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LeDaro: Turkey’s Parliament knows how to put legislation through

They must have consulted Rob Ford. 😉

LeDaro: Stephen Harper and scandals

Senate scandal and his friend Rob Ford keeps people entertained with his shenanigans.

LeDaro: Rob Ford: His latest stunt

Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, to arm-wrestle Hulk Hogan.

Ford will take on 14-time pro wrestling champion Hulk Hogan on Friday at Toronto’s Fan Expo.Lucky Torontonians as their mayor keeps them entertained . CBC story

LeDaro: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford knows his geography!!!!

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, CBC.

LeDaro: Rob Ford can be a moneymaking machine for Toronto

Torontonians should put this baboon in a cage and put him in the Toronto Zoo. Surely people will come from all over the world to see this baboon. Children will love to feed him bananas and peanuts.

His latest antic was that he gave a speech on Freedom of the Press Day and . . . → Read More: LeDaro: Rob Ford can be a moneymaking machine for Toronto

LeDaro: Rob Ford had another fit of paranoia

He calls police again on the media. This time it was a Toronto Star reporter. What is with this guy? Why is he so afraid of the media? Maybe he should live in a bunker.

Read CBC story.