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Far and Wide: Robocall Impact

I find it a bit odd, the rush to verdict on the robocall affair, particularly when it’s clearly an evolving story, that is nowhere near crescendo. How anyone can make definitive conclusion on resonance escapes me, particularly seasoned observers like a Gerry Nichols for example. Much of the impetus for these rash pronouncements seems to stem from already held beliefs on what matters to Canadians, rather than viewing the robocall affair with non jaundiced eyes. Considering many a government has been harmed by non “trains on time” scandals, the dismissive tone from many quarters strikes me as misplaced cynicism.


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Oh please

In what deranged, demented, scum-ridden universe is this the equivalent of this? I haven’t read up on this Electoral Fraud thing that has apparently been perpetrated enough to make any in-depth comments on it. However, I do know that a campaign of calls purposely directing people to the wrong polling station isn’t even in the [...]

Manning Centre’s inclusive policies: Stephen Maher thrown out of conference. Replies, “kiss my ass”.

This is disgusting. Stephen Maher, along with Glen McGregor, is doing a yeoman’s job of reporting the beginnings of the Robocalls scandal. For his honest work, which incidentally appears in the right-wing National Post, the Manning Centre has booted him from their conference. Must not have any reporting that might not dress up the . . . → Read More: Manning Centre’s inclusive policies: Stephen Maher thrown out of conference. Replies, “kiss my ass”.

Manning Centre’s inclusive policies: Stephen Maher thrown out of conference. Replies, "kiss my ass".

This is disgusting. Stephen Maher, along with Glen McGregor, is doing a yeoman’s job of reporting the beginnings of the Robocalls scandal. For his honest work, which incidentally appears in the right-wing National Post, the Manning Centre has booted him from their conference. Must not have any reporting that might not dress up the conference exclusively in Conservative talking points, right?

Impolitical: Building democracy

Here was Preston Manning speaking to the media yesterday on voter suppression: Speaking to reporters, Manning said all parties should be worried about robocall vote-suppression during the 2011 election that directed some voters to the wrong polling stations and which has Elections Canada investigating complaints of voter fraud.

“I think it’s deplorable, those types of tactics. I’ve spent my life trying to get people to participate more in the political process, for them to vote more, and the fact that people are trying to work in the opposite direction is deplorable,” Manning said.

What happened at the Manning Centre

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Impolitical: Early evening robocon

Polling on election fraud allegations…it’s going to happen, might as well take a looksy: “Canadians split on who’s to blame for robocalls: poll.” From Ipsos, it is said to be a “blended telephone and online poll this week of 3,154 Canadians…”(1001 telephone/2153 online). While the headline is playing up a “split,” this isn’t good news for the Conservatives given the high threshold in the statement that respondents are asked to express agreement or disagreement with: In the survey, people were told there had been accusations that some people working for the Conservative party in the last election

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Trashy's World: Friday miscellany…

… O M G! The SKY is falling edition… Literally. The sky. Falling. Yup. The sun burps and we all freak out. Oh no! The GPS on my iPhone might lose some of its precision!!!! Anyhow, the solar “storm” seems to have had little impact and we can all carry on with our lives. Phew. [...]

Trashy's World: Jason Kenney rises in the House…

… to screech that fraudulent calls were the result of a massive solar storm. Possibly caused by Stephen Dion. Or Taliban Bob. Solar system frauds. A proud legacy of the Conservative Party of Canada. Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

somecanuckchick dot com: 5 Robocon Facts

FACT: The Conservative Party of Canada is the only party presently being investigated for robocalls made during the last election.

FACT: The Conservative Party of Canada was named in the search warrant which compelled RackNine to turn over documents pertaining to robocalls made in the riding of Guelph.

FACT: The Conservative Party of Canada reviewed the tapes of every call made by the Responsive Marketing Group call centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario… before Elections Canada.

FACT: The Conservative Party of Canada refused to publicly release phone records related to their telemarketing in the last election.

LeDaro: Stephen Harper- More Robocalls Discovered

Stephen Harper was offering free Viagra for votes.:)

JimBobby Sez: The Cremation of Canadian Democracy – With apologies to Robert Service

There are strange things done ‘neath the Canadian sunBy politicians lusting for power;The backroom boys have their techno-toysThat would make your blood go sour;The ballot boxes have seen sly foxes,But the slyest they ever did seeWas on election day, the second of MayWhen they butchered democracy.

In two thousand eleven, for the forty-first time, Canadians lined up to vote,But some dirty tricks from some rotten pricks delivered a hell of a note,Nefarious brains launched their robo-campaigns designed to perplex and confuse,And keep opponents away on election day by a scurrilous, (Read more…)

Impolitical: Conservative phone call harassment on tape

Listen to the tapes here. A former employee of RMG said things like this: «Oh, vous n’êtes pas un conservateur? Nous ne voulons pas parler à un socialiste ou à un séparatiste.»

The former employee of RMG has been let go, here are the apologies: Le collecteur de fonds Don Duke s’est comporté de manière «inacceptable», reconnaît le Parti conservateur. Et la société Responsive Marketing Group (RMG) s’excuse «sans réserve» aux membres de la formation qui se sont frottés à ses méthodes musclées.

Note one of the calls mentions Ignatieff, so this could have been during the election, it’s

Aung San Suu Kyi to John Baird: When it comes to voting, today’s Myanmar a lot like Harper’s Canada

She didn’t say that in those words of course but her sly mention of voter irregularities could not have been better timed and said to a better person.

“We have just discovered there are many, many irregularities on the voters’ lists, and we have applied to the election commission to do something about this,” Suu Kyi said, standing next to Baird on her back porch.

“A lot of dead people seem to

Impolitical: Harper reverses on new audit powers for Elections Canada

“Tories agree to new audit powers for Elections Canada.” The Conservative government has reversed course and now says it will support an NDP motion to give Elections Canada increased audit powers.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has battled the federal elections watchdog for much of his political career, told the House of Commons on Wednesday his government will support new legislation within six months — as proposed by the official Opposition.

New Democrats and Liberals have been making hay of the fact a Conservative-dominated committee last month formally turned down a recommendation by the chief electoral officer for new

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Manning Centre’s voter suppression school

Must read article from the Vancouver Observer on the creepy Manning Centre’s 2010 ‘campaign school’. Here’s a little of what one attendee, John Fryer, discovered. (emphasis mine).

The conversation that followed was deeply disturbing to Fryer. In a question and answer session, attendees discussed voter suppression tactics. They talked about posing as a member of another party, and about making

Trashy's World: A course on…

… how to commit fraud? Interesting piece in the Vancouver Observer that is making the rounds on Facebook describing a course given through the conservative think-tank Manning Institute. Again, no smoking gun and I’m not drawing any conclusions about the CPC involvement, but give it a read and come to your own conclusions. Trashy, Ottawa, [...]

Politics and its Discontents: While The Globe and Mail Is Busy Doing PR for The PM …

…it appears that The Vancouver Observer is actually doing some journalism as it unearths the details of the campaign school that John Fryer wrote about last week in his letter to the Globe and Mail.

As far as I know, the Globe did no followup of Fryer’s explosive allegations. Hardly surprising for the self-proclaimed ‘newspaper of record’.

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Word to Peggy Wente And Comic Relief: A Cheesy Cartoon And Latest From Montreal Icons, Bowser and Blue

Keep thinking you live in a democracy, dear.

What’s happened to my country? I went away for a couple of weeks and all hell broke loose. I came back to find that someone named Poutine stole the last election. At first I thought this was a typo, that they meant Putin.

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Blunt Objects: Nanos, Robocalls, and Super Tuesday

Sorry for my lack of posting the past three days – but I haven’t missed much anyways.

The big thing I did miss was the recent Nanos Research poll, showing for the second time in a row, the Liberals in second place. The topline numbers (and changes from the last Nanos poll) are as follows:

Cons: 35.7% (=) Liberal: 29.5% (+1.9) NDP: 25.0% (-0.2) Bloc: 4.9% (-0.7) Green: 3.4% (-1.1) Other: 1.5% (+0.1)

The numbers are pretty standard for what most polls show right now, except

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Far and Wide: Robopoll

The first robocall specific poll is out from Angus Reid and it provides little comfort for the Conservatives. The poll also reveals the opposition will find much support in pushing for further inquiry. As well, on a couple key questions, there is some consensus across party lines.

The opposition should ramp up the calls for a full public inquiry, that is shrewd politically and the concept finds overwhelming support with votes, even Conservatives: 81% want an independent investigation to find out exactly who was behind any misleading robocalls that may have been made in the May 2011 federal election…including

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Far and Wide: Robocall Reset

It’s important to keep some perspective here, as the Conservatives play the “contain” game with robocalls. The frame emerging seems to be that if the Conservatives can isolate electoral fraud to Guelph, they’ve effectively killed this scandal. On the other hand, the opposition is entirely focused on finding the smoking gun that leads right to Conservative central command. There is a tug of war at play, which has the almost bizarre effect of rendering Guelph almost irrelevant to the discussion. Oh sure, something really bad happened in Guelph involving Conservative operatives, perhaps some rogue element used the database for nefarious

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Saskboy and Jymn rub The Globe’s nose in #RoboCon | #cdnpoli

RoboCon: Journalism Failure at the Globe – UPDATED | Saskboy’s Abandoned Stuff: “And what’s the reason that John Ibbitson, a professional journalist for a national newspaper, treats Giorno with so much respect and kid-gloves that he talks him up as some sort of non-lying politician, while a nobody blogger in Regina has quickly demonstrated the exact opposite, using evidence?

And in closing:

They should know by now that breaking the rules can land a party in a world of hurt, no matter who did it, or why.

Yes, they might get another $52,000 fine for overspending by $1.3M

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"Robo-calls? Get a grip. We’re Canadian"

So says Globe & Mail scold Margaret Wente.

We expect our elections to be squeaky clean, and that’s a good thing. Obviously, there were election irregularities in Guelph, and maybe elsewhere, and Elections Canada needs to find out what happened and who did it. But it’s ridiculous to think there was some massive cheating scheme engineered by higher-ups. We’re not Russia after all. It’s unpopular

Impolitical: The plausible deniability angle

That is what John Ivison is tackling in his latest column where he opines that the Conservatives’ voter identification database system, CIMS, is a key to unravelling the robocall scandal. In the wake of Guy Giorno’s very strong push back against the notion that the Conservative party’s national campaign had anything to do with any of the misdirection, impersonation, harassing calls, etc., it’s not surprising to see a watertight compartments theory of the Conservative campaign being considered.

It would go along the lines of this excerpt in the column, with a few comments on it below: The strong suspicion

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Impolitical: Rae on robocalls, the budget

From Monday’s scrum…on wanting to make amendments to the Elections Act to require greater accountability, the need to retain documentation such as scripts, etc., in light of the ongoing scandal. The kinds of things we should be hearing from the government.

Plus a bit on the Cotler calls and Flaherty at the end.