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The Disaffected Lib: Send In the Slaves

When it’s completely boiled down what are robotics except the process of capital owning labour?  What are the implications of that if capital is given a free hand to dislocate human labour with its mechanized alternative?

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald claims that robots could replace half of human jobs in the next . . . → Read More: The Disaffected Lib: Send In the Slaves

Political Eh-conomy: Questions for robots

Eighty years ago, Keynes famously predicted that within a century people would need to work no more than three hours per day. High living standards aided by technological breakthroughs would give human beings satisfying, minimal work and plentiful leisure, while robots and machines took over menial and repetitive labour. Less than twenty years before Keynes’ . . . → Read More: Political Eh-conomy: Questions for robots

Politics and its Discontents: It Always Seems Like A Good Idea At The Time

…but who can forget the Borg and the Cylons?

Will Google eventually forget its motto, “Don’t be evil”?

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LeDaro: North Korea and robotic army

Almost all countries do a good job of brainwashing their soldiers – its all for patriotism and thus killing the enemy is justified. However, dictatorial governments do even a better job. North Korea is a good example. The picture below puts some light on this phenomena.

Female North Korean soldiers march during a mass . . . → Read More: LeDaro: North Korea and robotic army

LeDaro: Unusual Talent

On America’s Got Talent I found following performance very entertaining. Kenichi Ebina – Robotic Dancer Becomes a Live Video Game Character.

The Disaffected Lib: But Robots Don’t Buy Bread

The CBS show 60 Minutes ran an item tonight about how robots were displacing humans in America’s work force.   The story featured great minds from MIT and elsewhere discussing how humans were becoming redundant to industry.

Fair enough.  Yes, we can replace human labour in a great many slots in the modern workforce.   And we . . . → Read More: The Disaffected Lib: But Robots Don’t Buy Bread