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somecanuckchick dot com: Robocon Redux

It’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged anything about the Robocalls Scandal, aka Robogate, aka Robocon (#robocon to the #cdnpoli Twitterati)…

Unfortunately, the only thing new on #robocon is the recent departure… err, retirement of William Corbett and the surprise announcement by Elections Canada that Yves Côté would be the new Commissioner of Canada Elections.

Apparently, Elections Canada does not think that a change like this will affect the investigations into the Robocalls Scandal or any related investigations.

Well, that remains to be seen…

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somecanuckchick dot com: Robocon Scandal — UPDATE 2

So, the IP address Pierre Poutine used also accessed Andrew Prescott’s Racknine account.

But, there’s no smoking gun?

And now, Elections Canada is talking about regulating — not banning — robocalls made during an election.

Because regulating them makes it all better…

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CuriosityCat: Voter suppression: Will Kady and the CBC reget this?

The blogosphere is latched onto the greatest political scandal in the history of Canada, involving the voter suppression crimes committed before and on May 2, 2011, which, according to Elections Canada reports, was widespread, involved clear crimes of voter suppression and seems to have taken place in nearly two-thirds of the ridings in Canada. And until the whole saga is clearly investigated, the last rock is turned over, the last person is interviewed, until then, the legitimacy of the current government of Canada is in doubt. And the CBC response to some of the blogging? Of note, @kady of the

Yappa Ding Ding: Musings on Robocalls

At this point, can we avoid falling into a state where political power is seized rather than awarded by the public?

The only way we can maintain good governance is to soundly reject the many corrupt practices of the Harper government: but how do we do that with three years left on their majority rule? Time and again they have been exposed and have gotten away with it. Even when Elections Canada found them guilty of In & Out, they paid no political price. Each time they get away with something, they are emboldened to go further and be more

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CuriosityCat: Voter suppression: Talk by a Tory of ‘American political tactics’ to suppress votes

Interesting snippets about a conversation about how some American politicians use robocalls to suppress votes down south: Christopher Crawford, a member of the local Guelph election campaign, also talked about conversations he overheard between Mr. Sona and another staffer, Ken Morgan. Mr. Morgan was the campaign manager for Guelph . . . → Read More: CuriosityCat: Voter suppression: Talk by a Tory of ‘American political tactics’ to suppress votes

CuriosityCat: Robocon: Was the Conservative Party behind the voter suppression in the May 2011 election?

Harper’s Tories have rejected any suggestion that the voter suppression crimes committed before and on the May 2 2011 election were lead by that party. As the seven lawsuits supported by the Council of Canadians wend their way through the . . . → Read More: CuriosityCat: Robocon: Was the Conservative Party behind the voter suppression in the May 2011 election?

JimBobby Sez: New song & video: "You Cheatin’ Cons"

Whooee! Well, friends an’ foes, the whole robocalls election fraud scandal’s been getting pushed to the back burner. The F-35 fiasco and Lifestyles of the Rich and  Bev Oda are taking priority. Thing is… the election fraud issue is probably our most troubling problem. It goes straight to the heart of our democracy — or lack thereof.

I’m doin’ my bit to keep the voter suppression scandal in focus. Here’s a song I made over the weekend:

Impolitical: 24 hours in legal politics

First, on the Racknine suit against Martin and the NDP…NDP MP Pat Martin issued an apology yesterday for the statements he made regarding Racknine when the issue appeared in the news around late February. His apology was unequivocal, offering no defence, making it appear to be an attempt to mitigate damages in the lawsuit. Note that the request for an apology was made on February 24th and Martin did so just yesterday on his own behalf and on behalf of the NDP. Almost two months after the request. The apology is also figuring prominently on the NDP website.


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Impolitical: Chart of the week

Click to enlarge. (Source)

Elections Canada was largely singled out for budgetary savings, among all the Agents of Parliament in the Harper/Flaherty budget. When it is in the midst of a 200 riding-wide investigation across the country to determine what happened with harassing and misleading phone calls that may have misdirected voters, with electoral consequences: Mayrand was unable to provide specific details on the investigations out of concern for fairness and privacy, but he added a few new pieces of information:

– 800 complaints being examined by the commissioner of Canada elections come from 10 provinces and one

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The Equivocator: Micah Goldberg: Pennywise Mr. Harper

The end of the penny has caused many important cuts in Steven Harper’s first majority budget to have been buried. CBC funding was cut to the amount of $115 million dollars, $56 million was cut from the Canadian Food Inspections Agency, the Katimavik program was scrapped altogether, the list goes on. In the midst of the Robocall scandal however, no cut strikes a more political cord than the $7.5 million being cut from Elections Canada.

Cutting millions while the electoral fraud investigation searches through thousands of complaints spanning 200 ridings in all ten provinces and one territory is absurd,

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Co2 Art: Election Fraud: This is Where the Ben Johnson Principle Should Kick in.

You Cheat You Lose the Gold Medal

The citizens group the Council of Canadians is filing to overturn election results in seven ridings over election fraud.

The seven ridings across the country all experienced shady live or “robo” phone calls which appeared to have the objective of interfering with people’s attempts to vote. All seven ridings were won by the Conservatives and all but one of them by less than 1,000 votes.

While the article discusses ways of “measuring” the impact of the fraudulent calls, that should not be necessary. The fact that illegal and fraudulent means were employed with (Read more…)

Impolitical: 7 Robocon lawsuits filed

The latest from McMaher: The Council of Canadians has launched legal challenges of May federal election results in seven ridings, on behalf of electors living in those ridings. The ridings are: Don Valley East (Lib Ratansi defeated by Con, 890 votes), Winnipeg South Centre (Lib Neville defeated by Con, 722 votes), Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar (Con Block won by 538 votes), Vancouver Island North (Con Duncan won by 1827 votes), Yukon (Lib Bagnell defeated by Con by 132 votes), Nipissing-Timiskaming (Lib Rota defeated by Con by 18 votes), Elmwood-Transcona (Con Toet defeated NDP incumbent Maloway by 300 votes). All won by Conservatives.

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Far and Wide: Pre-Mature Verdicts

I’ve been utterly amazed at how many supposed political “experts”, pundits, observers, have been so quick to pass judgement on the robo-call affair. There is a dismissive tone, intertwined with some sort of misplaced arrogance, that thinks the electorate fits into some neat theorem. There is a reason all study involving humans is called SOCIAL science and not SCIENCE, and these over bearing cynics get lost in their own smug assertions to recognize the error. Seems to me true wisdom first understands the folly of rash judgements, particularly when the facts are evolving and the debate looks to be protracted.

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somecanuckchick dot com: Demand a Royal Commission, Canada!

FACT: Only the Harper government can call for a judicial inquiry into the Robocalls Scandal… and that ain’t gonna happen, Canada!

Would you like a Royal Commission to investigate the Robocalls Scandal?

Would you like to know how you can make that happen, Canada?

Contact the Governor General and demand a Royal Commission!

Politics and its Discontents: The Scourge of Rogue Elements

Following Canadian Tire’s conviction for gasoline price-fixing in Kingston and Brockville, a spokesperson for the company, Liz Hamilton, had this to say:

“… the company’s participation in the price-fixing ring was the work of a single regional business manager, who is no longer with the company after an internal investigation.”

Will the scourge of rogue elements never end? Recommend this Post

somecanuckchick dot com: There is a pattern here, Canada!

Deny, deny, deny, deny, deny!

Drag through the courts — on the Canadian taxpayers’ dime — for 5.5 years!

And then…

The Conservative Party of Canada admitted to illegal campaign advertising tactics.

The Conservative Party of Canada plead guilty to Elections Canada Act violations.

somecanuckchick dot com: The Robocon Scandal is more widespread than previously thought…

I maintain that if even one voter in these ridings was intimidated/misdirected/misinformed by these robocalls — that’s one too many!

These robocalls are grounds “for a f*cking huge investigation”!

The Robocon Scandal is more widespread than previously thought…

New phone records show that robocalls targeted voters in ridings all across Ontario — not just Guelph.

People are jumping to conclusions that we’re stupid, MP says

Defenders say MP Dean Del Mastro’s performance on CBC-TV could be due to medication

Trashy's World: Friday miscellany…

Encyclopaedia Britannica edition… Bye-bye to that venerable institution. I remember when my parents bought a set from a door-to-door salesman. I went through every single page! But the truth is that research tools have come a long way and we shouldn’t mourn the death of the candle because of the invention of the light bulb… [...]

somecanuckchick dot com: Is the gun smoking yet?

An investigation by CBC News has turned up voters all over Canada who say the reason they got robocalls sending them to fictitious polling stations was that they had revealed they would not vote Conservative.

Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand announced today that he now has over 700 Canadians from across the country who allege specific circumstances of fraudulent or improper calls.

I have to ask, is the gun smoking yet?

How about now?


Runesmith's Canadian Content: Confessions of a RoboCaller

My name is Jennifer Smith, and I’m a robocaller.

No, not that robocaller. Compared to Mr. Poutine I’m small potatoes, really. I just called a few hundred of my supporters in Ward 2 in Milton on the eve of the 2010 municipal election to remind them to get out and vote for me as town councillor the next day. Most of them did, I’m happy to say, although in the end it wasn’t quite enough for a win. Next time.

I know that robocalling and supporter databases are a bit of a mystery to most people, so allow me to

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Law is Cool: About Those Robocalls…

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro was himself behind two robocalls on election day, the Calgary Herald revealed today. Del Mastro’s campaign manager, Jeff Westlake, sent recorded messages to constituents reminding them that it was election day and offering rides, but only identified the caller as “Jeff.”

The problem is that the Member of Provincial Parliament for Peterborough is named Jeff Leal, and many constituents were confused. He also happens to be a Liberal, and claims calls were made during the Provincial election calling him a “baby killer.”

Del Mastro hired Nick Kouvalis of Campaign Research to

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Michael Sona speaks out. UPDATED: It appears to be a hoax.

UPDATE: @saskboy advises this video is a fake. @PopeShakey provides the photo evidence:

“I have a lot more dirt than this and it’s all going to come out now.”

“By the way everybody, there are worse and more disturbing Robocalls to come.”

H/T: @PopeShakey

Impolitical: Elections Canada’s new Robocon hires

“Elections Canada hires 14 new ‘frontline’ staff to examine more than 31,000 complaints on voter suppression issue.”

Ramping up staff, part of that flexing of whatever is needed: “The Commissioner of Canada Elections has the authority, during periods of high volume, to contract additional resources or call upon other law enforcement agencies, such as the RCMP, to lend assistance and expertise,” Enright said.

Who knew the Conservatives would be creating jobs in the election fraud examination field…

somecanuckchick dot com: The Robocon Scandal that was and wasn’t…

REPEAT AFTER ME: An issue-based call is not a voter suppression call.

An issue-based call, setting out where [Conservative candidate Marty Burke] stood on the issue — of Abortion — is not remotely the same as a voter suppression call where voters were targeted, with calls claiming to be from Elections Canada, stating specific polling stations had been moved.

REPEAT AFTER ME: An issue-based call is not a voter suppression call.