent times has been into Health Canada and its all too cozy relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, an industry protectorate seems to treat more as an equal than as an activity to be regulated. its relationship with the generic company Apotex is especially troubling.

Despite previous avowals by Health Minister Rona Ambrose (Read more…)