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A Grumpy Hobbit: E-FLAP #000009 – EXCLUSIVE * Ezra’s Huge Huge Cenorship Douchebag Move

You all know Ezra’s TheRebel.Media Web domain right? You know, its the site where he posts all of his stories before the cross posting then over at his The Rebel Community FaceBook page. This is without fail, first the video rant or post goes up on TheRebel site and then it appears on the FaceBook, I have yet to see an exception,… until now,… but it is an "after the fact" change or dare I . . . → Read More: A Grumpy Hobbit: E-FLAP #000009 – EXCLUSIVE * Ezra’s Huge Huge Cenorship Douchebag Move

A Grumpy Hobbit: Calling for Submissions of Your Favorite Ezra Fabrication, Lies and Propaganda (E-FLAP)

Well the burning stoopid over at The Rebel Media seems not be lacking for fuel, with the likes of

The Rebel Commander and Chief, Ezra Levant Chief Bottle Washer, Brian Lilley I’m Suppose to Be Funny, But I Ain’t, Gavin Mcinnes We Might Actually Be Funny, Matt & Jason Seriously, Like WTF, David Menzies The Crazy Wild West, Shiela (Bang Bang) Gunn Reid and a list of others I have not had the

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Rob Ford Nightmare:The Video

Even in my fondest dreams I never could have imagined a more fitting end to the grubby reign of the depraved political pervert Stephen Harper.For there he was in the sordid House of Ford.Begging Rob and Doug to save him, because he's desperate.And as Chris Selley writes, debasing and humiliating himself beyond recognition.Read more »

Alberta Politics: Eleven grinding weeks and this federal election comes down to a science question: momentum, or inertia?

PHOTOS: Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair on stage in Edmonton Friday night (photo by Olav Rokne). The red signs say “Stop Harper.” Perhaps at this hour they should say “Stop Trudeau!” Below: Well-known Alberta pollster Janet Brown, Calgary Centre Liberal candidate Kent Hehr, former Mississauga, Ont., mayor Hazel McCallion, and Australian campaign dirty-tricks mogul Lynton […]

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Montreal Simon: The Desperate Stephen Harper and the Rob Ford Nightmare

I suppose for a man as desperate as Stephen Harper, it must have have seemed like the answer to his prayers.

In his crazed mind it must have seemed like a brilliant last minute Hail Mary or Hail Rob pass. One that might still spare him from being humiliated by Justin Trudeau.By calling upon the depraved prophet of the Ford Nation, to help him win seats, or hold on to the ones he has, in the sprawling suburbs of Toronto.But already his plans for a big Saturday rally with Rob and his brutish brother Doug, seem to be backfiring disastrously. Read more »

Alberta Politics: Brothels? Neighbourhood injection sites? Have the Cons jumped the shark? Or is the nightmare just beginning?

PHOTOS: Trashy bars like this with free-injection sites and illegal card games out back could soon start popping up in cities like yours if we don’t re-elect the sternly upright Stephen Harper. Really! And if you think this story was easy to illustrate without straining the limits of good taste, you haven’t been spending much […]

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Terrifying Justin Trudeau Nightmare

In my last post I ran a video report by CTV's Bob Fife, where he talked about the total demoralization of the Con campaign.And how the Cons fear that some of their biggest names like Joe Oliver, Chris Alexander, Julian Fantino and others could lose their seats.And best of all how Stephen Harper is in a foul mood, and snapping at those around him like a rabid hyena.Because the thought of being beaten by Justin Trudeau is an absolute nightmare.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Marg Delahunty Sets Out to Save Canada

Well I'm sure you remember the time comedian Mary Walsh aka Marg Delahunty, surprised Rob Ford in his driveway dressed up as a warrior princess.And how that shocking confrontation ended badly with Mayor Bobo calling the police.

And I can certainly remember how shocked I was to catch her in the act back in 2004 French kissing Stephen Harper.Read more »

Alberta Politics: Give some credit to Jerry Bance for improving the quality of Conservative public discourse

ILLUSTRATIONS: Is it time to give Jerry Bance a break? After all, he’s raised the tone of Conservative discourse in Toronto, and raised our national profile abroad. (Image grabbed from the CBC, just as Mr. Bance reaches for the cup.) Below: Mr. Bance in happier times, with both his hands where you can see them; […]

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THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 0012

Rob Looks at reduce revues, that he didn’t reduce himself

MORE RobFordLooksAtThings

THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 0011

Rob Looks at fish

I wonder where that fish has gone. You did love it so. You looked after it like a son. And it went wherever I did go. Is it in the cupboard? Yes! Yes! No!… Wouldn’t you like to know? It was a lovely little fish. And it went wherever I did go. It’s behind the sofa! Where can that fish be? It is a most elusive fish! And it went wherever I did go. Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish! A-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy, ooooh. Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish! That went wherever I did go.

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THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 0010

Rob Looks at an owl, owl looks for a way out.

MORE RobFordLooksAtThings

THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 0009

Rob Looks at being so very very very FUCKED!

MORE RobFordLooksAtThings

THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 0008

Rob Looks for an another apple

MORE RobFordLooksAtThings

THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 00007

Yup, another photo-op I couldn’t give a shit about,… but hey it is a photo-op

MORE RobFordLooksAtThings

THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 0006

Yup that’s a lot of empty offices, business as usual, everything is fine, anything else?


MORE RobFordLooksAtThings

THE WINGNUTERER: #RobFordLooksAtThings – 00005

These clowns will make me look more serious, right?

MORE RobFordLooksAtThings

A Grumpy Hobbit: EPIC OLD MAN RANTS #3 Rob Ford – Blame Other People For His Own Problems

EPIC OLD MAN RANTS #3 Rob Ford – Blame Other People For His Own Problems

So Rob and Doug Ford don’t like Fiona Crean’s report on the failings of City Hall Security while Rob was Mayor. Ya, I know, but try to act surprised,..

Doug Ford, who simply just will not go away, said the Crean’s report was just another example of her going after Rob, a person vendetta as it were. So I guess her job

Eh Types: Ford Fin

Rob Ford is no longer the Mayor of Toronto. Not in name, not in law, not in anything but perhaps the delusional recesses of his brother’s mind. A quiet ending is not one many city observers would have predicted as little as six months ago. Many likely saw Ford leaving his office in defeat, if […]

Things Are Good: Rob Ford No Longer Mayor of Toronto

Rob Ford has been the worst mayor of Toronto and as of today he’s officially no longer mayor. I say officially because he was stripped of his real power over a year ago. Why is this good news though?

Ford divided the city in a way no other politician was able (or willing) to do; he pitted the people who care about the city against people who only care about lower taxes. In Toronto this basically meant the “old” city of Toronto and the “new” inner suburbs of the city. Divisive politics is not a good thing and already the (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Why libraries – and library users – need their librarians and other library workers to be union members

Maureen O’Reilly, president of the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, speaking in Toronto last weekend. Below: Renowned author Margaret Atwood on an Alberta union picket line, circa 2000, Doug Ford and his Brother Rob.

Doug Ford? Doug Ford? Who is Doug Ford again?

I think he’s Rob Ford’s brother?

OK. Who is Rob Ford?

Didn’t I say back in the summer of 2011 that Margaret Atwood – and, by contrast, we all know who Ms. Atwood is – was the best thing that ever happened to Doug Ford?

Mr. Ford, in case you’ve forgotten already, was the former Toronto (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: There’s no better time than right now for non-union employees of the City of St. Albert to look for union protection

St. Albert’s 2013 civic election campaign was pretty dirty, as the illustration above, grabbed from an anonymous blog during the campaign, illustrates. Since those kind of tactics seemed to work, the next one, in October 2017, is likely to be dirtier still. Below: St. Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse, Spruce Grove-St. Albert MLA Doug Horner.

ST. ALBERT, Alberta

If you’re a front-line administrative or library worker employed by the City of St. Albert, you should be thinking seriously about joining a union. Now. Here’s why:

Cast your mind back to the rhetoric and tactics of a number of candidates in this (Read more…)

Eh Types: You Get What You Need

Between changing more diapers and falling deeper in love than I’d have thought possible, I’ve struggled to put in to words my thoughts on Toronto’s election since the ballots were counted. Sleep deprivation is likely an accomplice to my inability to write an adequate epilogue but hardly the ringleader. More likely the feeling of having […]

Montreal Simon: The Wonderful Day the Ford Nation Died

Well it was closer than I thought it would be, the bestial Fordzilla put up a desperate struggle.But at last he could hold on no longer.And after four long nightmarish years the Ford Nation has finally been defeated. Read more »

Eh Types: When Being Right Feels Wrong

In March of this year I had a job interview with a well known political consulting group. I must say despite not being hired I immensely enjoyed the interview. One of the questions I was asked, other than my response to a zombie apocalypse, was what I thought the main issue facing Toronto in the […]