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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Because There’s A Difference…

@reporterdonpeat A “Free Ford Nation” t-shirt or a free “Ford Nation” t-shirt?  Is he raising money for Mayor’s campaign or bail?— Bigcitylib (@Bigcitylib2) April 15, 2014

Alberta Diary: Advice to progressives: Don’t airbrush Jim Flaherty’s record out of sympathy for his family

The late Jim Flaherty tries on the traditional new shoes just before delivering his 2012 federal budget. Below, some of Mr. Flaherty’s friends and colleagues: former Ontario premier Mike Harris, in whose government he also served; Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Decent people naturally feel sympathy with the loved ones of any person taken unexpectedly from life, as just-retired federal Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was last week.

We are naturally more inclined to experience such feelings of vicarious loss when the person who has died is charming and engaging – as Mr. Flaherty was said by (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Top 5 Reasons Soccerworld Is Nothing Like Rob Ford

So T.O. mayoral candidate Rob Ford is giving a presser at Soccerworld today.  But somebody there is not a fan: Mayor Ford’s presser is with Soccerworld Toronto. But not everyone at Soccerworld is a fan of Mayor Ford’s:— Ann Hui (@annhui) April 9, 2014

Soccerworld PR person says blog post does not represent the company’s stance on Mayor Ford. Says company supports and invited him #topoli— Ann Hui (@annhui) April 9, 2014

Now, if you click through the link you will see that Soccerworld has disappeared the original post.

They didn’t erease the Google Cache (Read more…)

LeDaro: Rob Ford Nature Special by Jimmy Kimmel

It is really funny. The great white Ford.

Montreal Simon: Rob Ford and the Beast of The Great White North

Well his campaign isn't doing too good lately. It's a little wobbly like Rob Ford himself. Decent people don't want anything to do with him. Or let their children anywhere near him. So now he's holding ten thousand chocolate eggs.And goodness knows what else. But at least he was able to add two new members to his sagging campaign. Ben Johnson, the disgraced runner. And a Trailer Park Boy.

Read more »

Progressive Proselytizing: Rob Ford Crushes the First Toronto Mayoral Debate

Sorry, fellow progressives, but it’s true.

The first debate was, somewhat mercifully, fairly policy focused with large sections devoted to debating various transit plans (such as LRT vs subways in Scarborough), finances, the Billy Bishop Airport expansion, and so on. In this context, and with a format that had a combination of one minute short statements and chaotic open debates, Rob Ford had the perfect style. He strongly addressed each specific policy with a clearly articulated and strong position, almost effortlessly returning to his list of self proclaimed major accomplishments and proven track record, all without notes.

The challengers largely (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: Doug Ford tells Olivia Chow to learn ENGRISH… oh, and he defends himself with, “I have a lot of Black friends”- FAKE FORD ACCOUNT

Doug ford tells Olivia Chow to learn ENGRISH…. wtf?

He said:

@dmayorkelly Maybe @oliviachow should use the @torontolibrary to learn ENGRISH. She’s not mayor material, anyone from the Ford family is! And Doug Ford even BOLDED “ENGRISH” to make his racism even more appalling. Oh.. .hold on… it gets better- Doug Ford “HAS BLACK FRIENDS”… don’t worry, he can’t POSSIBLY racist.

Trashy's World: As O-Town doesn’t really have a Mayoral race to speak of…

… this political junkie has to find another one to follow and enjoy. And Toronto, the land of the crack-smoking, loud, obnoxious, and the tacky champion of all Torontonians with a sub 75 IQ, is the place to watch. Especially now that Olivia Chow is resigning her seat in the House to run against that […]

Montreal Simon: Rob Ford and the Sad End of the Con Clown Buffoon Show

Oh dear. I don't think Rob Ford had a very good day eh?For one thing he's been reduced to asking people to call him if they spot a pot hole.

Which, since there is a 311 number specifically set up for that purpose, has been reminding people about his long history of drug abuse.At least judging by this tweet from Mr Butter Chicken.

Whose name alone must have made the Fordzilla DROOL with rage.And then there was Olivia. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Olivia Chow Gets Ready To Take On Rob Ford

Well it seems like I've been waiting forever, but Olivia Chow is finally ready to begin her campaign to become the next Mayor of Toronto.After a year of careful preparation, Olivia Chow is finally ready to enter what is fast shaping up as a tough race to become Toronto’s next mayor. Chow is fully expected to file her formal nomination papers at city hall during the week of March 17 and will immediately release her complete campaign platform, which is being described as “ambitious, surprising and bold.”Read more »

LeDaro: Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel

 Part of Jimmy Kimmel’s interview of Rob Ford:

A lot of people on twitter were saying that Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian, asked the questions Peter Mansbridge wouldn’t, that it was one of the most hard-hitting interviews of Ford. Kimmel directly confronted Ford on his domestic abuse charges and drug use. Ford in all this seemed out of it, was cringe-worthy to watch. It can’t have been a good night for Ford, with a headline like “Rob Ford Ridiculed on Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the CBC.

After, just to show what a joke Ford is, Gonzo the Great – who followed (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Flights of fancy: 11 days to the Ides of March and the knives are already out for premier

Alison Redford’s party awaits the Alberta Premier’s arrival before boarding their Government of Alberta aircraft. Actual Alberta big shots may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Pompeia, the wife of Caesar, who divorced her; and Marie Antoinette, who didn’t say “let them eat cake” but came to a bad end anyway.


What goes up must come down, we used to say, and that adage appears to include both Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s in-flight fancies aboard the government’s aircraft and the first-class compartments of commercial airliners and her entire political career.

Who would have thought it would be airplane rides (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Rob Ford’s Desperately Humiliating Hollywood Adventure

Well he went down to Los Angeles where he was given the celebrity treatment by Jimmy Kimmel.It all went to his head like a hit from a crack pipe.Until he left Tinseltown tonight, feeling like a sucker. Read more »

LeDaro: Rob Ford dancing and having fun

He is somewhere in Hollywood.

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Municipal Voters: Partisan Intervention is Coming Your Way

Did you mistakenly think that the Manning Centre’s attempt to bend the 2013 Calgary municipal election to more “conservative” was an aberration?  You would be quite wrong.

The author of the Metro News article is considerably more charitable than I am about the matter – but then again, he was in Ottawa, not Calgary and didn’t necessarily see the full breadth of the effort on the part of the angry right wing to twist the election. When right-wingers from across the country huddled in Ottawa last weekend for the Manning Networking Conference, they understandably had their eye on the (Read more…)

LeDaro: Rob Ford Goes to Hollywood

 Rob Ford is gone Hollywood and is also going to the Oscars, he is quite the actor and his performance deserves an Oscar. He has been a train-wreck as a  mayor but very entertaining. Ford does love the attention – even if it is for drug use and crass behaviour. He must have enjoyed the limo ride he got from late night host Jimmy Kimmel. It will be worth watching him on Jimmy Kimmel’s show tonight.

It looks he is more well-known in U.S than Canada.

LeDaro: Jimmy Fallon Lampoons Rob Ford’s re-election bid

It is very funny.

Alberta Diary: The Airline Ticketgate saga continued… Alberta’s Redford Tories, forever young, now have Young forever

Former Progressive Conservative Whip Steve Young gets ready to give it to his premier and party leader at yesterday’s caucus meeting in Edmonton. Actual unrepentant Tory MLAs may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: The actual Mr. Young, apparently yelling something; his friend Wildrose MLA Ian Donovan; Premier Alison Redford’s executive assistant, Brad Stables.

After yesterday, it looks as if Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s government can now adopt a new motto: “Forever Young.” Or maybe that should actually be, “Young Forever…”

Regardless, it appears that if he wishes, Edmonton-Riverview MLA Steve Young can be part of her caucus (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: Overheard in Toronto – On #RobFord’s Critics

On #RobFord’s Critics: “You know why Rob Ford still wins and will keep on winning? All these people in the newspapers, writing blogs and rushing to criticize him are upper-middle […]

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Rob Ford’s re-Election Strategy

After reading this, I wonder just who from Harper’s inner circle is advising their campaign? In another pointed jab at the gay community, Doug Ford accused the mother of a gay son of “bullying” for accusing Rob Ford of homophobia.Rob Ford has begun his mayoral campaign by saying that hedeliberately avoids the Pride festival and vocally opposing the city’s decision to fly a rainbow flag during the Olympics in solidarity with the gay community in Russia. Doug Ford, his brother’s campaign manager, has complained that Pride involves “buck naked men.”On the second episode of (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Rob Ford’s re-Election Strategy

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: On Rob Ford and "Private Time"

Robyn Doolittle was the guest on Alberta At Noon on CBC today, and the discussion naturally revolved around Rob Ford.

Recently, Rob Ford has turned up in Vancouver – intoxicated apparently – and in nightclubs in Toronto.  When he has been accused of being intoxicated, he has tried to dodge behind the veil of “well, it’s my personal time, I can do what I like” argument.

I can appreciate that Mr. Ford has a desire for “personal time”, and to be free to do as he wishes in that time.  However, when you are a public figure, the reality is (Read more…)

Art Threat: Pinko cyclists rejoice: Rob Ford film on the way

It was inevitable: a Rob Ford movie is coming soon to a theatre near you.

Just one week after the book release of Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story, by Toronto Star journalist Robyn Doolittle, Canadian production company Blue Ice Pictures have snapped up the film and television rights to the story.

“If you tried to make this story up, people would think it was over the top,” Doolittle said in a statement. “The Rob Ford investigation is something I’ve been working on for more than two years. It’s something I’m obviously very invested in. It’s so much more (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Day Rob Ford Was Exposed as a Bestial Bigot

When I went past Toronto's City Hall today I was happy to see the beautiful rainbow flag flying, like it is in so many other Canadian cities from St John's to Vancouver.As a gesture of solidarity with the brutally oppressed LGBT people of Russia.So you can imagine how angry I felt when I learned that the Con hog Rob Ford had tried to take it down. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rob and Doug Ford’s Ghastly Bigot Show

I'm sure you remember the last time Rob and Doug Ford got their own Ford Nation TV show.And how it had to be cancelled after just ONE episode. Because the Ford brothers stank out the joint.And crappy low budget Fox News North ran out of tape…

Well brace yourself, they're BAAAAACK !!!!With their even lower budget YouTube show…Read more »

Northern Reflections: He Won’t Change

Yesterday, Rob Ford announced that he would not attend World Pride in Toronto because “I’m not going to change the way I am.” Judging from his continuing escapades, it would seem that the public can take that statement to the bank.

And, after reading Robin Doolittle’s book Crazy Town, Tasha Kheiriddin writes that Ford is anything but mayoral:

The Fords — according to Doolittle — live in a world of thugs and drugs. From high school on, the four Ford siblings — Kathy, Randy, Doug and Rob — were enmeshed in the drug culture in various ways, as (Read more…)