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Montreal Simon: How to Stop Stephen Harper From Stealing the Election

He is said to be boiling with anger, lashing out in every direction, and he is crazy desperate.So you know Stephen Harper and his Con gangsters will try to steal the election.For what can you say about a leader whose former PMO lawyer believes he has lost the moral authority to govern? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Is Elections Canada Suppressing the Vote?

It should be a good news story. But instead it's a democratic nightmare.Large numbers of Canadians are flocking to advance polling stations across the country.Only to leave without casting their ballots because of the long lineups.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Are the Harper Cons Trying to Steal the Election Already?

Well we know how the Cons tried to steal the last election, and that most of the robocall gang got away.And we know Boss Harper and his mob.We know that if they are prepared to use naked bigotry to try to win an election, they are capable of ANYTHING.So call me paranoid, but I find this rather alarming. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Michael Harris’ Guide to Street-Proofing Our Votes

As you may have heard, Ottawa has been swirling with rumours that Stephen Harper could be getting ready to call a very early election. So he can strike before the flames of fear and bigotry he has been fanning die down. And before the Duffy Trial.And although those rumours seem to have subsided, his performance during his year end interview with Peter Mansbridge was less than reassuring in that regard…

And now that he's even crazier than he was back then, he is capable of ANYTHING.So just to be safe, or as safe as you can be in his (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Michael Harris’ Guide to Street-Proofing Our Votes

Montreal Simon: The Robocall Scandal and the Monstrous Con Conspiracy

If you remember that the judge who sentenced Michael Sona to nine months in jail, for his role in the robocall scandal, said he didn't believe the former Con operative had acted alone.And that during the trial, the Crown's star witness Andrew Prescott suggested that Sona's former boss was involved. And you remember that another judge, in another robocall case that went nowhere, also suggested it was a conspiracy.You might think that Elections Canada would keep trying to crack the case. But if you did you'd be wrong.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Legacy of the Con Regime

It will probably be years after Stephen Harper and his monstrous Con regime are finally driven from office, before we will be able to total up the damage they have done to this country.And it will take me a couple of days to go through the more than 400 posts I have written this year chronicling their crimes against Canada, to try to decide which of those crimes deserve the longest prison sentences. But this is a pretty good list of some of their most ghastly moments in the grim darkness of Harperland in the year 2014. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Michael Sona, Stephen Harper, and the Robocall Conspiracy

It was an attempt to steal an election, and today one of Stephen Harper's Cons was sent to jail for that crime against democracy. Former Conservative staffer Michael Sona has been sentenced to nine months in jail plus a year on probation for trying to keep some voters in Guelph, Ont., from casting ballots in the 2011 federal election.But it wasn't much of a sentence, and the burning question remains: What about the others?

For there were others, and it was a conspiracy.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Stephen Harper Won’t Escape the Robocall Scandal

In my last post I said that Stephen Harper may have dodged the robocall scandal, so far. But he cannot escape the moral responsibility for what happened.For having created a depraved culture where some of his fanatic young followers obviously thought it was OK to try to steal an election.But of course there is also the question of CRIMINAL responsibility. Because two judges have now said that they believe there was a wider conspiracy. And Elections Canada needs to re-open the robocall investigation, and go after the other shadowy Con operatives who carried out this crime against democracy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Robocall Verdict and the Real Pierre Poutine

More than three years after the robocall scandal erupted, the verdict is finally in. Michael Sona is officially at least Pierre Poutine

Former Conservative party staffer Michael Sona has been found guilty of trying to prevent voters from reaching the polls during the 2011 federal election. Mr. Sona, 25, was the only person charged in the so-called robocalls scandal and now faces a maximum penalty of $5,000, five years in prison or both. He will be sentenced at a later date.

But as we knew it would, the verdict raises more questions than it answers.Read more »

The Disaffected Lib: Harper’s Whipping Boy Guilty in Robocall Case.

A whipping boy was a young boy assigned to a young prince who was designated to take a flogging when the prince misbehaved.

Methinks Michael Sona is the Harper Conservatives’ whipping boy.  Sona is the one taking the fall for the widespread robocall scam in the last federal election. He’ll be sacrificed.  He’ll get the heat.  Everyone else will be off the hook.

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: CPC Lied To Elections Canada On RoboCalls?

The corruption that is the CPC’s actions in the 2011 election continues to fester.

The most recent instalment comes to us via Stephen Maher’s latest column.

In an email May 1, party lawyer Arthur Hamilton told Elections Canada that Conservative call centre workers were not advising voters that Elections Canada had changed the location of polling stations, and that the party had not advised voters to go to a polling station an hour and a half from their home. 

But a report released by Elections Canada last month includes a script that shows the party’s callers were telling voters (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Robocall Scandal: Did the Harper PMO Lie to Elections Canada?

He has been lucky so far. The robocall scandal hasn't yet penetrated the darkness of his foul PMO.But now the robocall trial of Michael Sona is about to begin. Who knows who he might call upon to testify?And this can't be good news.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Darth Harper and the Robocall Scandal

Well he must be feeling pretty pleased with himself. He must believe that The Force is with him.And to be fair, it did decide that Nigel Wright shouldn't be charged for paying Mike Duffy to keep his mouth shut.It did decide that the sight of an underage drinker lying unconscious in his driveway, after a swim suit party, wasn't something it should be concerned about.And then today there was this gift from the Elections Commissioner. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Fair Elections Act and the Robocall Conspiracy

As I've mentioned before, one of the reasons Stephen Harper's Cons are rushing their Unfair Elections Act through Parliament, is that they want it to become law before Michael Sona's robocall trial begins in June.And with good reason. Because the bill would make it harder to go after those who would try to steal an election.And that robocall scandal just got a whole lot more interesting.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Pierre Palooka and the Con Robocall Scandal

OMG. Somebody please throw in the towel. This fight has gotta end before I start feeling almost sorry for Pierre Poilievre.Because the way that palooka and his foul Unfair Elections Act are getting pounded in the ring of public opinion is almost too brutal.So many Chief Electoral Officers, law professors, election experts, and outraged Canadians want to take a shot at him and his bill, you gotta take a number eh? And today it was the Election Commissioner Yves Côté's turn to pound him some more. And make him look like a absolute idiot. Read more »

CuriosityCat: Robocalls and our Democracy: Michael Harris’ Compelling Ten Questions

Michael Harris: The Big 10

A must read for all who fear for our democracy, Michael Harris has done all Canadians a favour by spelling out ten questions he wants answered, along with some supporting facts that are background to each question he has posed. The inaction or lack of response by those whose job it is guard our democracy from voter suppression beggars belief. I trust that the three opposition parties will raise his article in iPolitics and his 10 questions during Question Period. And that they will demand that someone from Elections Canada appear to explain what is (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Is Stephen Harper Trying to Protect Himself From the Robocall Scandal?

For some reason I've always assumed that the Cons were rushing their foul voter suppression bill through Parliament, so they could try to steal the next election like they tried to steal the last one.For why else would they be in such a hurry? Why else would they even ignore the critical comments of the Con Godfather Preston Manning?But now Lawrence Martin has reminded me of another possible reason. They're trying to cover their asses from the fallout of the robocall scandal. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Elections Canada and the Revenge of Boss Harper

Well let's be clear, as he likes to say. Forget the smokescreen of fancy words, or the long list of minor changes, or the Orwellian name, the Fair Elections Act.Baby Face Poilievre may have pulled the trigger.But this was Boss Harper's revenge. Read more »

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Robocalls Revived

With Michael Sona’s trial expected later this year, the RoboCalls scandal has once again booted up, reminding Canadian voters of the corruption in the 2011 election.

The most recent thing to fall out of the back of that horse?  Apparently one of Sona’s co-conspirators has just been granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony on what actually happened. Prescott’s name has come up in some of the court filings made by investigators from Elections Canada, although he has so far declined to be interviewed by them. 

Prescott, who was paid a $1,000 stipend for his work on (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Robocalls: Is This the Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For?

Well I must admit that I thought he would be the last Con operative to be granted immunity in the robocall scandal.But the law, like the Lord, works in mysterious ways eh?And Andrew Prescott seems to be the big winner. Read more »

CuriosityCat: Robocalls: Who is blocking Elections Canada?

Our new flag?

If thisis true, then we live in a banana republic: Elections Canada has heard complaints of dirty tricks in the 2011 election from over 200 ridings. Many of the grievances don’t amount to much, sources say, but a substantial number are thought to be of a serious nature. A source with knowledge of the Elections Canada probe said investigators are handicapped because they are being blocked from gaining access to Conservative party records.  As a result, he said there is only a small chance of charges beyond those against Sona being laid. The sooner the police (Read more…)

CuriosityCat: Robocall scandal: Who is the Second Person?

Robocalls: Mounties on the trail

From today’s press report in The National Post about Michael Sona and statements by others in his Tory office:

Dockstaeder also said Sona told her and a colleague that he paid in cash for a disposable phone and a VISA gift card, then obtained a list of phone numbers of Liberal voters from a friend who owed him a favour, the ITO says.

Sona “then recorded a message impersonating Elections Canada,” Dockstaeder told investigators.

The scheme was part of a “juvenile competition” with the Liberal campaign in Guelph, Dockstaeder said, according to the ITO. (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: RoboCalls Scandal – It’s Still Alive

For those who had lost track of the Robocalls fraud perpetrated by the Harper Conservatives during the 2011 election, it hasn’t gone away.

Harper has done an enormous amount of work to bury this case.  Not only have they fought the allegations tooth and nail, they have hobbled the ability of Elections Canada to fully investigate the scope of the malfeasance by stripping the agency’s budget.  Ultimately, a low level party operative is now facing charges related to one riding.

That court case has been slowly making its way through the courts, and because of a publication ban in place, (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: The Rot Starts At The Top

Regular readers of this space will know that I am no fan of Prime Minister Harper.  

Yesterday’s revelation that a “boot camp” for new Conservative Senators explicitly told the new Senators that partisan travel was a legitimate expense makes me downright furious.

Three former Conservative senators at the heart of a spending scandal were given clear directions from their leader in the upper chamber that they could bill for certain partisan — that is, political — travel when they first arrived in the Senate. 

The directions were given during a two-day “boot camp” for new Tory senators that (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: On The Ongoing Senate Scandal

As the summer wears on, more keeps dribbling out about the misdeeds of various Senators.  Whether we are talking about Wallin, Duffy or Brazeau the outrage that we direct towards these senators for their individual misdeeds should be directed in equal measure towards the man currently residing at 24 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa – Stephen Harper.

Remember, the key figures in this scandal were all appointed by Harper, and two of them served key roles during the 2011 election campaign – a period when it is suspected that Duffy was billing the Senate for the bulk of the travel (Read more…)